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Copyright and the Eagles (and other video subjects)

The first season of the Eagle Nest Video Streaming from Hancock Wildlife took everyone by surprise. To say that we were not prepared for the popularity of the event is the greatest of understatements.

One of the things we were not prepared for was the number of people who captured the stream and wanted to share it with the world - either straight, or after editing. These people posted their captures to sites that make their living hosting just such content - by putting advertising around them.

It is this fact - that others are profiting from what should be supporting the eagles - that this page addresses.

We now have a place for your videos and pictorial content. To you, it is freely given, so there should be no reason for you not to bring your captures and edits here. We ask that you remove them from the commercial sites because the copyright is ours, not yours to give away.

This does not mean that you cannot capture and modify and enjoy these works - the Creative Commons license we publish under here allows you to do this - provided that it is done for completely non-commercial reasons - personal enjoyment.

We know you will do the right thing - thank you - from the Eagles/Eaglets and all of us here who want to bring you more. Thanks to all of you who have already posted - you have created some of the most moving and interesting clips we've seen. Now let's get them earning some money for the eagles so we can continue.

Comment on Copyright:

Update: To those of you who have commented on our wanting to express our copyright rights, you should understand that aside from commercial use, you really have our blessing if you use and/or modify the videos or captures. We've made the decision (a long time ago) to embrace the Creative Commons licensing scheme - and as you'll note at the bottom of all the pages here, we license the content here under the "Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 license"

What does that mean? Well, if you take a look at the Creative Commons site you'll find that it means you can copy things here (including the videos) and make derivative works (like the "Couch Potato" picture of 'Lil that I love so much) but you just can't make money from them - only pass them on "for noncommercial uses" which means you can't post them anywhere that makes money from their viewing, or sell them for more than the cost of reproduction if you print them out.

One thing to clear up any questions about our using advertising - as the original copyright holders, we can license them to you for one purpose, and to others for another, and use them ouselves for yet another - in this case, by showing them with advertising to support you seeing more such videos in the future.

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