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Richard Has Joined the Eagle Spirit World

I just got the call that Richard passed away during the night.  It was  peaceful, quiet and the family were present.

When I checked in yesterday his son said Richard had just opened his eyes and maybe some lucid moments were coming. I rushed over but he was still sleeping, well under the influence of the peace-giving drugs.  I stroked his hand and again told him all the mods and supporters loved him and wished him a fine journey.

The family got into discussions about his life and surprisingly a son and his last surviving brother both stated that birds were his greatest love.  Certainly our many journeys over more than thirty years focused on birds and how to make people more aware of their habitat needs.  Here was his devoted and loving family saying that our private times were also a highlight to Richard -- quite wonderful.

Just before he was moved to the hospice last week he insisted upon my arrival, that we do an interview on his new camera.  He organized the hospital room, where we could sit and how the camera should be placed.  We started an interview that must have been tiring for his emaciated body but he insisted. He was having a ball - he was producing another video, another broadcast program. The joy was apparent to all.  After the first hour of discussion the battery failed.  The sister-in-law went home to get us another -- a two hour wait.  During that time Richard pulled out the laptop, went into the White Rock nest program to try and find out why the cams were not broadcasting through WildEarth.  After an hour he called Ken to try and resolve it.  Then the new battery arrived and we continued reminiscences of our time shared with David Ingram, our mutual friend who died last year, and how the cams had worked but he also referred to the disappointments.  We shared the lament that neither of us was a fundraiser as our big ambition had been to develop the Production Facilities to support the Education Facilities where teachers, editors and techies could assemble a more impactful message for the schools of North America - and the people of the world.

Last Thursday, the day of interviews, was really the last time I saw him meaningfully focus on the world -- our mutual world.  The pain necessitated the heavy drugs and the long sleep.

Richard, you brought us all so much and most viewers don't even know of your commitment.  Of course, the mods and the keeners know it well. 

As some of you recall, Richard orchestrated his own good-bye party in February -- and over a hundred people who touched his life came to rejoice that life -- and say good-bye.  If the family plans something else we will let you know.

Thank you, Richard, for so enriching my life -- and that of many others.

Love, your friend and admirer,

David Hancock

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Richard Pitt Is Almost at Rest

Today's visit was another sad affair.  Richard had not been able to speak since a bit before my visit yesterday.

Apparently the nurses had given him "another patch" which I gather is a higher dose of drug for pain.  This suggests he is very near the end.  The saving grace is he is not suffering -- at least outwardly.

His kids and brother were again on hand and they are bearing up stoically.  What a marvelous support group.

I gave him all our thoughts and wishes -- but I believe the rest is up to you. 

The previous day I had expressed to the family that the mods had asked to name one of the chicks at Delta 2  "Goldwing" -- the family all acknowledged this as a key point of Richard's joys.  I suggest the other name be "Linux"  -- Richard's other joy!

Thanks for all the notes and best wishes sent here.

David Hancock

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Richard Pitt in Hospice

Richard is under loving care.

It was a tough but very rewarding visit.  Richard is now largely unconscious due to the drug dosage.  Apparently he had some lucid moments earlier this morning.

What was quite incredible was to again meet his two boys.  They have the same respectful caring approach that many of you have experienced over the phone or via email.  Richard cared, his boys care.  I mean they were not just looking out for dad, but spent much of the time attending to me who did not hold up as well.

It was an interesting reality -- I knew Richard some years longer than his kids.  Shirley, Richard's wife, had just left when I arrived but I met some other members of the family. They all exuded the same caring and reverent attitude.  What great relationships.

Last night I was going to drop by after the evening Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival meeting but the meeting went on late.  David Hathaway, some of you may remember him working for Hancock House earlier, had called during the meeting to say he was just leaving Richard and the end was close.  David Hathaway had worked with Richard for years. The family was so encouraging and thankful so many of you had honored him.  My thanks too.  I will try and see him tomorrow.



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Gardeners Wanted! For Hancock Community Gardens


Contact:  David Hancock, 604-538-1114, or email Karen: karen@hancockwildlife.org

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The Costa Rica Adventure: Looking for CAM sites and finding a new profession for Mary!


As many of the locals here know, Mary and I departed for Costa Rica to evaluate its wildlife.  The trip got a most unexpected start.  The trip south was carefully planned so we would arrive in San Jose, CR at 08:00 in the morning -- to give time to get the car and head out of town during daylight.  Great idea - but we arrived at midnight after the plane was diverted to other countries.  We had been up and travelling 41 hours!!  The first change happened "on final" into the San Salvador airport.  At the last moment the aircraft had to pull up and was diverted to Honduras -- where nobody had visas to land -- or get out of the airplane.


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