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 SW Florida Eagle Cam - 2016/17
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By: dsguill (offline) on Saturday, October 22 2016 @ 11:57 PM EDT  

What is this in the nest?
I'm not sure what they are. I suspect some kind of seed pods attached to something they brought in. I see some different plant material in the nest that I haven't seen before.

I know this was posted a good bit back in the nest notes, but I wanted to see if I could guess what it was - Osage Orange fruit - maybe? Does anyone local know if they are grown in the area?


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By: Shelli22sweet (offline) on Sunday, October 23 2016 @ 12:19 AM EDT  


Sitting eagle Good morning eagle lovers!!

~ Keep it real...Peace ~


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By: Shelli22sweet (offline) on Sunday, October 23 2016 @ 08:54 AM EDT  


6:15 wskrsnwngs: I am at the nest. H and M are perched in the outer attic. Short vocals by both.

7:00 both to the nest aerating the bowl.

7:10 H to the spike.

7:12 M to the veranda and then attic.

7:15 H fly off.

8:09 both flew south past yonder pond and way beyond. No sign of them still.

wskrsnwngs: 8:45 I am headed home. Harriet and M15 have not returned.

8:58 H back with a stick.

8:59 M back with stick.

9:02 H to the porch.

9:49am Mating in the nest. Harriet had brought in a stick with moss at around 9:47am.
After mating, M15 leaves nest and returns at 9:56am with more nesting material.

10.41 Harriet displays some dominance with a foot and chatter, M goes to the nest

10.45 M back to the porch.

11.05 both H and M have left the nest tree

4.17 Harriet to the nest, she may have brought material/stick, not sure.

She goes to the porch, then to outer lower branch

She is still sporting the dark dirt/gunk spot above her left eye.

The filtered light on her feathers is so pretty.

Vocals off/on she seems to be calling for M. Thought I heard a call in the distance so may be location calling.

More vocal call outs, she may want a fish delivery lol.

5.26 H leaves the tree toward the pond direction

6.41 Horses must be being called to dinner, running across pasture/pond to gate.

(ppl on the driveway again waiting for H/M am sure, cars parked along the drive).

6.53 M/H return to the tree, one in upper tree and one to attic, one in upper tree moved now

6:53 they flew off north, but don't see them at the pond.

7:32 Harriet and M did not return to the nest tree. Good Night H and M stay safe!
Thank You SWFEC team for all your observations!!

~ Keep it real...Peace ~


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By: dadsjazz (offline) on Sunday, October 23 2016 @ 11:41 AM EDT  

SWFEC Nest Notes

October 23, 2016

Strengthening the Bond

Harriet and M 15 have made great progress on their nest as the time for egg laying nears. What was an empty space in the nest tree a few short months ago now holds a beautifully constructed nest. They continue to add sticks and nest material daily. M15 has grown in his maturity over the past year as he hones nest building skills. His prowess as Harriet’s mate is in full bloom as they share bonding moments, times perched together and delivery of fish gifts for her. They follow each other on the hunt for the perfect stick or nest material. They were observed flying back to the nest simultaneously with their branch choices. All these actions further strengthen their devotion to each other and their future offspring.

Harriet at times takes the lead in their mating ritual as she asserts her dominance with her love tap to M15. She also seems to need the final say so on where a stick will be placed in the nest. M15 stands his ground but may realize life is easier when he yields to Harriet. The female Eagle is the dominant partner in the relationship. She wants to ensure that her mate will be loyal to her. Harriet does voice her pleasure with M15 at times and appears to be very content with him. They are an amazing Eagle pair whose bond grows stronger.

Nesting season is a critical time for Harriet and M15 and their territorial instincts are in full force. Where they may have tolerated an occasional visitor the area, it is now off limits. They warn off any intruders and keep another Eagle pair in the vicinity at bay.

Excitement is building as Harriet and M15 make all the necessary preparations to welcome a new generation of eaglets. Their tireless efforts will soon have rich rewards
Nest Notes by dadsjazz

M15 delivers a fish gift for Harriet, (wskrsnwings)
Click on image to download

Tandem Stick delivery. (wskrsnwings)
Click on image to download

Harriet's love tap to M15. (Sharon Dunne)
Click on image to download

Ground Video by wskrsnwings
Hard At Nest Work & Mating~Strengthening Their Bond 10-13-16 https://youtu.be/x5IoBI22NxQ
11 Sticks/Moss Added In 1 Hour~H & M Show Great Gathering Techniques 10-14-16 https://youtu.be/Zi4_0Za-FnU
It Takes Work Getting The Big Sticks Home 10-15-16 https://youtu.be/UJYXkKN2TgQ
M Gets H's Lost Stick Home & Stick Gathering For Two 10-16-16 https://youtu.be/Z-QVDZ_tp-Y
Stick Escapades At Church, Yonder Pond & Pastures 10-18-16 https://youtu.be/AgIy9XUmpv4
Harriet & M15 Get A+ In Aerodynamics 10-19-16 https://youtu.be/S3Ani5ZOhZ4
Eagles Do Fly In The Dark~Just What Is Harriet Pondering? 10-20-16 https://youtu.be/Hi2trDWzHP4
Who Returns With A Stick First? Out & Back Together 10-21-16 https://youtu.be/xHlKDfuQnEI
Making Your Presence Known~H & M Work While "Neighbors" Watch 10-22-16 https://youtu.be/HilAgdJsngU

