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26 farm animals rescued from freezing temperatures in Massachusetts in need of new home

Wildlife News
10 January 2018

Photos from MSPCA More than two dozen animals that were rescued last week from a farm in central Massachusetts where they were being kept in inadequate conditions are in search of….

Read More: http://worldanimalnews.com/26-farm-animals-rescued-freezing-temperatures-massachusetts-need-new-home/
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Update on Santa Barbara areas affected by flooding & mudslides

Wildlife News10 January 2018

Photo by Kenneth Song/Santa Barbara News-Press via REUTERS Tragically, as of this morning, 15 people have lost their lives to the devastating floods and mudslides that are affecting many …

Read More: http://worldanimalnews.com/wan-update-santa-barbara-areas-affected-flooding-mudslides/
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Motion filed to stop Army’s illegal seizure of horses & slaughter plan in Louisiana

Wildlife News11 January 2018

Pegasus Equine Guardian Association files preliminary injunction motion to protect Ft. Polk horses. Animal advocates filed a motion earlier this week for a preliminary injunction requesting …..

Read More: http://worldanimalnews.com/motion-filed-stop-armys-illegal-seizure-horses-slaughter-plan-louisiana/

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Hairless Bear Recovering Nicely

Wildlife News12 January 2018

Update! Mysterious hairless bear recovering nicely at the Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in San Diego.

Read More: http://worldanimalnews.com/update-mysterious-hairless-bear-recovering-nicely-fund-animals-wildlife-center-san-diego/
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Animal control officer in Michigan is preparing to sleep in the doghouse tonight

Wildlife News12 January 2018

WAN Talks to animal control officer in Michigan about why she is preparing to sleep in the doghouse tonight!

Read More: http://worldanimalnews.com/wan-talks-animal-control-officer-michigan-preparing-sleep-doghouse-tonight/
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Snow covers expectant bald eagle sitting on eggs in nest near Big Bear Lake

Wildlife News9 January 2018

A coating of snow on a bald eagle nest near Big Bear Lake is not deterring a pair of expectant parents from keeping their two eggs warm, even as the birds themselves get covered in snow….

Read More: http://ktla.com/2018/01/09/snow-covers-expectant-bald-eagle-sitting-on-eggs-in-nest-near-big-bear-lake/
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Northern Ontario vet offers home visits

Wildlife News10 January 2018

A veterinarian on Manitoulin Island is starting to make home visits to treat his patients.

Read More: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/sudbury/manitoulin-vet-house-calls-1.4479741
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Giant extinct burrowing bat discovered in New Zealand

Wildlife News10 January 2018

The fossilized remains of a giant burrowing bat that lived in New Zealand millions of years ago have been found by a UNSW Sydney-led international team of scientists.

Read More: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/01/180110101003.htm

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