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 Harrison Mills 2016 Observations and Discussion
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By: IrishEyes (offline) on Saturday, September 05 2015 @ 09:26 PM EDT (Read 473971 times)  

Click here to view the cams!

Smaller versions of the cams:
Harrison North Small - staticpages/index.php/HarrMills-SmallCameraNorth
Harrison South Small - staticpages/index.php/HarrMills-SmallCameraSouth

The Harrison Mills bald eagle nest is 175 feet up a huge Douglas fir - on the 10th green of the Sandpiper Golf Course at Pretty Estates Resort - and the folks at Pretty Estates have named the adults Mr. and Mrs. Honeycomb, in the Penthouse Nest.

For David Hancock's history of the Harrison Mills nest read his lengthy article. I suggest printing it to read at your leisure: forum/viewtopic.php?topic=575875#575875

2013 was the first year we watched this nest, and while there were some occasional eagle visits, Mr. and Mrs. Honeycomb didn't arrive until mid March (see here for a possible reason). They promptly set to work, fixed up the nest, and laid two eggs four days apart, both of which hatched four days apart. Both Birdie and Bogey did well for a couple of weeks, though little Bogey was always visibly smaller, but then Birdie started a major growth spurt and there were a few days with less food - which meant that there was none left for the now much smaller chick; little Bogey died when he/she was 23 days old. Birdie thrived, and fledged successfully. He was seen flying down near the river - and did return to the nest for a couple of quick visits before heading off to see the world. You can read all about the 2013 nesting season here - Harrison Mills 2013 Observations and Discussion.

The 2014 nesting season was different - you can read all about the 2014 nesting season here - Harrison Mills 2014 Observations and Discussion. Mrs. Honeycomb only laid one egg, and though both parents incubated it diligently, it didn't hatch. We were all a bit heartbroken - but do know this may also be part of the natural way of things. IrishEyes put together a great summary of the 2014 nesting season - Part 1 and Part 2

The 2015 nesting season was wonderful..Mom Honeycomb laid two eggs and both hatched...... they were named Driver and Putter....The Honeycombs knew the area better and there was no shortage of food.....both chicks fledged successfully.....
You can read all about the 2015 nesting season here Harrison Mills 2015 nest season

2015-2016 Nesting Season

Cam Maintenance Sept.21..2016

Parents retuned home... Oct.3, 2015......HERE

Weather Report

Winter Break.. Dad . Dec.21, 2015..Mom Dec.23, 2015......... HERE

Home from Winter Break....Mom.Feb.9, 2016. HERE.....

Dad ...Feb 10, 2016 HERE

Mom spend the night on the nest March 31, 2016

Eggs Laid ~~ Egg # 1 April 3, 2016 at 8:21pm

~~ Egg # 2 April 7, 2016 at 5:07pm

Hatched.....#1 6:27 pm 9th May Name - Sandy
#2 11:11 am 13th May Name - Piper Died 16th May

Branching....Sandy branched July 21 at 5:22am.. 73 days old... Start Here


Sandy on ICB.. July 23 ..5:53am

Sandy below the nest..Aug,1 at

Sandy is back on the nest Aug. 2 , 8:39am

Fledged.... Sandy 92 days old fledged at 6:28am..Aug.9, 2016

VideoMark with thanks to Sue

Last seen.

Sandy never came to the nest after he fledged ...

This was the last time we saw Dad on the nest..August 11


This was the last time we saw Mom on the nest.. Aug. 12 she left from Mom and Dads perch close to the nest the next morning.Aug 13.


Pictures by JudyB ..taken at FF

Cam Maintenance Sept. 21, 2016

First sighting of eagles on the flats Sept. 29 , 2016,12:51pm

Speed Boat going by while the eagles were on the flats .. Oct 9, 2016

Judy B's "The Story of the River " that she and her husband Charlie sang at FF 2015 and written by Judy B..
Thanks Judy

The Story of the River by Judy B

This is another Excellent Article by Judy B.

Impact of Sibling Rivalry As Seen on Web Cams
Friday, January 31 2014 @ 07:20 PM AST
Contributed by: JudyB


Click on image to download
Eaglets Driver and Putter being fed....May 3, 2015......s'cap courtesy Judy B

Nest Adoptions for 2016 are now available!

