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Hancock Wildlife Foundation Advertising and Sponsorships

HWF relies 100% on grants, sponsorships and advertising to fund our ongoing efforts in Research, Education and Conservation. You, our advertisers and sponsors, are leaders in your field in the areas of "green" technologies and the preservation and conservation of our natural herritage, and you want to be known as associated with and directly supporting the ongoing efforts of the Foundation.

The Foundation's leading project is our "live eagle nest camera" program, followed closely by our other live camera programs and archival video. These programs attract literally millions of viewers each season to both view the cameras and interact with our other members in extending the understanding of the place in our ecology that the top predators (eagles, bears, orcas specifically) have in showing how we are doing in our efforts to slow and halt the effects of polution on our planet.

In this, our 4th eagle breeding season we continue to enjoy top ranking despite the fact that the industry we were instrumental in developing, that of live animal watching, has grown to include literally hundreds of other sites. We have an aggressive program in development to follow the eagle season with other cameras including a return to the Chehalis-Harrison estuary with both eagle feeding and salmon spawning cameras.
Visits - Month to April 20, 2009

Page Views - Month ending April 20, 2009 (Google Analytics)

In addition to our eagle cameras, we are looking for sponsors for our project to show British Columbia's new Provincial Mammal, the White Spirit Bear, in its natural habitat.

Sponsorships are available for individual cameras, whole project sites, Discussion Forum topics, Archive Areas, and viewing bandwidth amounts such as for a school, school district, number of viewing hours, specific cameras, etc. and range from $100/month to $10,000/month and up. Please contact Richard Pitt (richard at-@-at HancockWildlife.org) for more information.

Web Site Advertising - Supporting the Cameras

HWF currently believes that the advertising model works best for funding the network traffic for viewing our web cameras. We continue to refine our techniqes and costing model in this area and we are willing to work with specific advertisers and sponsors to create an effective environment for specialty layouts and views on a camera by camera basis if need be.

Our web site will draw well in excess of 1 million unique viewers during our main season this year - March to August. In addition we project only slightly smaller numbers for our Fall season for both the Chehailis Estuary and Bear projects. While most of these visitors come at least briefly to view the cameras themselves, many stay and not only view the other wealth of information on the site but also sign up to interact with our discussion forum and comment system. These, the dedicated "eagleholics", number in the tens of thousands - returning to the site many times during the year. They come from all over the free world, but mainly from North America

These consistent viewers are prime candidates for the eco-tourism business and other ecologically based products and services.

Please contact us for ad pricing and specific sponsorship opportunities:
Richard C. Pitt - richard at@at hancockwildlife.org
604-644-9265 (direct)


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