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Sidney Nest Attendance

These charts indicate the amount of time that the male or female sat on the nest, as well as the time that neither was on the nest, to the maximum of the observed time each day. The charts cover the period from March 13 to March 26, or 14 days, right after the first egg was laid.

There are a few things to note as you look at the charts. The first egg was laid the night of March 12, the second egg laid March 15, and the intruders attacked the nest on March 17. After laying the second egg, the female stayed on the nest for most of the remainder of that day and a great portion of the next day. It's interesting to note that after the intruder attack, the amount of time that the nest was left unattended went down significantly.

These data are being gathered based on the posts made in the Sidney nest Observation Daily Log and the charts will be updated as new data is compiled."

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Wednesday, May 16 2007 @ 09:21 PM EDT
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