In the 2016 nesting season (September 2015-August 2016) this nest has been adopted by:

~ amd/Michelle
~ Darlene Lewis
~ Gail Morris
~ IrishEyes
~ JudyB
~ Kyle and Neil Hardy
~ Lauren Barrett
~ Y. A. Proctor
~ Pat Petzing

Previous Year's Adoptions


You too can honor your favorite fine feathered family -
and support the work of Hancock Wildlife -
by adopting the HWF nest of your choice -

Click HERE to see how!

Helpful Hints Be respectful ..Bev !


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By: IrishEyes (offline) on Sunday, September 06 2015 @ 02:12 PM EDT  

How to tell who is who -

Mrs Honeycomb has a band on her right leg, and appears to have a feather missing on the side of her tail; it may have broken - sometimes it looks as if I can see the top part of it.

(Picture courtesy of IrishEyes)

Mrs Honeycomb was banded by O.W.L. as a full adult in the spring of 2001 - so she will be at least 21 years old in spring 2016; you can read the rest of her story from David Hancock here - A Good Eagle Story.

Mr Honeycomb has a dark stripe on the edge of one of his tail feathers:

Helpful Hints Be respectful ..Bev !


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By: IrishEyes (offline) on Sunday, September 06 2015 @ 02:15 PM EDT  

About the Area and the Cams

The 2 PTZ cams offer fantastic views of the eagle activity on the Chehalis - Harrison Flats to the North East. The cams also see where the Chehalis Fish Cam is situated - and later - where the Eagle Cafe will be!

Map of the area (thanks, terrytvgal, for finding this!)

The view from the nest, with a special guest appearance from 2013 eaglet Birdie! (clicks bigger)

Driver and Putter on the Baby Sitting Branch..Aug.2 , 2015.
Click on image to download

Link to David Hancock's report on the installation of the cams in 2012

Link to pictures by Karen Bills of the cam installation (that is one big tree!)

A bit of information about our ptz cam operations.

Our zoomers have been requested to keep the zoom cam and the embedded cam open simultaneously. There is a delay from the time they zoom the cam and the time you see it so they need to see when the change takes place before moving the camera again.

Having two windows open on their screen, which may be all they can fit on their monitor, they can't always read what is being posted at the forum at that time. If you post that you want the zoom changed or the panning changed our zoomerss are not aware of your request until after they leave zooming and open the forum window again.

Our own zoomers are not the only people who can access our cam controls. The landowners have access to change the zoom/pan which takes it out of our control. David and Ken can also change the cam at any given time without our knowledge. It is not always our own zoom team on the cameras.

Our zoomers are experienced eagle observers. If the cam zooms in closely they may be checking on the health of a chick/adult, checking food items, checking markings on an adult (eg: Delta Dad has a small spot next to his pupil on the right eye which identifies him from Mom), checking beaks/feet which may change colour if eagles are poisoned, and panning the area checking for intruders and watching eaglets once they learn to branch. Many times observations which may be of concern are reported to David Hancock for his biology records.

We wish we could accommodate all requests to have the camera in the exact spot each of you want it to be but that is impossible.


Helpful Hints Be respectful ..Bev !


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By: IrishEyes (offline) on Sunday, September 06 2015 @ 02:16 PM EDT  

Perches on the H Mills Cams.Cl. for bigger

North Cam
Click on image to download
Click on image to download

South Cam

Click on image to download

Helpful Hints Be respectful ..Bev !


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By: IrishEyes (offline) on Sunday, September 06 2015 @ 02:17 PM EDT  

Cont,.from above

South Cam

Click on image to download


Yolande's pictures from the FVBEF ....Nov.20, 21. 2015

Marg's pictures of the Honeycombs

Hancock here: Re Harrison Mills Pair and Annoying Ravens

List of Birds across British Columbia

This is with thanks to Yolande.aka yojopro

The following link is posted on the 1st page of the Hatchery Forum, and may help identify which salmon are running and when. For those of you who are interested, and who may have missed seeing the link, here it is again.

