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 Eagleholics Anonymous 2011
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By: grateful (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 03:24 PM EST  

Lily and Hope are active right now!

Lily is yawning above Hope's head after Hope moved forward in the den.
Click on image to download



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By: Anonymous: naturelady () on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 03:43 PM EST  
Anonymous: naturelady

Thanks, Nancy. Just caught Lily awake......
Click on image to download

By: grateful (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 03:49 PM EST  

Sue, so glad you saw her too! She had been scratching and the next thing I knew, sweet Hope was sticking her head out. Then Lily was yawning and I thought they were going back to sleep and then Lily decided to stick her head out. She was smelling the air and I wondered what scents she was picking up just now. She is back inside again.



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By: mmud (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 04:05 PM EST  

Good afternoon :hello:

Cute Chuppup Chopper & "Help" funny Jean. Titter

Beautiful pic of one of yesterday's eagles Linda. Smile

Thanks for the pics and info about the Mara River Lori.
As usual....anything to make a buck, and ignore the consequences. Sad
Hard to tell even slowed down what it was that Lily had dug up. It did look like something running for cover though.
mms://tv.eenet.ee/nova for Estonia eagle cam. For some reason it's saying invalid link, but this is what I used last night. Puzzled
I like this cam as it streams through whichever media player that you choose. They're 10 hrs. ahead of PST so later tonight you can see what's going on. It's a little dark there now and the cam isn't infra red.
Hope you're feeling better soon.
Typing test: 70, 70, 72. I quit while I was ahead. Smile

HARP is interesting too elle. That lead me to the HAARP which is entirely different, but equally interesting subject.
I think my brain may explode if I keep following these links. Titter
Thanks for the eagle story in your local paper & the link to the bee info.

Great idea to use ketchup to improve your typing skills Iona. Smile

Lovely lily for PFOTD Kat. Smile

Nice s'caps from the den cam Nanc & Sue. Smile

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By: Anonymous: naturelady () on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 04:16 PM EST  
Anonymous: naturelady

Nancy, yep they are sound asleep now. But thank you for the heads up because I got to see for a bit someone awake. Guess it will be just hit and miss with these two. It will be nice though to try to get a glimpse of the wee little ones hopefully sometime later this month.

Woohoo Scott. You did great on that typing test. Thanks LORI. I thought the test was fun. I averaged upper 60's to mid 70's. It was funny because I thought the farther you went along the trickier some of the sentences were to type. But still it was a lot of fun!

Iona, that really is a wonderful idea to use ketchup as a way to practice with typing. Good for you, gf.

Hope everyone is having a good day. I'm fixing hubby and me supper right now. I am starved.

By: nonniejean8 (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 04:20 PM EST  

wave Sue…You’re welcome for the new day start, and thanks about the Tuit.
I need lots of practice on personalizing…keepin’ on pluggin’ with that. Smile
Thanks also, for the good day wish. Mine is goin’ good…hope yours is too, GF.

wave Red Heart Nanc Red Heart…Nice hearing from you early this morning…well…anytime is nice. Nodding yes
Going in for follow up or another treatment today?
TeeHeeHee…Glad you liked the Tuit…need to make myself a dozen! Titter
Great Lily & Hope s’caps…commentary too...thanks. Missed’em…doing chuppup.

wave Linda…Enjoy the rivers, and thanks for the great Eagle picture share.

wave Red Heart Lori Red Heart…Thanks for sharing the OTB Mara River information.
That’s a neat little counter oven…haven’t heard about those.
My oven isn’t all that old…Bob bought & installed it in 2003…top of the line Maytag no less.
Just all that con-sarned digital crapolla on it…safety feature does an auto shut down if everything isn’t working exactly up to par.
Probably won’t be much to buy & install the part…just gettin’ round tuit is the thing. :dunno:
Yeppers, I had seen the kitty – crow video…didn’t say…cause I enjoyed seeing it again.

wave Elle…You stretched that turkey breast a looong way, GF…that should have made you feel better about the expensive initial ‘investment’. Grin
No…my decorations are gone…live & learn…I did…new storage place for the ones I have now. Whistling
Hope the visit with MIL & friend went well…& cheers back at’cha.
Thanks for sharing the links.

wave Red Heart Iona Red Heart…I’m sorry for teasing you about the amount of K-up you’ve been doing, GF. :oops:
Wish I’d known you were using it to sharpen your typing skills. hug
Hope that all works out for you…and the tips Lori shared are good ones.
I have a typing program…”Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing”.
Got a good deal on it for one of my grandsons when he was in elementary school…required for his class.
Normally $39.99…I paid $9.99 through his school. It’s a good one for children & adults...work at your own speed level.
The little scamp was typing more WPM than me in no time...course that's no challenge. Titter
Still have it…need to download it to this computer and use it again…for myself.
I’m sure there are ‘free’ ones advertized out there…just need to watch they’re not on a “free trial basis”…those have been known to come back and bite’cha in the bass.

wave Kat…Yup, sweet little Lily for PFOTD…love the vibrant color.

wave Scott...I SEE you down/up there, BF...and it's not even the middle of the night! Green LOL

wave Sue...I didn't SEE YOU...Rolling on floor laughing You, Scott, & I are gonna' have to stop meeting like this!
Our friends are gonna' T-A-L-K! Oh the shame

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By: EastCoast (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 04:32 PM EST  

wave Hello Dear Red HeartFriendsRed Heart

Wishing You a Wonderful Day ! Wub

~ Laurie ~

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks” ~ John Muir


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Brunswick CANADA

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By: yalitldevl (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 04:34 PM EST  

thanks for the heads up {{{{{{{{Nanc}}}}}}} and scap from the hope cam and woooooohooooo to the doc being pleased today! Wub

thanks Sue, I'm glad you got to see them too! I wonder if that licking thing she's doing is just tasting the air outside the den for edibles?

You're welcome for OTB today Scott, nice to see you so early in the day! huh that's odd about the link? I'll wait and see if you figure it out. wow you beat the pants off me in the typing test! I'll blame my lousy score on sore wrists....that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

oh ratzzzz Sue!! you beat me too! well that's it I just have to up my speed now...game on hahaaa. I just threw our supper in the oven too Sue, I made up a tuna casserole yesterday and left it in the fridge overnight. Now in she goes, half way through I put strips of marble cheese on top to melt. It should be good with garlic bread. Whatchyou makin?

Hey {{{{Jean}}}} you're welcome for OTB and the wee oven. I bet you'd love it! If you want to make toast you just put the dial at toast and voila! It's very easy and nice to use if you have counterspace to spare. Yeah you're right it's prolly something simple to fix but they charge an arm and a leg to do it! That's what I resent the most. I figured all of us had seen that vid but it sure was cute enough for another go-round wasn't it? That's great advice to Iona and here's another tip...if you want a free program I'd go to www.download.com which is cnet and they run scans on all the programs they offer. It's likely about as safe as you can be downloading from the internet. Jean that's true, Scott posts, you post then Sue posts....what are you guys up too!! hahahaa Wooh

awww thanks for our pretty COTD {{{{Pea}}}} I hope your week is starting out good!

I would rather spend my life close to the birds than wishing I had wings

We are by nature observers, and thereby learners. That is our permanent state. ~ Emerson


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