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Likely Last Year for FledgeFest


This year is likely our last year for FledgeFest at the Sidney nest because funds haven't come in for redoing the site. 
        a)      Sidney:   two cams:                     Cost:  $20,000

See the full list of needs for the 2011/2012 season here:


So we really hope that as many of you as possible will come out to meet with us this Thursday, July 7, at 11 a.m. at the Sidney nest.  Details here:

http://archive.hancockwildlife.org/forum/viewtopic.php?showtopic=180909 and to sign up for FledgeFest go here:



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View from the Sidney Cams

 We've been hearing from a number of people over the last few days about the fact that the close-up camera at Sidney is looking a lot less clear than it was right after Flyer was rescued - and that as of June 5, the wide angle camera wasn't transmitting at all.

S'cap of Sidney eaglets, June 5, 2011

A number of us have explained what happened to the CU cam (jkr may have the best explanation - one or more of the eaglets pointed his or her little tail feathers towards the cam and "fowled" it!)  A few glancing shots have led to the general fogginess, and the dark smudge is the result of a direct shot at fairly close range.

Eaglets being eaglets, I wouldn't be at all surprised if it got worse as the month progresses.  The eaglets are getting bigger, eating more - and producing more.  They are around 7 weeks old as of June 5th, and if all continues to go well, will probably fledge in late June or early July - right in time for FledgeFest on July 7th!

There is a bit more to the story, so please click the link to read the rest.


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Sidney Eaglet Rescue - More Images

The huge number of images and pieces of video are now almost digested. David and I have not yet done a "wrap-up" show for a number of reasons, but I wanted to give you links to some of the images we've pulled from the video starting with 52 that I selected leading from our first view of the crane, to the final clip of the line in the nest that freed Flyer. 

From David's hand-held camera - selected images leading to Flyer's rescue

Index of Rescue Images

Note: the above index leads to over 12,000 images in sets of up to 50 images per thumbnail page. Each image links directly to a 640x480 version and there is a link for both a 420x300 pixel version and the original full (1920x1080 pixel) version

As with all images and video on this site, the images are licensed under the Creative Commons non-commerical attribution share-alike license. See the bottom of each page.


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Sidney Eaglet Rescue

Victoria/Sidney Nest


Hancock here:  Sidney Eaglet Rescue -  May 19

Some days go well, others not so well.  Today was superb.

Yesterday was exciting, full of hope and promise but ended with Donald/Flyer, the Sidney eaglet chick, still caught by a nylon fish line in his nest.    By 6:45 this AM, already having received two calls of further assistance, I again felt the well of optimism.

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Sidney Update

Victoria/Sidney Nest

 Sidney remains one of our most popular cams out of the five that Hancock Wildlife manages and this doesn't look likely to change in the near future with some amount of mystery still surrounding the nest and what's actually within. So far, we have seen two chicks hatch, and both look to be feeding well and growing. But we may also still have a further two eggs within the nest. We know for certain there is at least one more to hatch, likely either today or tomorrow but, we'll see later in the week if we get a fourth chick. Numerous pictures seem to show a fourth egg, but, we'll know for sure later in the week. Keep your eyes on the cam and on the forum as well...


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