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 The Singing Bird Lane
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By: Anonymous: Jean Dagenais () on Tuesday, April 24 2012 @ 11:53 AM EDT  
Anonymous: Jean Dagenais

Yes feeking out is right Health not good Naom awrite when you can and I will do the same. Lovfe and hugs Jean

By: Anonymous: Jean Dagenais () on Tuesday, April 24 2012 @ 01:56 PM EDT  
Anonymous: Jean Dagenais

Hello My Dear Friend Naoma
I had a Panic attack and have been out of the will to use this computer for awhile.
I had to give up my beautiful Chrysler Sebring free to my sons daughter the stupid Dr of Dan's listed me as not able to drive. I was just devestaed She would do anything for Daniel. I detest her.
Gabe and I are prettywell housebound now all we have is a Motor Scootter Gabe has but I have nothing and rely on rides from the Heath Gang.or Taxi. We live in the counrty 3 miles from Trenton so I don't get out much But Meil my cute doggie is by my side all the time. She tires me out wanting to play ball all the time she is a Titzzu and the most lovable dog and fun
I am kinda glad in away , The Panic Attack came when I was in Bellevile 10 miles fron my home in Trenton where we live I got the car safley home but could remember where I lived It was pure aganny
We depend on our son now while his daughter drives and owns My Car. I know Iam 85 and did not resist the temptatioin to drive but Gabe and I manage some how. I actually don't want to ever drive again so that makes everyone happy incl. ME( smile)
Funny when you get old how people treat ya but I must say In Daniel he was doing the right thing and I appreciate it now / At the time I was not liking him very much but all is forgiven now and Iam happy except I Have bad heath problems including sight in one eye I go to mprrow to get another checkup Hear this I had a cancer in ,left eye between the nose bridge and eye
they did it well and I was laying on a steel portable tale with my head way down and they fixed the eye Amazing
Now Iam fine but have a bad hip and my legs acke I had that when I was a young girl tool Grandma used to put salt in a woolen sock and it hepled me then Bless her.
Well enough of my story . I miss you and will get back to writting soon Naoma. How are you doing. All my love to a fabulous lady you are, Bigs Hugs Ok for now. Bare with me Jean

By: txelements (offline) on Wednesday, April 25 2012 @ 07:21 PM EDT  

Oh Jean......it makes my heart soar to hear from you. Reading your post made me so happy.

I know you are still struggling but it sounds like you've ironed out a few differences with Daniel. I'm glad to know you & Gabe are relating to him again. I know he's always been there for you.

So sorry to hear your hip is bothering you. I can only imagine how hard it is for you to go thru your day when it is painful to move. The salt in a sock that your Grandmother treated you with sounds famaliar. Did she heat it up before she applied it to your hip?

I am fine here, so sweet of you to ask about me when you've been dealing with so much as you have lately. I have tomato plants that are a medium size now & my squash & cucumber plants are showing buds, ready to bloom. My okra is sprouting as well as the southern peas. I hope they do well for me as it will be some good eats if they do. Smile

Our temperature got up to 31C/88F here today. Was on the warm side for sure. How is your weather there near Trenton?

Looking forward to hearing from you again & so happy that your Meil is by your side. Also, hello to Gabe, from Texas


~ I Believe ~

North Central Tx
June 2009


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By: Debs (offline) on Thursday, April 26 2012 @ 01:50 AM EDT  

Jean wave was so glad to see your post today .... oh dear sure seems like you have had some challenging times lately Faint but sounds like things are improving for you now Clapping!

Your positive attitude will surely bring lots of sunshine your way :thumrht: So sorry you had to forfeit your Driver's License so so very hard to do Nodding yes but on the flip side it can be wonderful to have your very own "driver" to drive you around .... and just think of all the fun you can have being the designated back seat driver giggle

I bet your dog Meil love is a great friend to have around. I have 3 cats and they are spoiled rotten to the core Green LOL.

Now time for me to say......

Good night Jean, Naoma and to all our good friends that gather here hug

Hugs to you all

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May you enjoy all of the simple "pleasures or gifts" that surround you.
Let your spirit soar!

