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 Eagleholics Anonymous 2011
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By: yalitldevl (offline) on Monday, January 03 2011 @ 10:15 PM EST  

Wooh I can't git ya for speakin the truth GF!!

heheeee niters {{{{Annie}}}} and everybody :hello:

woooooooohoooooooooo Team Canada Juniors!!!

I would rather spend my life close to the birds than wishing I had wings

We are by nature observers, and thereby learners. That is our permanent state. ~ Emerson


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By: mmud (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 12:33 AM EST  

Good evening :hello:

Pretty Monday greeting Laurie. Smile

Lovely pics from yesterday's outing Anna. Smile
Beautiful shot of the big double rainbow across the sky.
Thanks for the link to the vid of all the deceased blackbirds.
Titter You certainly can carry a lot in one hand.
Cute pic & caption with the Coot and Black Swan. Smile

Thanks for the story about the rw blackbirds in Arkansas Judy.
Very strange.
Nice s'cap from WR.

Cute vid of the cat and crow Lori. Smile
Nice s'caps from Sidney & WR.
Sweet pics of Rachel.
Man that is frustrating when the eagles do that to you! Sorry you couldn't get any pics, but at least you got to see them.
Cool sighting of the new bird & sorry BFF scared off the RT.
I'd say you had a pretty great day with all the birds you saw. I know you'll get the shots you want. Smile

Lovely rhodo for PFOTD Kat. Smile

Last night's dinner does sound good elle. Smile
Interesting link about ELF.

Sorry to hear the weather's still causing problems there Annie.
I hadn't heard about the fish kill in Ark. Thanks for the info.
I'm looking forward to seeing the BBC2's "Bear Family & Me" series as well.

Cute animal vid Starr. Titter
That series is hilarious.
Lovely collage of the show, and thanks for the Florida web cams link.

Beautiful vid with the New Year's Prayer Gord. Smile
Good to hear your pc will be fixed soon.

I was gonna send you my last roundtuit Naoma, but I see Lori beat me tuit. Titter

Hi Jean, Sue, Linda, Nanc, and all who drop by. wave

That was a rather decent semi-final Junior hockey game earlier wasn't it? Grin
One more to go!

Better sound is on its way: 03 January 2011

Click on image to download

Still sunshine for Monday's drive

Click on image to download

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By: nonniejean8 (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 03:00 AM EST  

Mug of coffee Good Morning Mug of coffee

Tuesday ~ January 04, 2011

Joined ~ Friday 10/2/2009


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By: nonniejean8 (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 03:30 AM EST  

wave Mornin' Red Heart Tx Red Heart
Just saw your SOS for the A Round Tuit :oops:
Glad Lori was there for you...I was Sleepy
Tried to personalize one for you...first time I've ever tried that...so it is definitely "one of a kind." Whistling

Click on image to download

Now you have two Titter Hope they help you have good day.


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By: Anonymous: naturelady () on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 04:03 AM EST  
Anonymous: naturelady

Good Morning Everyone,:hello:

Time for a little ketchup…..

Jean, thanks for starting off our day.

Laurie, thanks for our beautiful greeting. Hope you had a good day.

Anna, beautiful pics of the Common Merganser. They are so cute! Nice pic of the juvenile moorhen.
Beautiful GB Heron. Love the common teal family. Oh my I love the pic of the rainbow. Thanks for the pics, Anna. Aaawww, cute couple there Anna.Smile

Judy, thanks for the info on the birds. I’ve been watching it on the news. So sad. Thanks for the WR scap too.

Lori, glad Rachel and family got the CD. How cute wee Rachel sat and watched too then looked at Rose. Yes, woohoo for Underdog! What a sweetie! Thanks for the Crow Raises Kitten video. Amazing. So sweet to watch them play. Oh no to your windows open all night! I’ll bet you were cold. Hope you shut them last night. Thanks for the scaps of ma and pa. And WR too. Aaaawww, look at SweetPea. Looks like she’ll be joining us soon.love

Kat, beautiful rhody bloom.

Elle, your dinner sounded wonderful. Now you are making me hungry for a turkey sandwich.

Linda, glad you were able to get out and see more of your eagles. Hope work went well for you. Lol so you are a big dilly dallier.hehe

Annie, so sad about the birds and the fish. Sorry to hear you are still getting rain, gf. Glad Suzie gets back the 6th. That will be here before you know it.

Starr, lol thanks for the funny video. Nice collage of the show. Thanks.

Gord, there you are. So good to see you. Thanks for that beautiful video. I sort of got choked up at the end. It really was beautiful. So glad your fan will be fixed soon.

