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Biography of Richard Pitt

Richard Pitt has spent most of his working life in and around the technology and media industries, from working with BC Telephone as an installer-repairman, through working in and then managing Radio Shack computer centers, to managing and owning computer hardware and software companies, he has developed managerial and marketing skills. Most recently he was the CEO of Canada's first commercial internet service provider, Wimsey.com, and later, CEO of Fireplug Computers, a successful software company that produced some of the first firewall software for internet routers. His media experience includes work both behind and in front of the cameras, from black and white photography through 16mm film to television and some of the first internet streaming media, including creation and work on the first web site for the Vancouver Molson Indy car race, which included streaming video before most people knew it was possible.

Richard is a dynamic speaker and has spent much of his recent time teaching others from his wealth of knowledge and insight of the changes our technological world are pushing on us. He has been active in Canada's copyright arena over the past 10 years, working to ensure that it is balanced and reasonable in light of the changes the internet and personal computers have brought. 

Richard is a believer in the concepts of Open Source and Creative Commons as tools to lever our knowledge and enterprise in the internet age. His work in creating the Foundation's web presence has resulted in an unparalleled resource in the new area of wildlife video streaming. The volunteers he has gathered and trained have grown from people unsure of how to capture a video image to a corps of people able to help others and keep the web site so free from the bad influences of the internet that we can justifiably call it "kid-friendly."

In the outdoors, Richard prefers hunting with a camera, although mostly from places he can get to on his Goldwing motorcycle. He has spent countless hours installing and caring for many of the cameras the Foundation has placed, and understands thoroughly the impact these cameras have on our world-wide audience.

Richard writes one of Canada's longest-term "blogs", The Digital Rag, has been written up in national magazines as an entrepreneur, and produces/co-hosts a weekly interview show with David Ingram (aka The Taxman) live-streamed on the internet.


To contact Richard Pitt:

Telephone:        604-644-9265

Email:                richard@hancockwildlife.org



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