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Save Mary Lake

Conservation & Preservation

Mary Lake sits in the midst of a treasured 107-acre (43-hectare) parcel of carefully conserved and endangered Dry Coastal Douglas Fir ecosystem in the District of Highlands on the southern end of Vancouver Island.

The Mary Lake property provides habitat for mammals such as deer and otter, fish, birds and a variety of reptiles and amphibians, as well as a diverse array of plant species. Lying between Gowlland Tod Provincial Park and Thetis Lake Regional Park, the Mary Lake property provides an important wildlife corridor between these two large areas of parkland.

The Mary Lake Conservancy was formed by a group of concerned District of Highlands residents that want to preserve Mary Lake and the surrounding forest land. With help from the Highlands Stewardship Foundation and the global eco-community, the Conservancy is working to save this carefully conserved and endangered Dry Coastal Douglas Fir ecosystem for future generations.

To protect and conserve the beautiful Mary Lake property, The Mary Lake Conservancy must raise $4.5 million – of which $1 million must be raised by January 2011.

To learn more and make a donation please visit:

Where else can $10 Last a Lifetime?

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Pipeline Plan Slams into $120 Million Coastal Eco-Pact

Conservation & Preservation

BC's Great Bear Rainforest deal was a landmark mix of public and private investment.

 Oil tankers, say backers, weren't part of the bargain.

By: By Geoff Dembicki, 4 October 2010,

 Two Calgarians and one Ontario aboriginal will help decide the economic future of coastal B.C. They've been appointed to assess one of the most controversial energy projects in the province's history.

Their recommendations could determine whether federal policymakers approve plans by Calgary-based Enbridge Inc. to build a pipeline from Alberta's oil sands to the west coast, and then ship fossil fuels on supertankers to Asia. The proposal carries huge environmental risks. It also revives a fiery economic debate.

How do you develop a pristine eco-system? Or do you develop it at all?


View full article and comments: The Tyee

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Grey wolf hunt creates bitter row in US

Conservation & Preservation


  • 07 October 2010
  • Magazine issue 2781


THE iconic grey wolf of the wild, wild west is the subject of a bitter row in the US. Idaho and Montana both established hunting seasons in 2009, after the US Fish and Wildlife Service decided the states' wolf populations were no longer endangered. But in August a federal judge ruled the decision illegal, halting the 2010 hunts. ...

To read more please visit:

NewScientist Online


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Eaglet Soars

Conservation & Preservation
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Tagging the Large Ocean Predators

Conservation & Preservation

I just finished watching a TED talk by Barbara Block on tagging not only bluefin tuna, but salmon sharks and other large predator fish.

Her team's 10+ year study shows all manner of fascinating data on where these fish and other creatures go to feed and reproduce. 

Shown alongside data such as ocean temperature, the patterns are fascinating and give us an insight into how these creatures interact and travel world wide.

Take a look at the Barbara's talk and visit the Mission Blue site for more information on bluefin tuna and its need for protection. There are other TED talks on this topic as well.

Take a look at Tagging of Pacific Predators (TOPP) as well - all sorts of interesting things on this site.




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