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David Speaks to Low Brackendale Count



Channel 4 (SHAW TV)
9 a.m. PST,Wednesday, January 18  Monday, January 23

                                                                 Mamquam River - Brackendale                                                                      

David will be interviewed by Fanny Kiefer on Channel 4 (SHAW cable, local TV channel) at 9 a.m. next Monday, January 23.  It is not known what time during the hour that David will be featured as she will have three different guests that day.  He will be speaking to the low eagle count this year at

For those who don't live in BC, Fanny Keifer is host to an hour long show on Shaw TV featuring interviews with local personalities. It airs daily Monday - Friday at 9:00 am and usually repeats again at 4:00 pm.  





Click here to listen online:


Alternate Link: 






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Costa Rica Tourist Info Wanted


Hi  to all our Eagleholics:

I thought I would ask you about Costa Rica.  Mary and I want a month in the sun and with my knee now much improved I wish to get another trip south – possibly to Costa Rica.

We will have a car so can get around on our own. We would like to eat-in some meals and out most. We have 4 -5 weeks available from end of Feb 25 thru April 7.  

We would like to possibly spend a week at four locations:

1.      SE on Caribbean side.

2.      NW end

3.      Central Mts.

4.      SW side.

Do you have any suggestions or recommendations?  Any specific contacts? That would be appreciated. 

Contact karen@hancockwildlife.org or call David at 604--538-1114 or toll free 1-800-938-1114 (no message machine)

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Re: Richard Pitt - momentarily an "Illeagle"

Richard here... as a preface to this newly re-issued to the members and public report by David, I want to apologize to everyone for locking it down initially.

David did talk to me about doing up a report to our members (and of course the public who come here who are not members per se, but do keep abreast of who/what/where/when/why with the Foundation) on my illness. For whatever reason, be it my pain meds, lack of food at the time (I was on ice chips after almost 3 days of either only ice chips or literally nothing leading up to my surgery) or simply general confusion at finding myself in the whirlwind of procedures far and away more involved than I'd expected with just an ulcer, I simply didn't remember just what we had decided, and fell back on my initial idea of doing this all via my own blog at www.digital-rag.com - where I've just posted the first of a series of articles on what is going on.

In any case there was no harm and I certainly never expected to keep this information private, so we'll simply let things go on as they will. No harm, no foul.


I just came from the hospital visit to see our stalwart Richard.  He has just come through a serious operation but is up and cussing and giving orders --- I take that to be wonderful. That is all a slight exaggeration as Richard generally doesn't cuss except at me.   Via phone he already this AM got our servers up and running - someone had accidently pulled out the electric plug from the wall!! 

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Question: How do Nestlings Learn Hunting and Social Skills?

This was earlier a big question in my mind because in my wilderness observations of nesting eagles the learning seemed to be restricted to what they could see from the nest.  The chicks were always abandoned by 5 - 7 days after fledging with literally no teaching.  The maximal observed learning was the eaglet viewing an adult catching something at a distance and occasionally attacking that adult for the dinner at the delivery of the food or on a nearby beach once the eaglet had fledged.  I never saw adults bring food to the fledglings in the nest or to nearby trees.

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Hancock here: Thanks and ..xxxx..

First, thanks again for all the support for the Donald/Flyer effort.  I guess it is OK to take some of the credit but the effort was really by our regular workers and particularly spurred on by a bunch of new volunteer helpers -- many of these company efforts were detailed earlier.  The 'OK to accept the thanks' is OK because it would surely have been exclusively my fault if it had not worked out well.  Such is life.  So thanks all who helped.  There was another group who also needs thanking -- all of you who helped by sending in a donation.  The day to day costs of keeping us on the air/wire is considerable.  Thanks indeed.  You will have received a thank you note as well. 

Another interesting twist.  A few of you kindly send in a monthly donation as though we are one of your regular entertainment subscriptions -- so wonderful.  How marvelous if 1000 of you sent in a $10 monthly credit card deduction.....this is a segway into part two.....


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