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Cat birth-control group captures elusive East Vancouver marmot

Conservation & Preservation

The lure of sweet, sticky, fresh peanut butter was just too much for the hungry East Van Marmot.

It’s pungent aroma lured the critter from his recent concrete jungle home into an animal rescue trap and now he is awaiting transportation to a more natural environment.

His rescue is all thanks to Maria Soroski and her colleagues at the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association, which captures, spays or neuters feral cats, and then releases them.

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Royal Oak, Michigan boy raises $400 for Gulf wildlife

Conservation & Preservation

Published: Sunday, June 20, 2010

Japhet School matching student's collection for oil recovery.

Everyone at Japhet School in Madison Heights knows that 9-year-old Grant Partridge loves animals.

The Royal Oak boy became a vegetarian when he was 4. For a third-grade social studies project, he dressed as wildlife artist and conservationist John James Audubon. And, his bedroom is decorated like a rain forest.

"He has charged people 50 cents to enter, then donated the money to support wildlife causes. He is a special kid with a unique passion for animals," said Betsy Stecker, Japhet communications director.

The school took note again when Grant started a collection for the National Audubon Society's efforts to help birds suffering from the largest oil spill in U.S. history and to protect threatened wildlife.



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Park wardens issue warning about feeding wildlife

Conservation & Preservation


.topPhoto, .photo { width:440px; } Wildlife Feeding

This photo was taken by Steve Sim on Highway 1A just moments after a bear was standing on the hood of a mini van.

Updated: Mon Jun. 14 2010 16:47:34

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Feeding wildlife in the national parks is against the law, but wardens are investigating a number of cases right now where people have been seen feeding deer, elk and even bears to get a good photo.


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Good news as new body sets out to tackle the great wildlife extinction crisis

Conservation & Preservation

By Geoffry Lean   June 13th, 2010


It has not had nearly so much attention from governments as climate change, but the world wildlife crisis rivals global warming for importance and seriousness. Over the next 90 years, by some estimates, we will have driven half of the world’s wild species to extinction. That would be the greatest mass disappearance of life since the one 65 million years ago that brought about the death of the dinosaurs, from which life on earth took millions years to recover. And, unlike that and the previous four great extinctions in the planet’s history – which all had natural causes this one is being caused by just one species, ourselves, as we destroy the world’s wild places.

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Jacques Cousteau "would be heartbroken" at our seas today

Conservation & Preservation


Jacques-Yves Cousteau was born a hundred years ago today. "Captain Cousteau," became synonomous with the ocean. "The sea is everything," he said. (Jacques-Yves Cousteau centennial: "The sea is everything"). French inventor, engineer, explorer, naturalist, poet, and ultimately prophet, Jacques Cousteau died in 1997, but, as his son Jean-Michel Cousteau writes in the tribute below, he remains a champion of the oceans.

By Jean-Michel Cousteau

My father, Captain Jacques Cousteau, would have been 100 years old today. He was a man of undeniable charisma, a man who always achieved his objectives, a man of such single-minded determination that he would not give up on a goal until he had achieved it. His lifelong vision was to help millions of people understand the fragility of life on what he called our "'water planet."


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