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White Rock WA 2
White Rock Wide Angle

White Rock Close up 2
White Rock Overhead

White Rock South PTZ

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White  Rock North Cam
New North Cam

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Delta 2 East

Delta 2 West

Delta 2 East over West

Harrison Mills Nest North PTZ

HM S 10-27-2016
Harrison Mills Nest South PTZ
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Pretty Estates Resort
Lady and Houdini
Lafarge Discussion
Both adults
Lafarge sideview
Lafarge cams sponsored by
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Lafarge North America
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Harrison - Chehalis Cams - Story of a River
Story of a River
Now Live!
Chehalis Underwater Cam
Chehalis River Underwater Cam

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All About the Nests
All About the Nests

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Associated Cameras

We're Back!
Turtle Bay Nest 4-10-2017
Redding, CA

About the Associated Nests
About the Associated Nests

Fluff the Hummingbird with her hungry chicks in Victoria, BC
Humming Bird Cam, Victoria, BC

New Cam Offline
Whitehorse nest
Whitehorse, Yukon

 Eggs hatched
Mom and Dad Sea Eagle
Australian White Bellied Sea Eagle

Chick hatched: 5/29 or 5/30
African Black Eagle chick with Mom
South African Black Eagle

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SA Pot Plant Owl
Plant Pot Eagle Owl

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Avon Lake, OH nest
Avon Lake, OH

Berry College, GA nest
Berry College, GA

Beulah, MI nest
Beulah, MI

Big Bear, Ca Nest
Big Bear, Ca

Blackwater Refuge, MD Nest
Blackwater Refuge, MD

Carolina Raptor Center, NC
Carolina Raptor Center, NC

Davenport, IA Nest Nest
Davenport, IA

Decorah, IA Nest
Decorah, IA

Decorah North Nest
Decorah North, IA

Piegeon Forge, TN             Nest
Dollywood, TN

Duke             Farms, NJ
Duke Farms, NJ

Eagles for Kids, Blair WI             Nest
Eagles for Kids, WI

Fort St Vrain
Fort St Vrain, CO

Fraser Point, CA  Nest
Fraser Point, CA

Fulton, IL
Fulton, IL

Hanover, PA
Hanover, PA

Harrison Bay, TN Nest
Harrison Bay, TN

HEGPS Hornby, BC nest
HEGPS Hornby Island, BC

Humboldt Bay, CA
Humboldt Bay, CA

Jordon Lake, NC Nest
Jordon Lake, NC

Juneau, AK
Juneau, AK

Kenai, AK
Kenai, AK

Lake of the Ozarks MO Nest
Lake of the Ozarks, MO

Lake Washington, WA Nest
Lake Washington, WA

Minnesota Bound, MN Nest
Minnesota Bound, MN

Minnestoa             Dep't             Natural Resources Nest
Minnesota DNR, MN

NCTC Shepherdstown Nest
NCTC Shepherdstown, WV

NE Floriday Nest cam
NE Florida, FL

Pittsburgh Hays,PA             Nest
Pittsburgh Hays, PA

Redding, CA Nest
Redding, CA

River Farm, Virginia
River Farm, VA

Sauces Canyon, Ca Nest
Sauces Canyon, Ca

Seagoville, TX
Seagoville, TX

Sequoya Natural Wildlife             Refuge Nest
Sequoya NWR, OK

Sooner             Lake, OK             Nest
Sooner Lake, OK

Southwest Florida Nest
Southwest,  FL

Standley Lake Reg. Park,CO
Standlley Lake Reg. Park, CO

Two Harbours Nest, CA
Two Harbors. CA

Washington, DC chicks,2016
Washington, DC

West End, CA Nest
West End, CA

Wolf River Eagles-Owls Nest, WI Nest
Wolf River Eagles, WI

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LSE, Estonia (Eha & Koit
LSE, Est. (Eha & Koit)

LSE, Estonia (Tuuli and Remo)
LSE, Est.(Tuuli and Remo)

LSE, Latvia(Metra & Macho)
LSE, Latvia (Metra & Macho)

