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ARCHIVE-Live Streaming Video - new format

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While we're still looking for major sponsors, please limit your viewing to a few minutes at a time and do not leave the player running if you are not actively watching. Thanks

Note also that if you get the message "buffering" in your video window it is due to too many people trying to view the stream at once. Please make way for other people.
This page uses Windows Streaming Media and works best with the latest version of Media Player installed and correctly configured for your browser of choice (IE works easiest, but others can be made to work). Please read the postings in the Technical Help topic in our Discussion Forum if you are having problems. We are working on adding Quicktime, please be patient. Note that we are adding bandwidth as revenue allows. In deference to others, please don't hog the feed. Note that today's live video will be replayed after dark, and that the replay time is usually not as congested as the daytime. You must re-select your camera after the replay time starts or you will not see the replays. Check out the discussion forums for the cameras where many people post screen captures and short videos.

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