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Vancouver Festival of Ocean Films launches 3rd year

Festival inspires with great films about our oceans



VANCOUVER – On June 8th and 9th, the Vancouver Festival of Ocean Films will open its doors at the Vancity Theatre to highlight 10 amazing films focused on the beauty of our oceans, and some of the threats to its health. During 3 screenings, filmgoers will have the chance to see films from Canada, Ireland, Spain, and the United States. “Whether viewed through a recreation or conservation lens, it’s time to profile the natural capital that is our oceans,” said David Labistour , CEO, Mountain Equipment Co-op. “To that end, we are proud to support the 3rd annual Festival of Ocean Films—support that we hope will establish the event as a much-anticipated fixture in the Lower Mainland. From the adrenaline experience of searching for the ultimate wave to the tranquility of viewing bears in the wild from calm waters, these films provide a glimpse into the wonders of our oceans.” In addition to raising interest and awareness of the ocean as a place for positive recreation, sustainable and responsible commerce, and a wilderness to be respected, the Festival is also raising funds for the conservation of our local oceans, with partial proceeds supporting regional charity Georgia Strait Alliance. “We appreciate the opportunity to partner with The Festival as their efforts to raise awareness about the importance of the ocean to our lives are very much in line with our work in the Georgia Strait region,” says Christianne Wilhelmson, Executive Director, Georgia Strait Alliance. “We hope people will be inspired by these films to become more engaged in protecting our waters because we need everyone to be a ‘Steward of the Strait’”. Formed in 2009, The Vancouver Festival of Ocean Films (www.vfof.ca) aims to inspire and stimulate people to explore their relationship with the ocean by bringing together local and international filmmakers and presenters in a multimedia event and film competition. Formed in 1990, Georgia Strait Alliance (www.georgiastrait.org) is the only citizens' group working to protect and restore the marine environment and promote the sustainability of Georgia Strait, its adjoining waters and communities, the place where 70% of British Columbians live, work and play. Program available online.

To purchase tickets, please visit:  www.vfof.ca.

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Hancock Wildlife Foundation Appoints Richard Pitt Executive Director

Hancock Wildlife Foundation is very pleased to announce the appointment of Richard Pitt as the Executive Director of the Foundation. 

No one knows our objectives or our trodden path better -- Richard was instrumental in gathering our cadre of web volunteers and beating the bushes the past 5 years, now he will officially lead the way, seeking direction from the Directors and devoting his major efforts to developing the programs we have embarked upon.  
Many of you have personally known Richard either at the various functions or almost as intimately though the web. More will grow to know him as he embarks on the path of raising the Foundation's vista and spreading our vision to the world.
Richard brings to the Foundation a background of managerial and marketing skills, as well as his intimate knowledge of our chosen major platform, the internet. His interests in graphic media, from doing his own photo development through to creating some of the first web pages in Canada during his tenure with Canada's first ISP, Wimsey.com, have combined to give him an understanding of the power of the video images that we bring to the world in a way that allows him to see the Foundation's future clearly, and he has the skills to drive us to the goals we have set.
Over the next few weeks Richard and I will continue in our development of HWF's campaign to promote our educational objectives and outline a path to fund them.
Welcome aboard Richard  -- at least, welcome aboard in a slightly different capacity!   The eagles, bears and orcas also welcome Richard aboard.
 David Hancock
 Chairman of the Board.
 Hancock Wildlife Foundation.
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One "Sport" That Doesn't Deserve A Trophy

Government trophy hunt puts iconic spirit bear and Olympic Games symbol at risk



In a few weeks,the B.C. government plans on reopening the trophy hunt of bears in the internationally celebrated Great Bear Rainforest. And the spirit bear, which was featured in the Olympic Games’ opening ceremonies, could be one of its targets.

The future of the white Kermode or spirit bear is being put at risk because black bears that carry the spirit bear’s white fur gene are fair game for trophy hunters.

The genetically distinct Haida black bear and the grizzly bear, which is listed as a Species of Special Concern by the Canadian Federal government, can also be killed senselessly for sport.

Coinciding with the release of a Vancouver Sun full page ad, supported by over 20 million people from 40 countries, conservationists have released a map showing that less than two percent of the white Kermode or spirit bear range actually protects the bears from trophy hunting in B.C.





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