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  Hancock Wildlife Foundation - Harrison Mills North:


  Hancock Wildlife Foundation - Harrison Mills South:

2018 Nesting Season
September 2017 - August 2018
This Nest has been Adopted By:

Gia, Roman, Ava
Kyle and Neil Hardy
Pat Petzing
The "Special Lady"
Gail and Ivan Morris
Y.A. Proctor
IrishEyes in honor of Mom and Dad Honeycomb, Bunker and Divot
Charlie Ipcar

Jeff and Debbie Bogdan
Helen Nimz
Sue Dumas

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Pretty Estates Sponsorship:

The two wonderful PTZ cams overlooking the Harrison Mills Bald Eagle nest were kindly donated by the Pretty Estates on whose property the nest resides. The Pretty Estates operates the Sandpiper Golf Course on which the nest tree sits, the River's Edge Restaurant for the best food in the region, and Rowena's Inn on the River for exclusive cabin retreats.

The Pretty Estates has also opened up a trail and a public viewing area at the Harrison River's edge where you can view the world's largest gathering of bald eagles each fall and winter. This is also the hunting grounds for the Harrison Mills pair of eagles shown on the live cams and 6 other nearby nesting pairs.

Thanks Betty Anne for your support of these great birds and this rich habitat. The area's incredible diversity of wildlife is also acknowledged by the Harrison --  Chehalis River system being designated as Canada's first Salmon Stronghold.

Putting in these cams was exciting  -- in all my years of visiting bald eagles nests none was as high as this nest -- 172 feet!

David Hancock.

PS   The web site of the Pretty Estates is:

    River's Edge Restaurant:
    Sandpiper Golf Course:
    Rowena's Inn on the River: 



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  Hancock Wildlife Foundation - Harrison Mills North:
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A Good Eagle Story

Banders, Rehabilitators, Citizen Scientists - Contribute to Bald Eagle Knowledge

On March 5, 2013 an adult bald eagle showed up on the Harrison Mills Bald Eagle nest -- in view of our live streaming cams. On March 10 and thereafter two adult eagles were seen working on the nest. However it wasn't until March 31 that we noticed that the female was banded. A number of our volunteers immediately started to focus in on the band numbers. Nine numbers would be needed to get the records from the central North American band office, the USF&WS in Patuxent, Maryland to track down the history of this bird. Only 4 or 5 numbers could be seen on the facing curve of the band. This could be one of thousands of banded eagles -- but which one? Where did our late arriving female come from before appearing on our cams? This was an interesting challenge to unfold -- or uncurl -- over the next 3 months of the breeding season.

But let me give you the background. This Harrison Mills nest (HM) overlooks the world's largest winter gathering of bald eagles ever witnessed -- I counted 7,362 eagles individually in about 2 square kilometers of the Chehalis Flats, directly to the north and east of this nest on December 18, 2010. Probably well over 10,000 eagles were then present in the 5 kilometer area along the Harrison River that we consider our annual bald eagle winter count area. The eagles were here for one purpose, to gorge on the spawned out carcasses of the 5 species of salmon dominating this river -- Canada's first Salmon Stronghold River. Harrison Mills is the region surrounding the Chehalis Flats, the alluvial fan into the Harrison River which supports Canada's most important complex of spawning salmon which in turn attracts the huge numbers of bald eagles.

  Hancock Wildlife Foundation - Harrison Mills North - Smaller Version:


  Hancock Wildlife Foundation - Harrison Mills South - Smaller Version:


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Harrison Mills Eaglets - doing fine in spite of size difference

Written on June 2, 2013.

A four day differential in hatching dates is an invitation to a "survival of the fittest" challenge going the way of the bully but so far our HM chicks seem to be coping.  At 9:44 AM, June 2, both chicks are peppy and with half full crops.  The parents are apparently doing a good job providing food.   Oops -- as I write, 9:50 AM, big chick head pounds the little one who instantly turns away to lessen the beating.  This of course, the turning the other cheek,  is the successful way to thwart fratricide.  However, the other side of that issue is that when the big sibling is full, there still must be enough food to keep the little one growing and healthy.  You would also like to think the little one would catch up but this surely does not seem to be happening here -- at least not yet.  At 10:00 AM the big one again pounded the little one -- and yet they both have 1/2 full crops.

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Harrison Mills Eagles Have Names

The great folks at Pretty Estates Resort (, proud sponsors of our Harrison Mills bald eagle cams, have announced the names of the eagles - I am pleased to present:

Mr. and Mrs. Honeycomb, located in the Penthouse Nest

Click on image to download

The pair have two eggs - and you can watch them live here -


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