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 Calgary, Alberta - 2012
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By: terrytvgal (offline) on Friday, September 07 2012 @ 11:57 PM EDT  

9:53pm I have had that strange thing happen to me, too... I think that it's some sort of buffer issue, where the first image to show up is from the past and then it gets up to current time and shows the live stream... or something sort of like that :confused:

9:57pm no one on the nest.

I came for the eagles, and stayed for the friends I made

Terry, Coquitlam BC


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Coquitlam, BC

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By: Jean (offline) on Saturday, September 08 2012 @ 01:24 AM EDT  

11:20pm.............I just had that weird image thing happen to me too! It made me do a double take.........but it straightened itself out right away. I'm glad that osprey chick is being looked at. I am sure they know what they are doing. They just want to make sure it will be ready to migrate and good health is needed for that. Perhaps it will be released tomorrow.

No one home tonight.
Click on image to download

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time;............they have the heart..........Elizabeth Andrew


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By: Anonymous: Gerard () on Saturday, September 08 2012 @ 07:22 AM EDT  
Anonymous: Gerard

I also will heed the call and just hope for the best,however! i'm much more of a fighter then a lover,if this bird is released and
flies right back to this nest,then the story of her being thin and so forth is
out the door because we do know different,and that she was way more nourished then the smaller possible juvie male in
this nest.I 'm just gonna stay out of this one,consider that my last statement,
we all know where i stand on this.As it goes for the other two,all appears well and this is great as we all understand too
well that percentages for survival are 10 per-cent i think and
this leads to a well established overall population of ospreys thru-out the world.The osprey that follows momma into the
nest right after delivery is learning well and i have seen
the smaller one at times wet,on the sand bar cleaning and fishing i would gather high in the sky,of course when a juvie
migrates they basically have enough skills to provide has
there must be a trigger that goes off in their head,they know they are on their own,and this escalates,rather plummets them
right into the fishing mode so a chick hanging around too much
at the nest should be fine,i would say he knows what to do,will do it,a little fishing and upon migration young'ins love to hang at
rivers where the migrating trout are in high numbers.Sorry if i have sounded tough at times,
but it's hard not to be during streeful times.I was also involved in discussions in New England,and i am somewhat totally against
satellite tagging,that got touchy,very touchy,however! there is now a site where
all of New Englanders got to have a say about the cost and the impact of satellite tagging,that site was so active,and i just bowed out
because the people there were of many professionals on both
sides of the table,but the end result was approx.8 against 2 out of every ten,i figured that battle was pretty well settled,i'm staying
out of that one also.All in all i'm very much in love with this bird
and my statements,well i'm me and that i cannot change,i'm watching them live in the field since 1983,i joined infotec right after
that in the 90's when it started before Hancock took over the site,approximately
five years later,so i have observed this bird and know them and their behaviors quite well,Go Calgary,i'm off to the bay for the
week-end,i wish these birds a life with little interference,when ospreys were first watched
at this nest,it was the first nest i ever posted on,and as i have stated i'm here till the end,i hope it goes well,so far so good.

By: Anonymous: Gerard () on Saturday, September 08 2012 @ 07:30 AM EDT  
Anonymous: Gerard

At this moment at the nest there are no birds in the nest,and this is also a behavior they learn,it's safe to grow up there,but
now a high up forest tree with one eye opened at all times is
where they should be,and sure enough,we don't know for sure,but they should also start eating many trout on a dead
wood-stick,as this is the future dining room table for them,they also love the top
of telephone poles to eat.

By: jkr (offline) on Saturday, September 08 2012 @ 08:42 AM EDT  

Good morning Gerard.

Saturday September 08, 2012

High 27C
Wind S 15km/h
Low 11C

6:36 am
Empty nest except for half a fish.
Click on image to download

6:38 am
One chick arrived. The way he glided in I'd say he was on the camera pole.
Click on image to download

6:39 am
Nibbling at the leftover fish but stopping often to look around the area. He seems wary of something. Maybe just being cautious.
Click on image to download



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Beautiful B.C.

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By: jkr (offline) on Saturday, September 08 2012 @ 08:55 AM EDT  

6:53 am
Stops eating and cleans her beak. I would imagine this fish is getting rather dry and oily by now.
Click on image to download

Resumes eating.
Click on image to download

6:58 am
She had enough of this old fish and flew off. Maybe she decided to go searching for a fresh meal.
Click on image to download

Like everyone here I am hoping for good news regarding the chick in rehab. Even though it is heartbreaking to see birds kept in captivity for long I know that at times it is essential for their long term survival. Whether we agree with this chick being kept two or three days the rehabbers are the experts and know from years of experience when a bird is ready for release.
These chicks have 1000's of miles to cover during migration and the only way they are going to make it is to be as healthy as possible. Mom O has done her part, the rehabbers will do their part and the rest is up to the birds.



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Beautiful B.C.

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By: Woodlands Bleu (offline) on Saturday, September 08 2012 @ 09:25 AM EDT  
Woodlands Bleu

Good Morning.......thanks for the great captures!

Each day is a new eating scenario. Hopefully the chicks are learning from mom by now.
And it appears mom is getting fed well too so that is great.

Love the O's - love your avatar!

I am hoping for the little chick to be doing better too. We'll just have to trust the rehabbers.
enjoy a beautiful osprey day......

Choose joy.......
Since Sept 2009.


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By: jkr (offline) on Saturday, September 08 2012 @ 09:31 AM EDT  

Good morning Carolyn

7:29 am
Chick comes flying in.
Click on image to download

Second chick arrives right behind him. From the reaction of the two of them they must have seen Mom with a fish.
Click on image to download

One chick mantles over the old fish remains and the other is watching toward the hydro tower and chittering.
Click on image to download



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Beautiful B.C.

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