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Album: David Hancock: Echo Lake Night Roost - Chehalis River Area. (0)
The Echo Lake Nilght Roost is possibly the largest Night Roost in southern British Columbia. Part of its fame comes from being situated right next to the largest winter feeding grounds in Bc along the US border. ON Nov 18, 2007 1061 eagles were counted in the Chehalis Flats, just north of the Highway 7 Harrison River Bridge. Pershaps another 300 - 500 eagles were present but out of sight. The prime might roost for the area is the hill side immediately south-west of the Chehalis Flats. This is the hill side immediately south of Echo Lake. It is possible that we may have to mobilize the environmentalist to pretect this forested hillside since I understand that the BC Government has issued a "cut permit" for this sparcely treed hillside. What a waste of our resources. I will keep you all informed as to this issue.

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Album: Placement of Cameras into the Sidney Nest Sept 06 (11)
WE had a great sunny day. My brother Joe and his friend Phil came to operate the rented Man-lift -- an incredible machine that telescoped us up the 80 feet. Bob was on hand with the two cameras and Richard came off the first ferry. Then Frank and Annette showed up to record the event for us and Annette brought water and donuts to keep us going. We were able to place two cameras -- one very close, to give the intimate view that we had from Doug's Hornby nest and the second was set back 6 feet to give a little wider panorama view.

Updated Wednesday, September 27 2006 @ 08:29 PM EDT
Album: Banded Bald Eagles (4)
This juvenile bald eagle was spotted by Richie Ellrett at the Vancouver Garbage Dump Dec 7, 2006 -- one of my study areas and where I took Mary on our first date -- as she so frequently reminds me!!! Hopefully Richie who is involved with a program on the control of gulls and eagles at the dump will keep track of this interesting visitor. If this bird is part of your study please let us know. david Hancock I apologize for the poor photos -- bad day and a very long way off!

Updated Friday, December 08 2006 @ 11:57 AM EST
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Album: Misc Photos (1)
These could be my photos or other peoples passed on to me for referencing.

Updated Wednesday, February 28 2007 @ 11:51 PM EST
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Album: Campbell River Bald Eagle Festival 2007 (9)
Misc images from the Festival. I would love someone to put in the captions.

Updated Sunday, March 04 2007 @ 01:54 PM EST
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Album: Bald Eagle Nest Destroyed in Surrey BC -- by Permit. (10)
This sequence of slides were taken March 27, 2007 as an active bald eagle nest was cut down with permits issues by both the City of Surrey and the Province of British Columbia, Ministry of Environment. On that date the landowner exicuted his permits to destroy the nest. I arrived about 1PM just after the top of the tree, containing the nest, had been severed from its long strong supporting trunk. It was a kind of sinking, sickening feeling. I had followed this pair of eagles for many years. The details of the removal, the permit details are chronicled. I also post there a wish that the public will have had enough of this outright greed and destruction of designated Wildlife Trees that are supposed to be protected. I also suggest how we might stop this insidious action. Please participate. Hot:

Updated Thursday, April 05 2007 @ 09:45 PM EDT
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Album: Adult Bald Eagle # 23 April 6,2007 (8)
Our faithful eagle watcher Ritchey Elliott has spotted another patagial color marked bald eagle. This one is an adult. His previous observations were on Number 46 -- remember Stephen! --- More images and story inside -- ---- ---------- --------- So what is this birds history? Was he banded as a juvenile? The band does seem a little faded but it would be surprising to have the band survive this long. How exciting if it did. Comments on the Refuse Dump Eagle Population April 6, 2007. I, even in my rush, counted 286 bald eagle: 172 juveniles and 114 adults. The adults included a great many 5 and 6 year old birds with traces of black in the tail and head. Normally by late February and early March ---- more story and images inside --- Cheers david

Updated Saturday, April 07 2007 @ 11:28 PM EDT
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Album: The Elder Speaks: Grand Chief Dr. Rose Charlie (16)
The Elder Speaks program initiated by the Hancock Wildlife Foundation in Cooperation with the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival Society has initiated a Pilot Project in the British Columbia schools. The Project seems to have got off with a great start and great response from the teachers and students. Our WEB CAM volunteers, headed by Karen Bills on the mainland and Kay Steer's on Vancouver Island with Lynda and Leslie working some of the schools have done a remarkable job setting this up for Dr. Rose. I got to tag along and have some fun. Some media have attended and we were joined at the Cultus Lake Community School by Dr. Chris Harvey-Clark of our sponsoring organization The Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada busy on the cameras. The Elder Speaks Pilot Project is outlined at: HOT URL

Updated Saturday, April 21 2007 @ 10:35 AM EDT
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