White Tailed Eagle Nest
White Tailed Eagle, Estonia

White Tailed EAgle, Poland
White Tailed Eagle, Poland


Blackwater Refuge, MD
Blackwater Refuge, MD

Longmont, CO
Boulder Co, CO

Breslau, ON
Breslau, ON

Calgary, AB
Calgary, AB

Canmore, AB
Canmore, AB

Dunedin Osprey
Dunedin, FL

Dunrovin Ranch, MT Nest
Dunrovin Ranch, MT

Dyfi, Wales Osprey
Dyfi, Wales

Halifax,NS Nest

Hellgate, MT Nest
Hellgate, MT

Hilton Head, SC
Hilton Head, SC

Kalakotkas 1, Est.
Kalakotkas 1, Estonia

Kalakotkas 2, Est.
Kalakotkas 2, Estonia

Loch Garten, Scotland
Loch Garten, Scotland

Nelson, BC Nest
Nelson, BC

New England Nests
New England Nests, USA

Finland Cam 1, EU Nest
Paltamo, Finland, EU

Rutland, England
Rutland Nest, England

Osprey nest
Savannah, Ga

Scottish Wildlife Trust
Scottish Wildlife Trust

Seli Finland Cam Nest
Seili,Finland, EU

Steinhuder Meer, DE
Steinhuder Meer, DE

Vidzeme, Latvia. nest
Vidzeme, Latvia

Other Osprey Nests
Other Osprey Nests & News

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Boise, ID
Boise, ID

(Cathedral)             Pittsburgh, PA
(Cathedral) Pittsburgh, PA

Columbus,             Ohio
Columbus, OH

De Mortel             (N.B.) the Netherlands
De Mortel (N.B.) the Netherlands

Edmonton, AB
Edmonton, AB U of A

Etobicoke, ON
Etobicoke, ON

Gulf Tower, Pittsburg, PA
Gulf Tower, Pittsburg, PA

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Harrisburg, PA

Heidelberg, Germany
Heidelberg, DE

James             River Bridge,             Newport, VA
James River Bridge, Newport, VA

Jersy City, NJ
Jersey City, NJ

(GRE)-Maple Grove, Minnesota
Maple Grove (GRE), MN

Italy             Nest
Multi Cams - Italy

Maine, USA
Maine, USA

Rochester, NY
Rochester, NY

Cam - Rome,             Italy
 Rome, Italy

Salt Lake City, UTAH
Salt Lake City, UT

San             Francisco, CA
San Francisco, CA

San Jose,             California
San Jose, CA

Cam - Winnipeg, Manitoba
  Winnipeg, MB


Kestrel Cam - Achterhoek, Gelderland, The Netherlands
Achterhoek, The Netherlands

Kestrel Cam - Muttenz, Switzerland
  Muttenz, Switzerland

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Oceanside, CA
Oceanside, CA

Rhine Valley, Switzerland
Rhine Valley, Switzerland

Trabuco Canyon, CA
  Trabuco Canyon, CA

Washington State WDFW, WA
 WA State WDFW, WA

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Red-Tailed Hawk– Cornell U., NY...
Cornell University, NY-RTH

Red-Tailed Hawk – Franklin  Institute, PA
Franklin Institute, PA- RTH

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  San Diego County, CA-RTH

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jAntarctic Gentoo Penguins
Antarctic, Gentoo Penguins

Cornell U. NY, Great Blue Heron
Cornell U., NY Gr Bl Heron

The Albatross
Kaui, HI Laysan Albatross

Orange Co., CA Hummingbird

Whooping Cranes
Whooping Cranes, Op. Migration

Estonia Black Stork
Estonia Black Storks

White Stork Netherlands
Netherlands White Stork

White Stork of DE & EU
White Stork of DE & EU

Generic Stork
Other Stork Nests

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San Diego Zoo Pandas
San Diego, CA Giant Pandas

Zoo Atlana Pandas
Atlanta, GA Giant Pandas

Lily the Bear
Ely, MN "Lily" the Black Bear

Ely, MN Wolves

U See Wildlife
U See Wildlife



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Hancock's Last Eagle Tour of 2017

Live Cameras

A message from Fraser River Safari:

December 10 - The final tour of 2017

2017 really was a year of extremes, from record low temperatures in the winter to a heat wave and low, low summer water levels. Despite the challenges we still enjoyed each and every tour and thank all of our customers for allowing us to do this for 11 years now.

The eagle numbers are still very good in the Harrison and with water levels dropping we could have another large influx of birds coming to feast on the freshly exposed salmon carcasses.

This weekend we are running the last scheduled tour of 2017 at 11 am and the weather looks like it may even hold until then. ADDED BONUS: David Hancock will be joining the tour to lend his 60+ years of raptor knowledge to the mix.

If you were thinking of joining an eagle tour this season, this may be the perfect weekend to do so. You can BOOK DIRECTLY HERE  under the "Eagle Tour with David Hancock".


AND if we don't see you this season. Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Year's from our house to yours!


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Two Cams on One Page
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Chehalis East beside Chehalis West

Chehalis East over Chehalis West with Chat


Delta 2 Overhead beside Delta 2 SideView

Delta 2 Overhead over Delta 2 SideView with Chat


Harrison South beside Harrison North

Lafarge Side View beside Lafarge Overhead


White Rock CU over White Rock WA

White Rock CU beside White Rock WA


Four Cams on One Page
A convenient way to watch four cams at the same time.

White Rock CU and WA over the White Rock PTZ cams


Live, in conjunction with WildEarth.TV



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