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North Pole

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By: Anonymous: Jean Dagenais () on Thursday, April 26 2012 @ 10:54 AM EDT  
Anonymous: Jean Dagenais

Hello Debs.and Naoma Yes I have had a rought time with heath Debsand Naoma, but The eye cancer is done and I am free at last. Went to the Hospital( Hotel Du in Kingston) and they did a fabulus job and asuring me I was free of the cancer Whoope
I just think
your a sweet gals to write because I get rather lonely here if I don't hear from my fabulous friends .
Right now Iam nursing a bad left leg from sitting in wheel chairs so much ( smile) I have a walker I can walk around with so Iam moble that way but the left leg is giving me pain and I want to walk in case of a blood clot or something visciou like that ( smile)Old is old but I'll be darned if I get bedritten . I would go crazy / So I walk around a lot for exerice
Freinds like you both are pricless and I love you Dearly Debsand Naoma along with the others.
I took up smoking cigs for awhile It gives me a sence of life I am one that can quite when the time comes but right now I have an Ace of diamonds
Now I will have to go later to the Dentice to get ,my teeth cleaned haha
haha with what teeth I have left ( hahahah)
Iam a lucky old Hen with a stronge body haha ((( Hugs galore)))) Ps Iam in a size six 16 now and I feel pretty darn good. Thanks Debsand Naoma yourboyh a wonderful ladys The old Hen Jean so appreciated

By: Anonymous: Jean Dagenais () on Saturday, April 28 2012 @ 01:53 PM EDT  
Anonymous: Jean Dagenais

Well my good luck chaned to bad/ I fell in the bathroom ( silly me) had to crawl on my hands and knees to get to the bedroon acrooss from it. I ladid on the floor because I coulNOT gete up. Gabe phoned the ambulounce and they came and got me and took me to the hospital The old knees woudl not worlk I* could have if I knew what I better now I could have put my hands on the toilet see\at and lifeted myseff out but never thought of it Stupid old woman Iam /
Well they came and got me and I had one hell of a rough ride 3miles in the into the hospital and there I stay for two fliping days
I tell you rigt now I hate hospitals I was just beside myself/. They could NOT say if I had a stroke I could have told them NO, but wanted to see the stupid answer but eventualy they decised NO:
Its a good place to go though to be sure. The meals are something else (Yuk) tea was good ha
The morning breakfast was like a (bowl of I cann't say the word here ) the sufficed and evntualy I asked for toast Please to sofen the bread. ( smile ) actually the meals weren't to bad.
I was uncomfortable and colder than an icicle , finnaly I asked why was it so cold. The hadn't raise the temperature in the room I had 4 warmedblankes ts on me and still shivered.
I had no ear phones on so the nurses has to get real close to hear me( haha) THe next day was better after my son Daniel and Gabe came in to see me. The secoind day I wanted to go home . They kept me in . , Fiankky a burse gave me 2 tylenol and I had a snooze Dan came and got me the net s day R T ha so of ours is truly something else a master at getting me home because of the weekend Truly He is wonderful to we parents. Iam ok the old knees hurt a bit but I have a home waker and use that Gabe is chief cook and bottlewasher was now till I ment ( smile) HE is womderful to me.Both of the I am lucky to have them Jean .l
Dan just phoned and is bring us over a coffee from Tim Hortoms What a guy

By: JudyB (offline) on Saturday, April 28 2012 @ 04:42 PM EDT  

That sounds like a scary time, Jean! I'm so happy to hear that you are now back home. Hospitals can be useful places to be - but there's no place like home!



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By: txelements (offline) on Saturday, April 28 2012 @ 06:55 PM EDT  

Oh Dear Jean..........what an ordeal & how it must have scared you & Gabe, too.

My heart breaks that you went thru 2 days of "heck" at the hospital. I know while they try to do the right thing & help, it doesn't always feel that way.

So you are home now, i am so thankful for that. The comfort of home can be a great healing power. I bet your Meil missed you so & did not know where her Sweet Lady was.

What is the next step in your recovery? I'm wondering what the Doctors are telling you to do to recover.

God Bless you & your family. I pray things are better when i hear from you next.

Red Heart

~ I Believe ~

North Central Tx
June 2009


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