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 Feathered Friendz
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By: Velma Flann (offline) on Wednesday, February 03 2010 @ 03:53 PM EST  
Velma Flann

Hmmmm. Rather quiet here today!!!! We have another mild day 4°C. I don't know if any of you can see any news items from our side of the country - but the Winter Olympics start in about a week. It is so mild in BC, that they are having to truck dump trucks full of snow from the colder interior mountains down to Vancouver to put on one of the mountains where the snowboarding etc. is taking place :blink: They are hauling about 12 trucks/day, and storing it higher on the mountain where they need it. They are spreading a very deep layer of straw on the downhill runs, then will pack about 2 meters of snow on top of that!!!! Can you imagine the work and expense to do that???? However, Whistler where a lot of the ski events will take place, has lots of snow. After all the years of preparations, here's hoping it all goes well!!!!!

Time to clear up the lunch time mess!!! BBL


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Lillooet, B.C.

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By: Anonymous: Jean Dagenais () on Wednesday, February 03 2010 @ 05:12 PM EST  
Anonymous: Jean Dagenais

some NINE HUNDRED MILLION Fo R SECURITY....... Unbelivable
THat is terrible when there are peope with children in this Country of ours going to bed hungry. What if any is the advatage.

Well I still cannopt get that darn" large" to work for a word For me goes right back to small and I have tried everything...I need the large one badly.Jean
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By: Anonymous: Jean Dagenais () on Wednesday, February 03 2010 @ 10:31 PM EST  
Anonymous: Jean Dagenais

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By: Anonymous: Jean Dagenais () on Wednesday, February 03 2010 @ 11:41 PM EST  
Anonymous: Jean Dagenais

Did you ever wonder why February has only 28 and an extra when leap year comes around. Silly huh. Well this is why days,
FEBRUARY 28 | FEBRUARY'S 28 DAYS( Interesting)

Why does February have only 28 days? You’d think with seven 31-day months, it would have been easy enough to give February 30, but calendars have never been easy. When the Romans first began working on the one that has become ours, February didn’t even exist.

The problem from the beginning was to reconcile the moon’s 29 1/2 day month with the sun’s 365 1/4 day year. The Romans’ first effort, supposedly devised by their founder, Romulus, included 10 months that added up to only 304 days. Clearly, Romulus had not conceptualized the problem.

The legend continues that King Numa Pompilius added January and February. The days now added up to 355, approximately the number in 12 lunar cycles but still 10 to 11 days short of a solar year. So Numa invented an extra month called Mercedinus that would be added to February every other year.

Numa’s calendar was getting closer to a system that would work, but its lingering attachment to the lunar cycle made it unwieldy. Julius Caesar decided to ignore the lunar cycle and get rid of Mercedinus by arranging the number of days in the twelve months to add up to exactly 365 1/4. February wound up with 29 days plus an extra every fourth year.

Julius Caesar’s calendar, which is referred to as the Julian calendar, is essentially the one we use today — with a few minor adjustments. It may have been Augustus, or maybe his admirers, who made the final adjustment to February. February 29 got shifted to August, which had been named in honor of Augustus, because August needed an extra day to be equal to July, which had been named in honor of Julius.

So that’s how February came to be only 28 days. Interestingly enough a recent proposal for calendar reform suggests that all months should have 28 days and that there should be 13 of them. This fixed calendar would add up to 364, requiring only one extra day— two in leap years — to make the calendar dead simple.

If math were all that mattered it might work, but our current calendar’s luni-solar roots are deeply embedded in our religious, cultural, and even business lives. The irregular civil calendar that governs our days remains our most enduring connection to these ancient roots.
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By: Anonymous: Jean Dagenais () on Thursday, February 04 2010 @ 11:33 AM EST  
Anonymous: Jean Dagenais

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By: Anonymous: Jean Dagenais () on Thursday, February 04 2010 @ 04:55 PM EST  
Anonymous: Jean Dagenais

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I had a poem about Clouds.on here I put on this afternoon and know I did Where would it Be please....
I will put this on then.I was sitting by my window and the sky was so pretty , I thought how nice it woud be to make a poem about it:,Jean


What's fluffy, white, and floats up high,
Like piles of ice cream in the sky?
And when the wind blows hard and strong,
What brings the rain?
What brings the snow?
That showers down on us below?

By: vickrb (offline) on Thursday, February 04 2010 @ 07:02 PM EST  

Good evening everyone. Just on to read posts and keep caught up with what's happening. Will be back to post later, here is a story in our paper tonight. This bank is about 2 miles from my house. Needless to say everyone is locked up really good.

Armed bank robbery It Wasn't Me
Posted on Thu, 02/04/2010 - 13:25 in Headline News
(CNS): Update: 5:55pm - The RCIPS has now released brief descriptions of the two men who robbed the Cayman National Bank, Countryside Shopping Centre in Savannah, this afternoon, Thursday 4 February, in broad daylight. Police say both the suspects are male, between 5’6” and 5’8” in height and dark complexion. One was wearing a red hooded top and the other was wearing a black hooded top. Both men were wearing masks. Shortly after 12:30 this afternoon, the two men stormed in to the bank. One of the robbers was armed with what appeared to be a handgun. The men threatened staff and one fired a shot into the air, police said. The men then ran off with a sum of cash.

OK, BBL.Click on image to download

Vicki - since 30 April 2009

God Gives every bird it's food, but He does not throw it into its nest.


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By: Rejoicing1 (offline) on Thursday, February 04 2010 @ 07:19 PM EST  

WOO HOO!!!!!! Parents on nest at Sidney!!!!!!Clapping

Joyce from Eagle Rock, Calif.

Under His Wings,
Psalm 91:4


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