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 Delta 2 - 2014/15 Cam Discussions/Obs, Pics, Videos
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By: Pat B (offline) on Sunday, September 14 2014 @ 06:10 PM EDT (Read 295339 times)  
Pat B

History of the Delta nest and its inhabitants

According to David Hancock the nest tree is a cottonwood; the tree height is about 90 feet with the nest being positioned about 75 feet up the tree.
It is situated in the Delta area - not far from Tswawwassen Ferry.

This pair have been followed since 1990, when they nested in a tension power pole - not very successfully, as the nest and chicks kept falling out! There was a little more success when they moved to an adjacent tower. Meanwhile, the cottonwood tree was used by Red-tailed hawks.

In 2006 the eagles moved to the tree - attacking and eating the Red-tailed chicks! Thinking that the nest would be worth a camera, now that the nest was being used, two cams were placed in 2006 fall but they were removed in 2009 as no one had used the nest. Of course, the eagles returned and reared young in 2010, so two cams were again placed in the fall.

Link to the cams - Overhead and Sideview

The first feed

Learning to sleep standing up


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By: Pat B (offline) on Sunday, September 14 2014 @ 06:11 PM EDT  
Pat B

Here is a map, showing the relative positions of the HWF nests around Vancouver.

Click for a bigger image.


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By: Pat B (offline) on Monday, September 15 2014 @ 12:37 PM EDT  
Pat B

This cam is also available on UStream - http://www.ustream.tv/hwfdeltaeagles

Smaller versions of the cams:
West/Overhead Small
East/SideView Small

Screenshots and photos and/or links to videos are welcome in this thread as part of the discussion. We welcome all screenshots and videos of the Delta 2 nest captured via the webcams.

As a courtesy to viewers with slower internet connections, please limit the pictures in each post to no more than a total of 150,000 bytes (4 to 6 average screenshots), and please do not post animations (though it's fine to post a link to them).

Timeline 2014/2015

Eagles return:
Dad - To the area - Sun 12th Oct 2014
Actually in the nest - Oct 17th
Mum - in the nest - Oct 26th

Eggs Laid: First egg: 10th March - 3:43 pm
Second egg: 13th March - 4:21 pm

Incubation interrupted: Partway through the nesting cycle, something disrupted incubation - construction nearby (which might have dislocated other pairs who suddenly were interested in taking over the nest), a re-injury to Mom's leg - or something we may never know. What we do know is that after a couple of weeks of steady incubation, the eggs were left alone for hours at a time, including several nights when the temperatures dipped near freezing. They resumed incubation after a while [need to check dates ~JudyB], but the damage had likely been done, if the eggs were ever viable, and it seemed that they never resumed the constant incubation of the first few weeks.

Extended incubation: April 22 was Day 40 for the second egg (it's very rare for an egg to hatch after that); they continued incubation into May, gradually leaving the eggs for longer and longer periods - almost 48 hours May 13-15, then some periods of incubation mostly by Dad until the cams went down the morning of May 17 (day 70 for the first egg); the cams came back the evening of May 19, and no incubation was observed after that, although both adults were there May 21st working on the nest.

Eggs disappear: One egg broke May 23rd while Mom was working on the nest (day 76 and 73 for the eggs); the remaining egg was seen for a few more days, and we don't know if it eventually broke or just got buried as the eagles worked on the nest.

Adults leave:
Dad - last confirmed sighting on cam July 18
Mom - last confirmed sighting July 20th

First hatch:

Second hatch:


First Branching:

Fledge date:

Click HERE to compare with 2013/14 Timeline

Nest Adoptions for 2016 are now available!

To date in the calendar year 2015 the Delta 2 nest has been adopted by:

~ Pat B
~ mjb (Jean)
~ Darlene Lewis
~ Lantz_56
~ Anonymous

Previous Year's Adoptions


You too can honor your favorite fine feathered family -
and support the work of Hancock Wildlife -
by adopting the HWF nest of your choice -

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By: Pat B (offline) on Saturday, October 11 2014 @ 09:38 AM EDT  
Pat B

Parts of an Eagle's Foot

Click on image to download


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By: Pat B (offline) on Saturday, October 11 2014 @ 09:39 AM EDT  
Pat B

JudyB here - thank you, Pat, for reserving this post!

