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By: jazzel26 (offline) on Wednesday, August 11 2010 @ 08:33 PM EDT  

Quote by: JudyB

Thanks for the reports, Jazzel - and is that an egg? Wishing good luck to this year's group of osprey.

And Gerard - that is so interesting! We see osprey now and then, but don't live near the water and so don't see or hear them on any sort of regular basis. It does make sense that they might need a bit of help finding their way home the first few times - will have to listen for that on the cams with sound.

Judy, yes that is an egg. There were two eggs, one got broken, I don't know if it happened during the trapping. The female was removing the broken egg from the nest when I got the cam up, I wasn't fast enough to get the pic.

Gerard, the ospreys in my area use that call in late summer, after the nests have fledged, as they ride the thermals. Also, in the late spring, the young males without a mate use the same call in their courtship displays.



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Falmouth MA

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By: Anonymous: Gerard () on Thursday, August 12 2010 @ 09:33 AM EDT  
Anonymous: Gerard

Thanks for the reply on the whistle sound Jazzel,i have only witnessed such a sound over a pond or
river.There would always be
two osprey's,one as you stated always flying high on a thermal,and the other always appeared to
me as a newly fledged
osprey following the adult thru out their travels that day.I have also witnessed this sound on the
South Side river in
St.John's as you have stated in early spring,i always felt that the two adults would whistle that
sharp sound to
signify that they have arrived to begin a new season,one osprey would be on the South Side river,
the otherr would show up
and this whistle would be displayed,they would then soar together for a while,and shortly after they
would fly in different
directions ,they had their initial meet and greet and then on with the breeding season.

By: jazzel26 (offline) on Friday, August 13 2010 @ 11:15 AM EDT  

Rob has updates on his new taggings, very interesting.

"Lots of news to report!

During the tail end of July and beginning of August I headed northeast to tag 3 birds. The original plan was to tag 3 juveniles, but as it turned out we tagged 2 young and one adult male (on Long Island). One of the young was at the Cape Henlopen State Park nest that has a nest cam. For a while you can catch "Thatch" on the nest and see what a bird with a transmitter looks like The camera is a bit sporadic and the bird isn't on the nest all that much, so it's pretty much hit or miss.
On Martha's Vineyard, we put Meadow's transmitter on one of her sisters (I think), Belle, at Lake Tashmoo.
On Long Island we trapped an adult male who, it turns out, was an apparently unmated vagabond who decided to steal the fish we had under the noose carpet at our target nest. Wildlife biology is never short of surprises. DIdn't figure this out until the first data came in.
Among the old birds, only Penelope is doing anything interesting. She FINALLY made it home for a cameo appearance on Martha's Vineyard. She was there about a day and a half, visiting one of the ponds where she learned to fish, and then high-tailed it back up to the Merrimack in New Hampshire. If she makes it through another migration cycle, my money is on her nesting up there.
As always:
Please let me know if you find any links that don't work or typos or grammar that needs to be fixed.

Enjoy, and stay cool"



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By: Anonymous: Gerard () on Saturday, August 14 2010 @ 08:29 AM EDT  
Anonymous: Gerard

Tell LADDBROKES,he owes me a lot of money,but since i'm in such a good mood,i'll let him off with it.
But Jazzel,please let him know
that i'm having a good laugh up here in Newfoundland,too bad i could not change the bet to having
Laddbrokes finance Rob to have to tag
a Newfoundland osprey,then and only then would i feel like a real winner,but! it still feels good,real

By: JudyB (offline) on Sunday, August 15 2010 @ 01:52 PM EDT  

The Maine osprey cam has been offline since July 24. The nest is about 20 miles from us, so I've been trying to stop by once or twice a week to see how they're doing - and they seem to be doing well! Grin I've only seen one chick the last couple of visits, but it's not unusual for one chick to spend more time at the nest and the other to find another place where he or she can eat their meals in peace. Dad seems to be a good provider, so I'm guessing he'll be taking good care of the chicks, wherever they are. Smile

There's an active thread for this nest on the Maine forum, and I've also been posting on BRI's online community - so I've put my reports on my website for simplicity - and here's the link - The other nest(s) that I'm calling Sasanoa are about a mile away, and don't have a cam.


