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What killed this bald eagle found sick in Atascadero

Wildlife News
15 August 2017

A sick bald eagle picked up by Pacific Wildlife Care in Atascadero died 30 minutes after arriving at the Morro Bay center and may have been poisoned.

Read More: http://www.sanluisobispo.com/news/local/article167365692.html
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Lead poisoning found in Kiski Township bald eagle

Wildlife News14 August 2017

After a bald eagle let people get unusually close to it on the Roaring Run trail in Kiski Township, a game warden and trail officials ….

Read More: http://triblive.com/local/valleynewsdispatch/12619824-74/lead-poisoning-found-in-kiski-township-bald-eagle
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Man visiting Wisconsin captures amazing photos of red-winged blackbird landing on flying bald eagle

Wildlife News11 August 2017

A Virginia man visiting family in the northern part of the state captured one of those beautiful Wisconsin moments with his camera recently when he noticed a red-winged blackbird …

Read More: http://www.tmj4.com/news/local-news/man-visiting-wisconsin-captures-amazing-photos-of-red-winged-blackbird-landing-on-flying-bald-eagle
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New HWF Website Coming - Volunteer and Pics Needed

Wildlife News

Some of you know that Hancock Wildlife hopes to get a long overdue new website this fall.  I've been asked to put out a call for a volunteer with Wordpress experience. 

We also  need help locating some good resolution photography to use on the website that we have permissions to use. Doesn't have to just be eagles, but other birds, wildlife, environmental photos, etc.  They need to be clean, crisp, a decent resolution and reasonably large as well.  They should be at least 1024 pixels wide, ideally 1920 or larger.  We can always shrink an image.  We can't usually enlarge one without image quality degrading.

Contact:  myles@hancockwildlife.org  Also please send a Cc: to me at karen@hancockwildlife.org  Thanks.


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This bald eagle’s death in Centre County could have been prevented

Wildlife News9 August 2017

Bald Eagle dies from lead poisoning in Centre County, according Center Wildlife Care.

Read More: http://www.centredaily.com/news/local/article166236582.html
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Eastern Montana rancher admits that his illegal use of pesticide killed bald eagle

Wildlife News8 August 2017

A Plevna-area rancher admitted Tuesday that he killed a bald eagle by illegally using a pesticide.

Read More: http://billingsgazette.com/news/state-and-regional/montana/eastern-montana-rancher-admits-that-his-illegal-use-of-pesticide/article_58eb4fa2-34b9-510c-b103-98de3f3ee664.html
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VNP opens bald eagle nesting area

Wildlife News8 August 2017

Visitor use sites in Voyageurs National Park closed to protect bald eagle nesting sites are now open to the public.

Read More: http://www.ifallsjournal.com/news/outdoors/vnp-opens-bald-eagle-nesting-areas/article_2a954a46-7d87-570b-b83e-aed00b9b5af8.html
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Injured bald eagle takes flight again

Wildlife News8 August 2017

A small crowd gathered on the property of Tom and Janet Day on Saturday, Aug. 5, to watch a young bald eagle take flight again. The bald eagle had undergone two months of rehabilitation following an injury.

Read More: http://www.tctimes.com/news/injured-bald-eagle-takes-flight-again/article_40ebfff8-7c75-11e7-a0b4-9b22216cbc75.html

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