Cam Video by Birdbrain56
SWFL Eagles ~ Moonlite Friday Night ~ 10·14·16 https://youtu.be/9VX7hYA2cvU
SWFL Eagles ~ My, What a Big Stick You Have ~ 10·15·16 https://youtu.be/i0f3yrP2-0w
SWFL Eagles ~ Home for the Night ~ 10·17·16 https://youtu.be/KuAYV9oK0YM
SWFL Eagles ~ Sometimes it Works, Sometimes it Don't ~ 10·19·16 https://youtu.be/SPdIoel3TsE
SWFL Eagles ~ Harriet ~ 10·19·16 https://youtu.be/1VXvqGEPo28
SWFL Eagles ~ Handsome M15; Amazing Closeups 10 18 16 https://youtu.be/K3S3l-bqVmY
SWFL Eagles ~ The Pond, an Unruly Stick, Strap Nibbling, Mating and Dominance ~ 10·22·16 https://youtu.be/R8_cfY-1bxM

Cam Video by Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles ~ Harriet's Big Stick & Teamwork 10.15.16 https://youtu.be/ETdCLg3B4eM
SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Brings Fish Gift for Harriet 10.17.16 https://youtu.be/PQxWXmsFmLA
SWFL Eagles ~ Pink Evening Sky & M15 10 17 16 https://youtu.be/39-FQn4LM08
SWFL Eagles ~ Harriet's Side Kick & Bonding 10 19 16 https://youtu.be/zNYrodqbh4o
SWFL Eagles ~ A Day of Busy Nest building 10 18 https://youtu.be/Wjz2ya_ysVg
SWFL Eagles ~ Harriet & M15 Beautiful Side by Side Closeups 10.19.16 https://youtu.be/7E7Qci3Q0Wo
SWFL Eagles~ Another Side Kick; Harriet Closeups 10 20 16 https://youtu.be/ymZd0Rs3-0w
SWFL Eagles ~ Another Fish for Harriet 10.20.16 https://youtu.be/Cjtt88Je9M8
SWFL Eagles ~ M15 puzzle stick & bonding 10 21 16 https://youtu.be/XOKnr9e0TmA
SWFL Eagles ~ A Moment of Bonding & Kicking 10.22.16 https://youtu.be/krYiZ8H8WHQ

Cam Video by Uta Brobe
BESWFL10/14/16- 07:31Any nest activity on morning https://youtu.be/q19P94GsAOo
BESWFL10/15/16-07:10 nest work starts with singing DadM https://youtu.be/GI9e-GtNGhQ
BESWFL10/17/16- 10:22 Fish gift for Harriet from Dad M https://youtu.be/672MTUMQJzI
BESWFL10/21/16-19:11 First nest work then bonding https://youtu.be/Mk9mQM15svQ

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In loving memory of Ozzie, E3 and E5.


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By: wskrsnwings (offline) on Sunday, October 23 2016 @ 04:38 PM EDT  

Video Camera VIDEO: https://youtu.be/EToZ6OopTps

M15 and Harriet Leave Early~Other Birds Visit The Pasture 10-23-16

M15 and Harriet vocalize to each other, visit the nest together and move sticks, but do not add any new material before flying early from the pasture area. Cattle egrets, pileated woodpeckers, herons, mockingbirds and others visit the pasture while M & H are away.

M15 on the attic branch and Harriet on the spike branch
Click on image to download

M15 moving a large stick while Harriet vocalizes to him
Click on image to download

Harriet flies to the distant south
Click on image to download

"In order to see birds, it is necessary to listen to the silence." ~R. Lynd


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By: Shelli22sweet (offline) on Sunday, October 23 2016 @ 11:39 PM EDT  


Sitting eagle Good morning everyone!! Hope u all had a nice weekend!

~ Keep it real...Peace ~


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By: FlaNative9 (offline) on Monday, October 24 2016 @ 12:39 PM EDT  


7:27 No sight of Harriet and M15 yet this morning.

8:24 Harriet arrives at the nest.

Click on image to download

8:25 M15 arrives with grasses

8:35 M15 arrives with a stick and places it while Harriet watches on a nearby branch

8:40 M15 arrives with grasses, Harriet vocalizes his arrival

8:48 Harriet's dominance vocals are heard and she drops to the nest at 8:49

8:50 I hear both eagles. Harriet hops in the nest. She brought grasses. Then M arrives with grasses. (I am not at the nest today)

8:53-8:59 M flies off and returns with material, aerates the nest bowl and hops to the attic.

9:12-9:16 M in with a stick. moving sticks. Both sitting quietly in nest. M attic then flies off.

9:18 M back (came from west pasture) with long stick, H vocal.

9:20 H porch spike

9:21 M veranda then fly off to west at 9:22

9:25 M in with moss and small stick. H vocal. M laying in nest

Two eagles on the 'taller' pole at 9:40am. One just joined the other. Not sure who though.

Click on image to download

11.56 cam 2 panning sees no eagles on the poles or in the pasture area.

Click on image to download


"The cell tower is now the tree that used to be"


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By: wskrsnwings (offline) on Monday, October 24 2016 @ 01:02 PM EDT  

While the server for the Activity thread was down this morning, I posted the observations and scaps on my Wskrsnwings FB page in a separate album. I took some scaps (courtesy of SWFL Eagle Cam) to go along with the observations. The times can be found on the time stamp of the cam scaps (screen captures).
I was not at the nest today, but was watching the cams on and off. I will be away from the computer most of the remainder of today.
Here is the link to the album "10-24-16 Morning Activity Nest Building" that all can view even if you are not a member of Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set ... 238764ee8c

one of the times both were in the nest
Click on image to download

M15 arriving with a large stick
Click on image to download

view of the nest after sticks/moss/grasses added this am
Click on image to download

"In order to see birds, it is necessary to listen to the silence." ~R. Lynd


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