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Consulting Services on Bald Eagle & Osprey Nesting

Hancock Wildlife Foundation


 Work on establishing: Bald Eagle or Osprey Nesting, Mitigation or Placement of Live Streaming Cams.

Contact:    David Hancock, raptor biologist.
                   Hancock Wildlife Foundation
                   Canada: 19313 Zero Ave., Surrey BC. V3Z 9R9
                   U.S.A: 4550 Birch Bay-Lynden Road, Blaine WA. 98230
                   WEB: archive.hancockwildlife.org
                   604 538-1114 or 604 761-1025


Thanks for the invitation to assist in your raptor interest. 

I have spent over 60 years studying eagles and other raptors in the field and specifically their recent invasion into the urban and suburban setting. The Hancock Wildlife Foundation also pioneered much of the live streaming from cams to the Internet in bald eagle nests and in underwater salmon habitats.  I am regularly called upon to "speak for the eagles" in various raptor mitigation issues and, while our non-profit Foundation has the basic insurance policies covering my field activities, I am not a Government Registered Raptor Biologist with their liability insurance.    

My position is quite simple.  I donate my time to the Foundation to assist individuals, government agencies or private corporations to arrive at the best options for enticing bald eagles etc. into nesting where desired, mitigating various intrusions into raptor habitat such as nest removal or installing streaming cams into active wildlife sites.   

If the entity wishing work done is or has commercial components, then I encourage them to make an appropriate contribution or donation to the Hancock Wildlife Foundation parallel to what another ecological specialist consultant would be paid.  In mitigation issues the Foundation is usually contracted by the environmental consultants to give the “best possible advice on resolving an eagle mitigation issue.”

If I can assist your project in the above manner as I have done with many others, including several government agencies, corporations or private individuals, I am pleased to give my experienced opinion on a satisfactory mitigation to some eagle environmental challenge.  A common challenge, and one generally simple to resolve but usually with specific local conditions, is providing replacement nesting options when an eagle nest is removed.  Another challenge is to get eagles or ospreys to nest where they are desired, particularly in new locations.  Still another common request is to install live streaming cams as displayed on our website.  

Most of the mitigation work does have readily simple field solutions and I always work towards that “Occam's razor” approach. 

Perhaps your project could be resolved through a telephone or email discussion but often a field inspection is essential to give the perspective required.  I am prepared to do both provided my expenses are covered and any commercial organization gives some appropriate support towards habitat preservation.  


David Hancock 

Raptor Biologist
Hancock Wildlife Foundation

604-538-1114  604-761-1025







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