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 2013 - 2014 Review of Projects and Costs
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By: JudyB (offline) on Sunday, May 26 2013 @ 01:35 PM EDT (Read 160080 times)  

This is a 2013 - 2014 Review of Projects & Costs

From David Hancock on April 5, 2013

Here are the plans for this season and specifically for the upcoming season that starts in September, 2013

(i) Bald Eagle Nest Cams: all existing cams to be cleaned and redone for next year.

a. White Rock: may still be active next year but with the parent change-over this year one does not know. Of course this applies to all nests. We can never predict which eagles will die or be replaced.

b. Delta 2: we will need to redo the PTZ cams and wiring.

c. Lafarge: just needs re-cleaning and updating the wiring -- as this pair annually eats the nest branches and any items available.!!!

d. Harrison Mills: wonderful that this nest finally got a pair. Let's hope they continue. I am not sure what will need to be done here.

e. Mission: here we might consider getting the cams replaced in the new nest tree across the road. This would only cost about $4000.

f. New Sites? I want to be prepared to act on a new site if a particular one comes available. I have two in mind.

(ii) Chehalis Flats Cams:

We are presently having the fuel cell rebuilt. This will be a couple of thousand dollars. We also need to relate these cams to the Bald Eagle Cafe cams below. Getting the cams connected at site and to the web will be another $2500.

(iii) Underwater Cams:

We should be doing 3 or 4 underwater cams at about $5000 each. This should also be related to the Bald Eagle Cafe project.

(iv) Bald Eagle Cafe Cams:

This is the separately listed project (on our website) and needing considerable financial support.

(v) Miscellaneous Other Cams:

We assume at these different sites that local sponsorship will cover the cost of local cable connections and assist with installations = local site sponsorship. Here we need a fund we could draw upon if someone somewhere else wishes our help to install cams, perhaps a $5000 fund to get a site evaluated and started.

a. Horned Owl: 2 cams -- $2500 per site with site sponsorship. This could be moved to other GHO sites.

b. Barn Owl cam boxes: 2 to 4 boxes.: $2500 per box with site sponsorship

c. Swallows, etc.: $2500 per site with site sponsorship. Again these could move during the season.

Here are some thoughts for fundraising. The annual budget is generally about $60,000 to $100,000 but it would be wonderful to have more to initiate the Production Facilities (separate project listed on our website). I am meeting with another younger techy who could oversee the entire project this coming week so getting some funding started would be wonderful.



P.S. Our Chehalis Bald Eagle and Salmon Preserve project will be launched to the public tomorrow at Kilby, Harrison Mills. This is a community project that the HWF, through the FVBEF, has initiated. Gemini has started to mount some items via the Discussion Forum - forum/index.php?forum=108

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By: JudyB (offline) on Monday, July 22 2013 @ 10:28 AM EDT  

Revised Annual Report on the Hancock Wildlife Foundation Annual Cam Video Service Fees, Cam Cleaning & Updates, and Proposed New Installations.

The July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014, estimated revenues are promises of support by Cam Sponsors and some earned revenues. Several sponsors additionally pay for the cable connection costs so these were not included in the original cost estimates. The balance is hopefully to come from donations and fund raising efforts. The needed costs and annual service fees are broken down by Cam Sites below.

2013 - 2014 Estimated Annual Cam Support Costs: $35,400

2013 - 2014 Expected Revenues:

  • White Rock Cam Supporter: Russ & Ellen: $2400
  • Lafarge Cement Annual Support Fee: $5000
  • Pretty Estates Harrison Mills Support: $3000
  • David Hancock Consulting Fees*: $15000

Total Outside Support/ Revenue: $25,400
* These revenues were acquired by David's consulting fees to outside agencies but he has the fee directed to the HWF.

2013 - 2014 Balance Needed from Donations / Fund Raising
from July 1, 2013 to support planned projects: $10,000

As most of you know the streaming bandwidth to serve the viewing public continues to be funded by WildEarth
via the ads - thanks WildEarth and their ad sponsors.

Much thanks to all for watching our birds and supporting them.

