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Complications and Frustrations

Victoria/Sidney Nest
This was originally posted to the Discussion Forum's Sidney BC Bald Eagle Nest section yesterday.

The cameras at Sidney are not yet available to the public for a number of reasons, some of them technical, some of them contractual, and some of them just plain bad luck.

The cameras are in - and have been seen to be working to the encoders at the Epicure offices, but the ADSL lines were not in to start with. Then they were finally in, and one of the cameras doesn't want to show up at the distribution point, and we have no audio.

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Victoria/Sidney NestI have spent a couple of days with eagles in saanich, the 13th and 16th. i arrived at about 8:30 on the 13th. and stopped at the airport or south end of the beach. Glassed the area and didn't see any eagles. There were a couple of blue herons feeding, and some geese. I drove down to the nest site and sat watching the nest. There were the usual crowes flitting about. Then, a large red tailed hawk landed in the top of a fir tree in the field. Most have migrated south by this time, but the weather here has been extremely mild. He left after about half an hour.

Next to arrive in the tree top was a small hawk. The crowes buz bombed him and then he buzzed them. He left, shortly there after. I then heard the familiar chirp of an eagle. It was the adults. They both arrived and sat in the viewing tree in the field. They flew to the nest and then pa started to gather branches and take them to the nest. Ma would then place them while pa satup on a branch and watched. He would then go and get more branches and twigs.

They did this for two hours and then flew south. They landed in various perch trees along the beach. When i left, they were both in the same tree at the south end of the beach. They have staked out their territory for another year.

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Dutch Translation of David's Update

Victoria/Sidney NestHier volgt de vertaling van het bericht van David Hancock. (Zie post hierboven)

Verslag van het bezoek van David Hancock aan het nest van Vic en Sid oftewel Big en Lil.

Op woensdag 6 september ben ik met de eerste veerboot naar Vancouver Eiland gegaan om het Vic-Sid nest te bezoeken, het te bekijken en voorbereidingen te treffen om de nieuwe camera's te installeren. Bij aankomst waren er uiteraard geen adelaars meer in de buurt maar de visarenden waren er nog aan het jagen en twee kalkoengieren zochten het strand nabij het dorp af naar voedsel.

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Update: Sidney Visit Sept 6-10 2006

Victoria/Sidney Nest

Update: Sidney Visit: Sept 6 - 10

What a week I have not caught up yet so I am sorry to be late in reporting.

Update on Vic & Sids nest: One Wednesday Sept 6 I took the first ferry to Vancouver Island to check the Vic-Sid nest first to say hi to it and then to prepare for the actual camera insertion.

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Victoria/Sidney Nest

THEY ARE GONE ! --- Victoria & Sidney & Parents have Headed North.

Aug 20 I visited the nest site this morning and did not see an eagle. This followed many reports from the local viewers that the birds had not been seen for about 3 days.

I will post a few photos of this trip here.


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