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Peace Arch Rally Against Coal, Oil and Free Trade  
Album: Peace Arch Rally Against Coal, Oil and Free Trade (0) I have never really liked attending protest rallies -- but the world’s plight suggest we should do more of this. In a democracy we keep counting on people power. The local Peace Arch Rally to encourage more attention to climate change also attracted an equally upset group of people who see the various “Free Trade Agreements” as totally contrary to encouraging effective climate change or bringing some form of social justice to the world. As an ecologist who every day sees how overharvest, over exploitation of every resource be it our fish, our forests or our use of ancient carbon deposits of oil and coal are for short term gains -- a year or two of profits for a few big companies -- while the long-term sustainability of our world is totally disregarded and the long-terms costs of that overexploitation are left to the public to absorb. Attached are my random images of the old and young with their signs -- good for them. In their concerns lies the prospects for as sustainable world. Here are a couple of urls to further investigate a few of the sinful practices of the world. Overpopulation of the world by humans: Note that even Wikipedia relates “overpopulation’ to carrying capacity. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_overpopulation The tragedies of FreeTrade: “The abandonment of fair trade has created a world wide race to the bottom in wages and environmental standards"

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