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2018 Nesting Season
September 2017 - August 2018
This Nest has been Adopted By:
Gia, Roman, Ava
Y. A. Proctor
Gail and Ivan Morris
Jean Bobbett
Dave and Lydia Schoen
In memory of Mary Scott, Bev aka Irish Eyes
Helen Nimz
Mr and Mrs Lantz_56
Pat B

Carrie Miller
Leslie & Pam, Eastport NY

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The Wind Destruction of the Delta 2 Nest Tree

What a catastrophe. If I had ever spoken of the stability of any of our nests I would have put Delta 2 near the top. Oops. Of course we don't usually get these high winds in the summer when the trees are fully leafed-in and offering full resistance.

The question has been asked, could we put in a replacement pole since the area simply has few suitable trees for natural nesting? Certainly the territory of this pair does not appear to have any big trees left. The simple answer is yes. The more complex part is pulling it together in 2 weeks.

Delta 2 Eagle Nest Camera

About the Delta 2 site – near the Tsawwassen Ferry.

This was originally a red tail hawk nest, rebuilt by bald eagles in 1998-99. Then when the eagle nest was disturbed by somone climbing the tree, it was abandoned. The adult eagles moved, to be the first local pair to nest on a nearby high tension power line tower. The red tails re-occupied the site for a couple of years until they were attacked by the eagles which have, as of the 2010 season, again rebuilt the nest and produced two young that season.

This is a super large tree with strong branches and should serve as a nest for many years to come. We had installed two cams in 2006 but, when no red tails or eagles used the nest in 2007 or 2008, we removed the cams for placement in the Delta OWL bald eagle nest.  Autumn 2010, at season end, we again installed two cameras. One of the cameras, the controllable one (PTZ), has subsequently lost its control interface, likely due to some poor weather we had recently, and is aimed poorly.  The other however is aimed directly at the nest and we present this camera to you for your nest watching pleasure.


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Linux's Great Adventure

Linux, the eagletLinux showing his wings, courtesy of Raining22 at the Delta 2 nest, began branching by stepping out onto the branches next to the nest the morning of June 29, 2012, when he was 79 days old, or a bit over 11 weeks. 

For the next couple of days, he enjoyed hiding by stepping out of sight, with only a few feathers showing, and then leaping back into the nest, showing us his big wings. 

Linux getting some height, courtesy of liberty1998And he did a lot of flapping, getting some nice height. 

Linux looking up, courtesy of sandra geeAnd he looked up. 

A lot. 

And the morning of July 2nd, he made it up into the branches he'd been studying so carefully.

He'd jump back down into the nest when a parent arrived, but then would head back up into the branches.  At first he just looked around - but he soon was moving back and forth, from one branch to another.

Linux up in the branches, courtesy of Pat BWatching him explore the branches, stretch his wings, and feel the wind, it was obvious that he was getting ready to see the world beyond the nest.

Linux sleeping on the branches, courtesy of lovethebabiesAs the sun went down on July 2, Linux stayed up in the branches, sleeping like an adult, perched on a branch. 

We expected that July 3rd would be much the same as July 2nd, with Linux doing a lot of mini-flights up to the branches and back to the nest, and up to the branches, and back - and so on, building up his muscles and coordination - and challenging the amazing team of "zoomers" who had volunteered to control the pan-tilt-zoom cam at Delta 2.  And for a while, that is indeed what happened.

Then at 3:13 pm...

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Delta 2 - a sad death

Just yesterday I was discussing our good fortune that in 7 years of live cams on several nests we had not witnessed the death of a chick directly.  I was relating the difference between wilderness eagles, who seldom raise more than one young per nest, to our incredibly productive urban and suburban eagles who nearly average two young per nest.  Town eagles are generally much more productive than wilderness eagles.  Dr. Scott Ford, a DVM and eagle specialist, and I were discussing over lunch - after just passing Delta 2 nest - how our cams had been reflective of the ground data I had collected for years.  The urban/suburban eagles simply have more food available it appears.  But our discussion went to the next prophetic discussion:  What is the quality of the urban/suburban food? 
Then at 6:00 AM this morning (June 1, 2012) I got an early call from one of our stalwart followers, Judy/JKR, that one of the Delta 2 chicks had just died this morning.  When everybody went to sleep last night he was fine, at dawn he suddenly went feet up!  While a few days back this bird had shown a possible problem with a stick/bone/or bulge in its crop, the bird continued to poop and eat and seemed to be getting over the possible problem.  Then after appearing totally well for a day it is now dead.

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Hancock to Appear on Delta TV


Attention:  Delta Cable TV Viewers

Starting on Sunday, May 20, David Hancock will appear on Ingrid Abbott's show, Delta Magazine, which will run eight times daily all week long.  The show times are 9:00 AM, 9:30 AM, 12:00 Noon, 12:30 PM, 5:00 PM, 5:30 PM, 8:00 PM and 8:30 PM.  Only one appearance by David was shot but it will have many repeats throughout next week so hope you Delta locals can view it.  David talked about the history of the Delta eagle nests and other interesting eagle facts.

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Breakfast at Delta 2

April 12, 2012 - Two day-old eaglets enjoy their breakfast at the Delta 2 Bald Eagle Nest in British Columbia.
Two day-old chicks are being fed at the Delta 2 bald eagle nest in British Columbia


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