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2015 Nesting Season
January 2015 - December 2015
This Nest has been Adopted By:
Kathy H.
Lax Kxeen Elementary School
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Uno Is Branching!

It's not easy to see - but forum member Lavender12 managed to get a screenshot of the golden moment when Uno, the solo eaglet at the Delta 3 nest, branched for the first time!

Click on image to download

If you look closely at the right side of the picture, you can see that Uno's tail feathers are above the floor of the nest - which means that his or her feet are, too!  Uno accomplished this feat at about 9:04 pm on Sunday, June 14th, when he or she was 67 days old, or about 9-1/2 weeks old. 

This screenshot captured by mjb shows the branch from another perspective -

Click on image to download

and you can see that it's a fairly small step for a large eaglet - but also a very significant one!

And I think Uno is wondering where to go next!

Click on image to download

You can follow Uno's adventures on our discussion thread for Delta 3 - click here!

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Delta 3 Bald Eagle Nest with 2 PTZ Cams (24)

Delta 3 Cam Installations: Sept 15, 2014: The Hancock Wildlife Foundation team of installers placed two new PTZ cams at our latest bald eagle nest called Delta 3. The site is spectacular. It overlooks the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal and offering this pair of eagles, and a shoreline of adjacent territory pairs, access to the productive Roberts Bank rich intertidal beaches. This site has been occupied successfully for two years, producing 2 young each year. I believe this pair, or at least one of them, occupied the 3 different nests just northward 200 meters around the point and situated within the largest known Great Blue Heron rookery. The bay below is rich all spring and early summer with spawning Midshipman a toadfish, a little bull-head-like species so important to many breeding eagles up the entire west coast. This beach last year again, after years of absence, supported a small spawn of Herring -- an iconic food species for so many creatures of the Pacific Ocean. Along this western shore of Point Roberts we have 8 or 9 pairs of nesting eagles. The area is so rich in food it also supports a floating population of up to 50 non-breeding eagles, particularly sub-adults most of the year. This results in lots of interaction with the shoreline of breeders who also compete for spacial rights with the adjacent pairs. We hope this pair will enable some locals and you to learn more of this great predator-scavenger. Since we have two more PTZ cams we will be able to offer more people the opportunity to take turns in panning, tilting and zooming these cams -- to find the most exciting views and actions. We thank the family, Tom, Jodie and their three kids, for their interest and support. We hope you too will gain insight into the lives of the eagles that have invaded your landscape. In the background was Ken, our technician, bringing it all together along with Karen and Mary feeding us, and the host family cheering and encouraging us on. The project was a wonderful start to a new pair of eagles which we hope you will all come to love and respect. David Hancock (( Includes 24 images))

Updated Friday, September 26 2014 @ 03:34 PM EDT



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