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  1. Story: Three Eggs at Lafarge Eagle Nest again this Year
  2. Story: Lafarge built an artificial nest in hopes of luring the eagles from an unstable home in cottonwood tree
  3. Story: Three eaglets for last pair of bald eagles on Vancouverís industrial waterfront
  4. Story: Bald Eagle Nesting Season -- a Review of Dates and Events
  5. Story: Lafarge Concrete Plant - Home of One of Vancouver's Eagle Nests (updated Apr. 8)
  6. Story: Vancouver eagle chicks hatching online
  7. Story: Vancouver BC Industrial Site - Home of Hatching Bald Eagle
  8. Story: Taking Advantage of our PTZ at Lafarge
  9. Story: David Comments on Eagles Feeding in the Nest With Eggs There
  10. Story: Eagle Nests with Eggs - Background to The 2011 Nesting Season
  11. Story: A Quick Overview - Eggs in All 5 Nests Now
  12. Story: Ravens and Predation in the Nests
  13. Story: Putting Up Nest Cameras at White Rock #1 and Campbell Valley Owl Nests
  14. Story: The Return of Eagles to Ontario - Why They Were Gone
  15. Story: Sidney's 3rd chick - Will The Gas Spill at Goldstream Affect the Food Supply?
  16. Story: Two Eaglets at White Rock - And Delta O.W.L. Has Likely Failed
  17. Story: From Fluff to Feathers - How Chick's Plumage Progresses
  18. Story: Only One More Egg to Hatch!


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