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Eagle Killings in the News

This topic is to provide an easy place to keep together any reports on Eagle deaths that you see in the news.

In this way we can keep a summary of the ways eagles die and this site is to gather these facts for future reference.

Try to include a picture copied from the article - always add the credit and a link back to the article.

If the death occurred through criminal activity - then please return here, if possible, and let us know how the court proceedings went.

If a number of eagle deaths are as a result of the growing number of Wind farms or other man made structures - then we will open up a seperate topic, and transfer those posts there.

You can use this LINK to submit your story.

These reports will provide an important referenced resource in the future.


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No aboriginal right to traffic eagle parts, B.C. judge rules

  Apr 25, 2012 – 4:21 PM ET | Last Updated: Apr 25, 2012 4:53 PM ET

Andy Clark/Reuters files

Andy Clark/Reuters files

A pair of eagles fly over their feeding grounds at the Fraser River near Harrison Mills, British Columbia.

VANCOUVER— A man who told a judge he had an aboriginal right to trade eagle parts that he kept stashed at a North Vancouver workshop has lost his argument in court.

Judge Jim Jardine of the Surrey, B.C. provincial court rejected James Carl Joseph’s claim that he had an aboriginal right to possess and trade eagle feathers and parts. In making his ruling, Jardine said Joseph had presented no evidence that the right existed as central to the culture of his Tlowitsis First Nations.


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Where eagles dare not fly


Waterloo looms as wind farms power town revolt
by: Graham Lloyd, Environment Editor From: The Australian
April 21, 2012 12:00AM

A DEAD wedge-tailed eagle, chicken eggs without yolks and a dysfunctional village with residents bursting to flee. This is the clean-energy revolution Waterloo-style, where the nation's biggest wind turbines have whipped up a storm of dissent.

Adelaide University has been drawn into a controversy that threatens to spin out of control after one of its masters students asked residents of Waterloo, 120km north of Adelaide, what they really thought about living near windmills and was knocked over in an avalanche of complaint.

Yesterday, a South Australian Department of Environment and Heritage officer collected the remains of a juvenile wedge-tailed eagle from the base of one of the Waterloo wind farm turbine towers. He said it would be X-rayed and examined to establish the cause of death.

Black Springs farmer Kym Dixon next to a dead wedge-tailed eagle, which was found 180m from wind turbines in the South Australian town of Waterloo. Picture: Vanessa Hunter Source: The Australian

It may help to explain why, according to one local ranger, three wedge-tailed eagle nesting areas identified before the turbines began to operate 18 months ago are no longer active.

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“Wind farms are the main cause. The issuing of license to kill will accelerate the decline toward extinction.”—Save the Eagles International

An East County Magazine Special Report
By Miriam Raftery

January 6, 2012 (San Diego’s East County) – San Diego County’s 48 pairs of nesting golden eagles and even rarer bald eagles could be in peril if proposed industrial-scale wind farms are built. In a press release issued today, Save the Eagles International (STEI) issued a dire warning, providing detailed documentation proving that golden eagles and their nests are disappearing rapidly near wind farms across the U.S.


The group also blasted the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service for changing its mission from protecting wildlife to “catering to the interests of an industry” that is a “ruinous one to boot.”

Eagle killed by wind turbine
Although the studies focused on golden eagles, if no major action is taken, wind turbines' razor-sharp blades will also threaten the existence of other species, STEI predicts.


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Eagle deaths caused by wind turbines

Golden eagles are being killed by wind farms in California and nothing is being done about it.  If an individual were to kill a protected species they would be prosecuted.  Watch the video story about it here:



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Electrocuted eagle starts a fire in Metchosin

By Larissa Johnston, Times Colonist June 30, 2011

There’s a dead, charred eagle sitting in the Metchosin fire station after the bird struck power lines, caught on fire and started a fire in a field.

On Wednesday afternoon around 4 p.m., some Metchosin residents lost power after hearing an explosion.

The smell of smoke led them to a fire on Rocky Point Road near Happy Valley Road.

“Once I got the fire under control, that’s when I noticed the charred eagle,” said Capt. Eric Meredith, a Metchosin firefighter.



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