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 SW Florida Eagle Cam 2015/16
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By: garyandjudi (offline) on Thursday, October 08 2015 @ 07:14 PM EDT  

So M15 couldn't stay away now that he's sure Ozzie is not coming back to fight with him

M15 a good mate for Harriett

Click on image to download handsome M15

Click on image to download picture perfect male for Harriett M15 ....will he be the one

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By: garyandjudi (offline) on Thursday, October 08 2015 @ 07:57 PM EDT  

together under the moon

Click on image to download

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By: FlaNative9 (offline) on Thursday, October 08 2015 @ 08:24 PM EDT  

Nest Observations Continued for 10-08-2015

Observations by many of us Titter

5:39ish H fly in to upper branch. M15 to attic both vocal. 5:41 M15 fly off to north. 5:47 adult back to outer lower branch. 5:59 adult to attic. 7:22 both into the nest - H to nest and then M15 doing some aerating. 7:25 H to porch then attic. M15 sitting in the nest. 7:28 M15 to attic. Both on outside attic branch for the evening.

What an adventurous day we have had here at SWFEC Chin Let's see what tomorrow shall bring. Thank you everyone for all of your posts, observations and love for the Eagles at SWFEC. We will leave you with an evening pic of M15 and Harriet.

Click on image to download

Good night everyone sleepy


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By: wskrsnwings (offline) on Thursday, October 08 2015 @ 08:34 PM EDT  

Video Camera VIDEO:

M15 Is Back~Took Us All By Happy Surprise 10-8-15

M15 has returned 15 days after we last saw him. In the darkness, it was thought to be the sub adult. But as we viewed this young eagle, familiarity told us it was M15. Harriet happily vocalized while M15 intently watches the area. You will hear me call M15 "SA" (sub adult) until I felt later that indeed M15 had returned. Great to have him back! The way of the eagle continues to unfold before our eyes. May we observe and learn - not judge or predict. <3 Ozzie.

Harriet and M15 vocalizing
Click on image to download
M15 to back pond tree line
Click on image to download
M15 is back
Click on image to download

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By: PattyD (offline) on Thursday, October 08 2015 @ 08:36 PM EDT  

Very relieved to see FV back and in good health. Harriet needed this for her own sake. Good luck to the reunited couple!


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By: Shelli22sweet (offline) on Friday, October 09 2015 @ 12:07 AM EDT  


Big hugs Good Morning SWEC Friends & Fans! TGI Mug of coffee

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By: dadsjazz (offline) on Friday, October 09 2015 @ 08:49 AM EDT  

Sitting eagle Sitting eagle

Nest Activity for Friday Oct. 9, 2015

Cam Observations by Candi, Dadsjazz, Tomp. Ground reports by wskrsnwings- Vicki.

4:30 all calm and both in the nest tree.

Click on image to download
Scap by Candi

6:05 both still in the same spots at 4:30.

6:40 I arrived at the nest at 6 AM. Harriet and M15 are perched in the nest tree. There have been no vocals. Vicki

6:48 Greeting vocals initiated by M15.

6:49 am M15 on attic Harriet on porch both vocalize

7:00 Vocals continue. Harriet also preens.

7:09 M13 to the nest

7:10 And Harriet to the porch, spike and nest.

7:13 M15 to attic

7:26 exchange of bonding vocals but M15 stops and turns away

7:30 M15 flies to the SE. Harriet vocalizes and launched to the attic. Watching SE then west and NW.

8:19an both in nest tree Harriett iniciating with leg moves !lots of vocalizing then they spread out a bit on the limb

8:29-8:22 "talking", getting close, showing interest. Bonding behavior at its' best. M15 warm. Panting, wings out from body when arrived.

8:25 Harriett preening on one foot looks calm and content still vocalizing

8:30 M15 flies NW. Looks like he headed to the power poles as he was gliding when he got to the tree line.

8:35 Harriet leaves the tree

8:36 She is headed to the power poles

8:40-9:20 Harriet is on the power pole. I do not see M15. Harriet quickly takes off to a tree near the power pole, vocalizing and perches. She flies to another branch in the tree flapping her wings and vocalizing. M15 flies from near there to the power pole and is feaking his beak. A 1-2 year old juvenile flies from the tree Harriet is in and heads west. M15 vocalizes. Harriet returns to the power pole beside M15. There is vocalizing, rubbing feathers and playful beaking. Both move around the pole to accommodate two on one pole. So precious to see M15 nibbling on Harriet and, Harriet sometimes accepting and sometimes protesting.

9:25 I am headed home. Both are perched quietly on the power pole.

10:12 Just got home at 10:00 am - one eagle is perched in the right upper branch of the nest tree Quiet, no vocals.

Looks like both eagles are home in the nest tree not sure what time they arrived

Looking again, looks like only one in tree. 3:15ish was the arrival time.

Harriet left. Not sure the time. Not too long ago, 4:52 now

5:12 pm I think that is Harriet there in the nest tree. It is not a familiar place to see her perched however. I heard vocals and looked. There is an eagle perched very high on the upper left branch and just switched to another branch... still upper left. Eagle looks like part of the branch

5:25 pm No eagle in the nest tree now. I left the computer and when I came back, the eagle was gone

Lois reports:
7:24 - Both eagles in nest tree.

7:38 looked away and both gone from tree.

7:40 pm vocals heard. Maybe from another tree. Old cam tree?

Distant occasional vocals heard until around 8 pm.

9:35 pm no Eagles in the nest tree.

Thanks everybirdy!!

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By: GlassCutter7 (offline) on Friday, October 09 2015 @ 09:19 AM EDT  

I would like to thank Dee for making my day yesterday morning by alerting everyone that FV had returned to the nest. That alone was a great day, but my day got even better! I learned yesterday that I will be a grandmother for the first time to a baby boy in April! It was a great day from start to finish yesterday!

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