Also, here is a link to birds found in the Chehalis Estuary - it is not as nearly as comprehensive as the link Bev posted, since it refers only to birds found in our particular area - but I have found it helpful from time to time. [didn't need it for the jays lol] ... ehalis.htm

For inf. purposes ........Mom Honeycomb will be 21 years old this year.... 2016 ......we don't know how old Dad Honeycomb is.

Closing remarks from David Hancock:

So now we have more details -- Chapter 2 of hopefully many! Our big lady was banded in June, 2001 as a full adult and released after she had completed about 2 months of rehabilitation following collision with a car. So this bird was now a minimum 17 years old when she came to the Harrison Mills nest. She had survived a battle with a vehicle but been found by people who cared. Then again, if my suspicions are correct, she is the female from the Morris Valley nest, she has had another run-in with humans -- this time with disturbing chain saws, consecutive work crews and helicopters -- and again survived. No wonder our eagles have been increasing. Once we changed our attitude and considered predators good icons, essential indicators of how healthy an ecosystem is, they rebounded with the very virility our Harrison Mills pair was continuing to show.

Time lines..

Time Line for 2013-2016

Mom has a history of spending a night or two on the on the nest before she lays her first egg. I will include that also


Mom spends the night on the nest April 3

Egg #1 laid April 8:24pm.... ......... Egg # 2 laid April 8 at 7:44pm

Egg # 1 Hatched May 10 at 6:07pm ...# 2 May 2:52pm ...both at 36 days.. Interesting to note that Dad was on the nest for both hatches !


Mom spends night on the nest March 23

Mom sleeps on the nest again March 26

One egg.....laid April 4 at 8:48pm ....... No Hatch


Mom Honeycomb spends the night on the nest March 5

This was the year Mom and Dad didn't take a Winer Break ?? Did that have something to do with the earlier laying of their eggs ?.

Egg # 1 March 24. at 8:58pm .........Egg #2 March 28 at 6:09pm

Egg # 1 hatched April 29 at 4:10pm ( 36days.)......Egg # 2 May 3. at 2:34am (36days )


Mom spend the night on the nest March 31, 2016

Eggs Laid ~~ Egg # 1 April 3, 2016 at 8:21pm ..... Egg # 2 April 8 , 2016 at 5:07pm

Egg # 1 Hatched..May 9 at 6:27pm... 36days..Named Sandy.

Egg #2 11:11 am 13th May...35 days .... Name - Piper .... Sadly died Died 16th May

* It is also interesting that the Honeycombs lay their eggs 4 days apart or close to it........

I went back to each opening posting and redid the time lines for each year to reflect the above !

Helpful Hints Be respectful ..Bev !


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By: IrishEyes (offline) on Sunday, September 06 2015 @ 02:17 PM EDT  

Summary ..Links for Info. purposes Dec.29, 2015.. Last time we saw Mom and Dad on the nest and out front. It seems the H's take a winter break.. love


~~ JudyB's response


Update added here for Dec. 24, 2015------ Jan, 9, 2016

December 24, 2015------January 9, 2016
No sign of Mom and Dad..... but we see did a couple eages / Juvies at times[ lone tree.. one adult was perched in the trees close to the nest but not on Mom+ Dad perch] and the last two days we are hearing trills at dusk and dawn.... no visuals.

Update for Jan. 19,. 2016

Eagle perched in the tree in the Valley

Jan. 20, 2016 ~~Honeycomb on Mom's Perch

Feb.6 , 2015
H Mills Embedded and PTZ Cams are down at 5:59am

Feb. 8, 2015
H Mills Cams are streaming at 1:06pm......... TY Ken.

Mom Honeycomb is home from her Winter Break


Feb. 10 , 2016

Mom and Dad Honeycomb on the nest...... Both back now from their Winter Break.


Feb.13, 2016
Mom on her perch out front


Feb. 16 ,2016
Mom and Dad on Mom's Perch out front


Feb.17...... Cams are down


Feb. 23, 2016.Cams are streaming


Mom visited the nest at dusk


Feb 24 , 2016
Dad on the nest with a prey...... ravens torment him


Feb. 25, 2016
Mom and Dad on the nest


.Feb.29, 2916 Eagle perched close to nest,.Mom and Dad in the nest

March 3, 2016 ~~ Dad visited the nest at dusk

March 5, 2016 ~ Adults and juvies on the flats and river shore line

March 5, 2016 ~Dad in the nest..2:16pm

Marcg 5, 2016~ Dad in the nest at 3:57pm

March 6, 2016 ~Adult Eagle on lone tree

Dad in the nest 6: 12pm ,then Mom and Dad at 6:24pm

March 7..... BC Power outage Cams were down from 11:46am nest time to March 8 at 2:48am nest time.