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Midcoast Maine, USA

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By: Anonymous: Gerard () on Tuesday, August 17 2010 @ 02:13 PM EDT  
Anonymous: Gerard

A very late update on Middle Cove Beach osprey's.They have just one chick,this chick was wingercizing yesterday,
and i watched her,which it's quite evident
she has a necklace,i watched her jump up from the bowl this am and flash her wings to get up on the side of the
nest in one leap.Alittle later pop's
came in with a fish,the momma watches over the nest on another branch on the tree which is only two feet higher
then the nest and one to two feet back of
it.The female adult fed the chick,the juvie look's as if she may fledge today or within the next three day's,the juvie has
definitely not fledged as
i have been observing closely now for many day's,the nest is only a fifteen minute drive from my house,i believe due
to the fact that their nest collasped
over the winter,possible the tree it was on also led to a much later start for them,i am spotting juvie's fishing for approx.
a week now over the city pond's,but it's
still not out of the norm considering they only arrive on the 26th of April,earliest observation of their arrival in the local
bird column was
the 20th of April one particular year.Their egg's hatch around the 15th to the 25th of June,earliest feeding i have ever seen
was on the 17th of June,that would mean that
on the tenth of August she would be 54 day's old,so this Middle Cove osprey is definitely behind the norm for Newfoundland,
which i should be able to report when the
female adult leaves this year after the fledge which i will be there every day just to see only that,right now that mean's this
particular female adult should be at this nest site
in very early September,i will report what i see.What a short window they will have this year,or will i see activity at this nest
into early October,time will tell,i biked there today and
the juvie's wing's were impressive,very broad,almost easy to tell the girls just by the broadness of there wing's,it was later
that i witnessed the necklace.

By: Anonymous: Gerard () on Thursday, August 19 2010 @ 12:31 PM EDT  
Anonymous: Gerard

Rob Bierregaard and Jazzel's migration 10 update.

"I've updated all the maps except for the Nantucket boys. Want to know what they're doing, just look at the last map I posted for them on their last update.

Other birds are more interesting. Penelope is still the star of the show this summer, but the 2 young we tagged (DE and MVY) are beginning to move around a bit. Penelope may be heading south soon. Normally, adult females go down in mid-August, but we really don't know what 2 yr olds do.

The story on the Long Island adult (North Fork Bob) is quite complicated.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to show the youngsters one way to get to Brazil, although I don't suspect they'll follow me though Dallas. I'm going to the International Ornithological Congress near Sao Paulo, with a 2-day junket up to my old research station in the middle of the .. Amazon.

Links to maps as usual:


By: Anonymous: Gerard () on Friday, August 20 2010 @ 08:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous: Gerard

Great new's to report from Middle Cove Beach.One juvie,it appear's this juvenile has
fledged,was not there on
Wednesday and Thursday it was too foggy to see. Tonight at approximately 7:50 pm
i observed that the nest was
empty,i spotted five minutes later only after hearing the female adult whistle,that the
juvie was on top of a dead wood
that was approximately 150 feet away from the nest and twenty feet higher.The adult
female was in the same deadwood,the juvie was
on the left of the deadwood on
a branch,and the adult female was on the right of the deadwood on a branch just one
foot higher then the juvie,
wow1 she's watching her baby real close.she only has one to watch.I waited until 8:30
pm to see if pop's was gonna arrive
with a trout with the hope that that would entice the juvie to fly back to the nest,but no
luck tonight,it got too
dark and i went home,so i feel that the juvie fledged today but i'll gauge the fledge
according to the 14 day
recorded time that the adult female leaves the nesting area,so it could have been the
18th,19th,or twentieth.I will
report when the female leaves this area.I feel the fledge was today as i believe if the
juvie fledged any earlier
it would have flown back to the nest well before dark and also due to the observation
of the femake watching
so close over the juvie in the same tree just one foot away.


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