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Welcome to the Sidney Eagle Nest Topic

Sidney, BC Nest Site: The Sidney nest is on a property not far from Patricia Bay, in Sidney, BC, near the Victoria International Airport. The nest is on private property with no access to the public.

There were two nests on the property, one in a wonderful old Gary Oak tree (the original nest) and one built in 2008 in a much taller, but dead, evergreen (the new nest). The original nest has been completely destroyed by winds in recent years, and the camera in the tree has been removed. There are now two cameras in the "New" nest tree, one set close to the nest and one farther back. The new wide-view also has infrared lights on it so we can see at night.

This pair of eagles has successfully raised young each year that we've had a camera on them, since 2006 season when their chicks were watched continuously by over 40,000 people for 4 months solid after the eggs in our Hornby Island nest failed to hatch.



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Diesel spill sparks fears for Patricia Bay wildlife

Victoria/Sidney Nest




Photograph by:

Biologists are watching closely to see if fish or wildlife have been affected by a spill of up to 800 litres of diesel oil from a leaking generator into a fast-moving drainage ditch that runs into Patricia Bay.


Wide-angle Infrared Camera (Eagles cannot see the lights)


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The Sidney Nest Dilemma

Victoria/Sidney Nest

The Sidney Nest Dilemma -- Ma & Pa have moved to a new nest!

Hi All:

Generally the challenges of life are exciting and what drives us forward, but sometimes the issues are beyond our control, don't fit into our previous life experiences, and become frustratingly insurmountable.  The decision of Ma & Pa Sidney to relocate their nest to another property has precipitated one of the most disappointing outcomes in my entire life. 

First, I do not think we could go through a general public comment period as this issue has no winners and would devolve into division and no resolution.  Therefore, I have decided to take the personal comments of a few key players, the Sidney Ground Observers, the Foundation Admins and a couple of the key Sidney sponsors and make a final decision.  Thank you all for the comments and support.  Here is the story.


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Hancock here with the 1st Cam Review for 2011 Fall

Victoria/Sidney Nest

First, l want to thank all of you who have contributed to our fundraising drive to clean and replace several of our eagle cams.  While we have not yet received the full funding needed we are well on the way and it is time to act from this end.

In order to have the equipment on hand I have already ordered 5 fine HD cams but at least two more are needed,

Over the next few weeks, literally through September, I will have to undertake all the cam cleaning, repositioning and replacements. The first need is that the adults leave the nest territory so we are not seen at the nest site and risk their abandonment of the nest for a more secure site.  Second, we have to get all the little details of re-wired cams and microwave transmitters ready and, for a couple of sites, get the landowner's permission to again proceed or, as in Sidney, get the new nest landowners' permission.

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We Need Your Help


It's wonderful to watch Mom and Dad Sidney raise their family - but much of the nesting season, our view of the cam looks a bit like this:

Wouldn't it be wonderful if - all year long - it was as clear as this:

And what if we could see next year's tiny chicks as close - or closer - than chicks from White Rock

and could also watch them fledge - like we did at White Rock

We can. Smile


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FledgeFest draws worldwide visitors

Victoria/Sidney Nest


By Christine van Reeuwyk - Peninsula News Review

Published: July 13, 2011 1:00 AM

Updated: July 13, 2011 2:53 PM

The population of people exploded on one West Saanich Road bend last week as eagle watchers celebrated FledgeFest.

“Each year we meet at the south fence … to watch the Sidney eaglets take their first flights,” said Karen Bills, of Hancock Wildlife Foundation which created the Peninsula’s most-watched online reality show. On July 7, the municipally-owned green space adjacent to Patricia Bay quickly filled as more than 30 people, carrying cameras and binoculars, gathered to watch Ma and Pa Sidney and their trio of eaglets. It was the day the eldest, Flyer, turned 12 weeks old, the usual age for fledging or taking flight for the first time. FledgeFest folks travelled from as far away as Germany and England, and as nearby as Victoria and Campbell River.

Read the rest of the story and view the video here:


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