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Interesting Week on White Rock Eagle Cam

The pair of bald eagles who built a a nest high in the trees on the White Rock bluff overlooking Boundary Bay in Surrey, BC, haven't been spending a lot of time at their nest over the last week or so.  But the nest has not been empty - viewers of our White Rock Eagle Cam have been treated to glimpses of a variety of eagles and other wildlife drawn to this area with its great view of Boundary Bay.

It also poses a bit of a dilemma for us as online wildlife researchers - we would love to know exactly how much time the White Rock eagles spend at their nest - and who else stops by when they're away.  And while we suspect they won't be such gracious hosts once they're getting ready to lay their eggs (probably in early March) - we don't know when exactly they will set up a "no fly" zone around their nest to keep other eagles away.

And to do that, we need more people to watch the nest and post their observations and screenshots in our White Rock Discussion and Observation thread.  No experience necessary - and the folks posting there will be happy to help with any questions.  Please give it a try - without your help, we're going to miss a lot that happens, like this morning's very brief visit by a young eagle!

Please read on to learn more about this week's visitors.


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White Rock Nest Site

Some more information on the White Rock Eagle Nest from David Hancock.

About the site:
This is the latest nest location for what I called the old "Block Bros. nest territory" that twice had the nest removed to allow a subdivision. This nest is 500 yards to the south.
The best tree in a clump of fine Douglas fir was chosen to install a few key support branches in the hopes of enticing eagles to nest. The landowner, and longtime friend of mine, did everything hoped for -- according to the eagles -- and this season the old Block Bros. pair took up residence and built a fine nest in the modified tree. Two young will fledge this week. (Summer 2010)

The landowner couple love these eagles and have undertaken the costs of cam installation and signal distribution. We just had to provide the expertise. 

The nest is along the north shore of Boundary Bay, not far from Crescent Beach. Boundary Bay is a body of water between White Rock and Tsawassen/Point Roberts that our two Delta cam nests reside near. The nearby (just North of the bay) winter attraction of the Vancouver Landfill attracts up to 800 eagles daily.

Over 24 eagle nests are within the nesting area around this Bay.

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Surfers asked to help keep eye on Ocean Park eagles



The activities of a pair of bald eagles that have long enraptured Ocean Park residents will soon be viewable online.

David Hancock of Hancock Wildlife Foundation confirmed last week he installed two eagle cams at the top of a tall evergreen on a private Ocean Park property Sept. 16.

The cameras are expected to go live with a high-definition feed on the Internet “toward the end of October.”

While reluctant to go into too much detail about the site – as the property owner is out of town – Hancock said concerns raised by area residents about recent heavy-equipment activity near the nest are unfounded.

“We weren’t destroying it. Quite the contrary,” he said of workers seen hoisted by crane to the nesting site. “It’s all part of a fairly big project, and our long-term project, of helping eagles recover in this area.

Read the rest of the story here:

Surfers asked to help keep eye on Ocean Park eagles


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Night Vision in White Rock













While the new White Rock #1 nest cameras are not yet on line, here are a couple of shots taken from them showing the views we'll get from the two cameras at night.

There are infrared lights (the eagles cannot see the infrared light, only the cameras can) placed close to the camera near the nest and they're bright enough that the camera in the next tree can see by them.

These Axis 1346E cameras are high definition fixed-focus cameras - but we're only seeing a small sample of what they can do. We'll be using their digital zoom to focus in on various areas of the tree as the eagles come in, fix the nest, lay eggs and hopefully raise a new batch of eaglets.

In the background of the wide-angle view you can see South Delta on the far side of Boundary Bay. The camera is looking close to exactly West.

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New Cameras Installed - White Rock

September 16, 2010 - a crew from Hancock Wildlife Foundation helped place two new Axis 1346E cameras in place to allow us to view the eagles in this nest on private property.

While not yet up and viewable, the cameras are in place and functioning just fine on this bluff overlooking Boundary Bay to the West of White Rock, on the South-West coast of Beautiful British Columbia.

We're hoping to have the camera up and viewable shortly. In the mean time read on for some of the images taken that day, now in the site's Media Gallery album.



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