David Hancock, Director
Hancock Wildlife Foundation


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By: JudyB (offline) on Monday, July 22 2013 @ 10:36 AM EDT  

from David Hancock

Estimated Additional FUNDS for NEW but Desired PROJECTS:

(a) Tsawwassen PTZ Cams: $10,000
(b) Nanaimo 2 or 3 PTZ Cams: $10,000
(c) Pt Roberts 2 Cams: $5,000
(d) Misc Projects that "Just pop up and need some support":

Examples from 2012 - 2013 Season:
- The Victoria Horned Owls.
- The extra service costs of Lafarge
- The Investment in Mission that yielded a fine Canada Goose nest cam!

I believe we should invest $3000 to $5000 in furthering several barn owl nests for which
I have already produced the 3 nest boxes.

So the above summary and the details of each site give a good picture of what we plan to rehabilitate and initiate
this coming year.


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By: JudyB (offline) on Monday, July 22 2013 @ 02:24 PM EDT  

from David Hancock

Cam Review of Costs-Revenues for 2013 – 2014

What efforts and costs are required to keep the following Cams up & running.

===================== ===================== =====================

1. White Rock:

a. Ken says he can have the WR - S ptz put to web - then all 4 cams will be active. (Update - this has been done! Thanks, Ken! ~JudyB)
b. I suspect that is all that is needed - except for the eagles to return.
c. If Russ is having a climber come in, then try to put the North/Territory ptz 4+ feet higher in tree.

Conclusion: no further work required here. I have an Axis ptz on hold to follow
bathing eagles should that become functional.

Costs: Annual costs kindly covered by Russ & Ellen

2. Delta 2:

a. Put in new mic and attach to Vivotek (Ken get mic wired).
b. Check wiring for infrared unit and replace wiring and/or unit if necessary.
c. Can the Vivotex cam be lifted up tree 3+ feet to give higher perspective - and still zoom nest?
d. Exchange Axis cam that is not working with Axis from Mission that works.
- Retest Mission Axis ptz from Mission at Zero first then put at Delta 2
- Wire ptz to box at base of tree, then trench line to house box

Conclusion: dh to do above installations from lift/crane. Ken to re-wire. Re-use HWF Cam.

Costs: Cost of above with annual service: $7000

3. Mission:

a. DH to get climber to take out both Mission cams.
- Axis Q6034E ptz (working)
- Axis 1362 E fixed (not working)
b. DH to take out box in tree.
c. Fixed cam to be re-checked at Zero and made available for Pt Poberts.
c. PTZ cam to be rechecked at Zero, re-wired for installation at Delta 2.

Conclusion: Mission Cam will not function 2013 -14

Costs: Climber, removal and re-testing: $2500

4. Lafarge:

a. Current older PTZ on tower (side view) works and will be left it as is.
b. Vivotek overhead ptz works and the mic works at times but needs cleaning from lift.
c. Check wiring near the nest - the eagles like to nibble on it!
d. Site cams encoder & bandwidtch still need upgrading.

Conclusion: Vivotek needs lens cleaning by Lafarge + site needs more bandwidth.

Costs: We anticipate that the annual costs will be covered by Lafarge: $5000

5. Harrison Mills:

a. Both cams are working fine but there is no sound.
b. If possible, Betty Anne could have a cousin climb the tree to change the mic; Ken will give them the new mic and instructions on unplugging the old one & replacing it with a backup we have on hand.

Conclusion: Due to high cost of a lift I suggest we do nothing this season.

Costs: Annual service costs may be covered by Pretty Estates: $3600

6. Chehalis Tower Cams:

a. Equipment needed: one new PTZ: $3000; new wiring & connections: $2500; new wireless: $1500
b. Annual service fees and expenses: annual cable: $1200; methanol: $1200; annual service fee: $1500

Conclusion: Pumphouse needs to be reactivated and two cams set on tower with fuel cell (which we have) to power both cams and transmitters.

Costs: Installation & annual service fees: $10,900

7. Chehalis Underwater Cam:

a. Reset underwater cam in river and transmit to hatchery & service: $2200
b. Find second underwater cam for 2nd river & install & service: $4200

Costs: Parts & service: $6400

Total of 7 Sites: $35,400

8. Chehalis Bald Eagle Café: has separate budget.


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By: JudyB (offline) on Monday, July 22 2013 @ 06:11 PM EDT  



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By: JudyB (offline) on Monday, July 22 2013 @ 06:11 PM EDT  



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