The pair had been incubating normally in spite of Mom's injured leg until about March 26 - and all of a sudden, as can happen in nature, everything changed. The eggs were usually incubated at night, but there were long periods of time during the day when they were alone. I asked if anything had changed in the area, and for more information about the changes that had been observed. Here are some of the thoughts about what is happening. Thank you, Fisheye, stim, Pat, and mjb, for doing the research and sharing your insights.

Quote by: Fisheye

Good morning all, About time I wrote. This year my observations of Delta 2. There are many behavioural changes I have noticed.When they first arrived back everything was normal. But within in a month there was another Eagle pair in their field. Normally they would not allow this to happen but the other pair never gave up. So both pairs shared different poles in that field. Then Juveniles started hanging out their. Something else they never allowed before. Also blueberry farmers were spraying the fields much earlier this year due to damp weather. Lots of chemicals. The favourite pole of are pair has been abandoned by them VERY UNUSUAL. Considering they always sat there. There are many factors in play here. Female has gone threw a lot with her leg. If these eggs hatch it will be a miracle. Almost everything about their behaviour has changed since last year.hope this helps.

Quote by: Fisheye

Hi again, I forgot to say there is tons of construction and road work in the area. . When female disappeared for a while it was due to activity under the nest. Big trucks hauling chemical containers away and bushes being cut down. I believe all this has caused stress to our pair .

Quote by: stim

I've gone back to March 20 to see when our adults started having trouble brooding. On that date the eggs were already turning yellowish and mottled.
It was March 26 when things seemed to change. That is the morning Ma was first seen unable to weight bear on her left leg again. As well Ma and Pa were off the nest a lot during the morning as loud work was going on below. Pa seemed to disappear for the rest of the day as Ma spent short periods on the eggs by the afternoon, hobbling with great difficulty. By the end of the day the eggs had been left unattended for 1 1/2 hours.
That would be the first day of change as I have noted.

Quote by: Pat B

Looked back through the postings.
Mar 26th
Mum has difficulty in settling on the eggs

Work down below -neither happy about it

Has Mum been injured??

Mar 27th
Trouble with intruders
forum/viewtopic.php?topic=754732#754732<br />
Mar 28th
Dad was off the nest chasing intruders – otherwise text book incubation.

Most postings refer to Dad is unhappy – something is disturbing him (eggs already a dirty colour)

Eggs left for 12 mins – During the day there are more comments on how long the eggs have been left – and the parents were not turning them properly.

Mar 29th
Back to text book incubating– comments on how dedicated they are.

Mar 30th
Eggs being incubated fairly well – but not turned much. By midday comments are about the length of time the eggs are left and barely a nudge, no turning.

2pm - forum/viewtopic.php?topic=755883#755883
Dad distressed about the presence of another male – who might have eaten some prey on the nest – but it gets confusing.
But later we get it sorted out – it was our pair but they changed place rapidly – difficult to keep up with them.
Now we have a videomark to show it was a strange adult
Pic of our eagle scaring off the intruder

About here is where there is real concern about leaving the eggs – sometimes Mum is standing on the nest looking around – but not going to the eggs.

Mar 31st
Helpful comment from Sandra
another from Annemae
"I drove to the ferry a while ago and saw about 20 eagles in the field where our Delta eagles have their nest.
I have never seen that many eagles there before.
It was like a mini Squamish situation.
No wonder our eagles are so nervous."

1st April eggs left uncovered – 2hrs -

Comment on leaving the eggs, from Jean

From Sandra

Quote by: mjb

4:01pm...... wave Hi Sandra and Pat! Yes, those dates would be about right. Everything seemed to change about the time that Ma's leg seemed worse. And then suddenly there were all those noises and commotion around the area. I wonder how much that influenced what has happened here? Or is it just a coincidence? If the eggs were not viable, perhaps our adults knew it then.


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By: sydie (offline) on Friday, October 17 2014 @ 05:40 PM EDT  

2:35pm Pa on the nest and up on the branch... then flew off

Click on image to download

Click on image to download

Click on image to download


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By: Pat B (offline) on Friday, October 17 2014 @ 05:44 PM EDT  
Pat B

The first visit
Click on image to download

3:00 pm
Dad in the Barn Tree
Click on image to download


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By: SueD (offline) on Saturday, October 18 2014 @ 11:50 AM EDT  

Good morning, Annemie, Bev, Darlene, Jean, Karen, Lavender12, Maisy, Marg, Marilyn, Pat B, Rita, Sandra, Syd, nightowl and Delta 2 friends!wave
8:48 a.m.: View from both cams this morning. No one home. So nice to see that Pa has visited!Wub
Click on image to download

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