March 8, 2016 ~~Mom H on their perch close to the nest at 6:09am

March 8 , 2016~~ 6:22pm Honeycombs on the nest......Mating too

March 9 , 2016~~10:16am Dad Honeycomb on the nest

March 10, 2016 ~~~ 6 am All Cams are down

March 12, 2016 ~~ 2:16 pm.All Cams are back

March 13, 2016 ~~Lots of nest activity .Start here

March 14, 2016 9:05am ~~Dad delivers food to mom on the nest

March 14, 2016 7:04pm ~~~~Mating close to the nest

March 15, 2016...Active day with the Honeycombs 8:10am -7:55pm.... Nestorating...Intruder .

March 16, 2016~~ Dad in nest at 3:08pm

March16, 2016~~ Mom and Dad in nest 7:32pm

March 17, 2016 ~~~ Mom and Dad in the nest at 6:29am..Dad in the nest a few times during the day..Mom visited at dusk

March18, 2016 ~~ Dad Dad made 3 solo visits today..... Mom and Dad on the lone tree then they both came to the nest at dusk

March 19, 2016 ~~ Action packed day with 5 Matings

March 20, 2016 ~~~ Mom and Dad in the nest.. Dad spent time nest building and Mom returned at dusk

March 21, 2016 ~~~ Dad in with stick, fish,ate on the nest, .Dad was back and forth with sticks , Mom visited then went to her perch out front and was still there at dark

March 22, 2016 ~~ Mom and Dad in the nest......Dad brought in food for Mom.......Dad did major nest work today.,Dad brought Mom dinner....Mom came to the nest at dark but didn't stay.

April 8, 2016 Dad incubates the eggs 7hrs and 24min.

April11,Mom on the nest 14 hours

April 18, 19 Dad on the nest 18 hours

April 20 ,Mom was on the nest 10 hours

Mom was on the nest from 9:40am April 22 .. to 7:15am April 23 .. approx.21.5 hours

April 23, ? Intruder around the nest..start here

I think i can stop adding to this segment now ...... I will add if there is something that needs to be posted here..... we can refer to the timeline for egg laying,hatching and so on..

Thank You HWF and Pretty Estates for the Cams ..... and to all zoomers, those you took s'caps and documented this nest...and to JudyB for the wonderful Cam Presets .. collage of patrol locations and times.

Helpful Hints Be respectful ..Bev !


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By: IrishEyes (offline) on Sunday, September 06 2015 @ 02:17 PM EDT  

Welcome to the 2015---2016 season of the Harrison Mills Nest !Red Heart

Saturday.... October 3,2015

Link from last evening, Friday, Oct 2,2015..... Eagle ?? Mom perched close to the nest

Start here

Link from this Morning ......

Start Here

Mom and Dad Honeycomb are home......WooHoo

Click on image to download

Click on image to download


The two beauties. Cloud 9 Cl for bigger.

Click on image to download


AS you all know Mom also arrived home on Oct.3, 2013....... this is incredible..... .. I do think that was Mom perched close to the nest last evening Oct 2...... but her coming to the nest this morning was absolute confirmation..Red Heart

Helpful Hints Be respectful ..Bev !


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By: IrishEyes (offline) on Sunday, September 06 2015 @ 02:18 PM EDT  

More scaps of Mom and Dad HoneycombCloud 9

Start Here

I am moving this post with thanks to you Michelle..aka amd

Click on image to download

Good Morning H Mills friends,
and what a marvelous sight to see this morning Bev! I see that you captured Mom late last night,
and thank you so so much for all the great images of our beautiful, beloved eagle pair!
I love how they were surveying the nest! Such a wonderful way to start the morning Thank You

7:54 am -- I just heard some distant trills Cloud 9

Helpful Hints Be respectful ..Bev !


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