Lori, sorry about your outing. But at least you got to see your eagles so that had to be fun to watch. So glad you are seeing them. Hope you see that bird again that BFF scared off. Wonder what it could be?

Naoma, hi there. Hope Lori’s Round Tuit is helping.

Nancy, sounds like you had a great time with little Emma. That’s nice you pick her up from Day Care. I’ll bet she’s sooo happy to see you!

Scott, thanks for the bear update. And I’ll be right over to check out your latest outing. Thanks. Gorgeous pic of the eagle you just posted.

Jean, just saw your personalized Round Tuit for Naoma. Great job! Love it!Smile

Hope everyone has a good day.:hello:

By: mmud (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 05:30 AM EST  

Good morning :hello:

Nice job on the personalized Tuit for Naoma, Jean. Smile

wave Sue

Anna, I was watching the Estonian White-tailed Eagle cam this morning and have two questions for you.
Is the reserve you go to Oostvaardersplassen, and if so, do the White-tailed Eagles still have a nest there?

Hope everyone has a great day. Nodding yes

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Chilliwack, B.C.

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By: grateful (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 08:05 AM EST  

(((((((Candy))))))) Thinking of you and the tough fight you have ahead of you. Keep up your courage! Please keep us informed as you are battling this thing. When do you start the meds or have you already started them? Don't forget the pierogies if you come down! hug

Good morning Everyone!!

Annie, last night we were seeing Calif. on the news for the weather again. Stay safe. Wub

Morning Jean Wub Love the round tuit for Naoma.

Scott, thanks for the bear link and it sounds like that upgrade will be soon. Moving the cam seems to have both advantages and disadvantages and it will be fun to see if they can tell if Lily is expecting. I will be going over to look at your pics later (can't wait to see what you got).

Morning Sue Wub Did you sleep at all last night?

Lori, I hope you see the eagles again if you get out!

See you all later. :hello:



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By: nonniejean8 (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 08:42 AM EST  

:hello: Good Morning Everyone :hello:
Monday’s landing @ 7:42 AM CST.

Hello, Sue…Thanks about the pic for Iona. Know what? She’s still at it. Nodding yes

Hey, SweetPea...Nice Monday GOTD…thank you.

Hi, AnnaBanna…Strange about your file pic not working…go figure. :dunno: Oh yeah…it was Monday. Titter
Loved all the ones that did show…pulled the no show up too…thanks for sharing.
WOW @ the beautiful rainbow.
Another fantastic show…thank you & Ruudy for all you do. hug
…and Jean said…I love you.
Hope you had a good sleep, GF.

Hello, Judy…Saw coverage of the Arkansas, USA bird & fish deaths on our local news.
Thanks for sharing the article about the birds here on EA.
Just heard on our local news…more Red-wing Blackbirds fell from the sky...these in Louisiana, USA.
Great s’cap of the WR eagle landing…thanks for sharing all.

Howdy, Red Heart LilDev Red Heart…Nopers, oven is still on the :blink:…broiler works though.
Sweet the Crow & Kitty vid…love the Ma & Pa collage…thanks for sharing.
Now the WR nest & our Sweet Rach…awwwww…look out chupper’s!
Sorry, GF…I know your trek out wasn’t a bit fun for you…but…the way you worded the details sure
was funny!

Hi, Kat…Love the beautiful PFOTD Rhody…thank you.

Hello, Elle…Nah…won’t say you should eat more meat NO that’s a personal choice.
Will say…hope you enjoyed your turkey sandwich. Which was best…dream or the real thing? Smile

Hi, Linda…Looking forward to your Monday River Road Adventure.

Hey, SS Anniekins…Sorry to hear the buckets are still pouring down and causing all the travel & destruction problems in your area. hug
Sweet thank you note for Anna, Ruud, & Gang.

Hello, Starry…Cute animals talking vid…thanks for sharing.
Love the show collage…beautiful!

Hey, RoudyRoostie…So nice to see you here & fun being with you at the show.
Hope Adam gets the new fan installed with no problems…will be great having you back.
Beautiful New Year vid…thanks for sharing. hug

Howdy, Tx…Round Tuit delivered! hug

Hey, Red Heart Nanc Red Heart…Glad you liked the Iona graphic…added another today. Smile
How are the radiation treatments going, Sweetie? Keeping you in my heart & in my prayers. hug
Please give SweetyPie Ms Emma a hug from me next time you see her. Wub

Hello, Scottwave Right back at’cha.
About to check the BB update & our Monday drive…know they'll be good...thanks for sharing.

Red Heart Candy Red Heart Red Heart Rose Red Heart

delivered…copter waiting clearance for take off.

Have a great day everyone!


Joined ~ Friday 10/2/2009


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North Texas, USA

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