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 Eagleholics Anonymous 2014
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By: MayLine (offline) on Sunday, January 26 2014 @ 12:14 AM EST  

wave Hello everyone!

Naoma, those sunrise photos were just unbelievable. Looked like a giant fist reaching down - quite fabulous!!! Wink The cardinals always remind me of Sue as well! Nice memory love I believe I still think of her and Nancy as with us to this day......and Lori too.
Linda, not only are these recent eagle shots just remarkable Left thumb up but I've been in awe of them over some past weeks -- your Pelicans were terrific as well! You have a great talent, my friend!!! Yes about Downton: why can't Edith ever get a bit of happiness? I fear this story line is heading into disaster! Mary is still such a b**** but will be the one redeemed in the end. I too think ultimate outcome includes Tom, though he's been a Neanderthal lout of late....I also think future story line building about Dr. Whatshisname and Isobel - hmmm?
Iona, demands on you seem to be enormous. Your work is beyond demanding it seems..... glad the nurses were there to help you with what seems like an impossible work load. And I'm sure you give each person in your care your very best loving attention..... but that work load is too much for any one individual. hug Red Heart
Doreen, I read with awe your treatment schedule and I wish you the very best with that; you certainly have what would be most important to me -- EXCELLENT, CONFIDENCE-INSPIRING DOCTORS. I think of you so often and pray for the very best outcome for you!!! Wub Red Heart Wub You are fortunate to be near Boston with its unparalleled hospitals and physicians. My best friend here in Denver's son is/was a doc at Brigham and Women's. Great institution! I enjoy the darling stories about your lovingly-spoiled bird! Hope your son's friend is recovering well and so good for you, actually, to have someone else to encourage and worry about. Takes the worry off #1 for a time, eh?
Judy, Jayden looks at least 7 or 8 in that adorable photo -- I do believe he will be a pro hockey player before we all know it!!! Titter What a kid! Thanks to you and Iona for updating us on all the nests! Clapping
Jean, the battery video - WOW! Who knew.........?? Thank you for that. Hope you'll be checking on the Decorah Nest for one of your "peekings."
Scott, glad you liked our cake! It's still sitting on the counter, I have to admit; neither of us likes "cake" that much and after trying a nice warm piece that first night, it hasn't tempted us...... looks better than it tasted. Mad: NO Thank you so much for the nightly bear updates and so neat to hear Julliet has cubs! Every night when I get under my electric blanket, I think of Holly and wish she could be as warm....Wub Smile
Annie, no doubt in my mind that animals -- even eagles -- feel emotions like grief and love and sorrow and gratitude (at least dogs). Hope you get rain out your way!!!!!!! Your drought will effect us all. Nice to have the warm temps, but a nice warm soaking rain would be so great for CA. Left thumb up We have below average precip. here as well Sad
Anna, love the pics and update about you and your "Happy Camper." That's how we like'em, happy, eh?!!
Carolyn, you have such a great sensitivity for your beloved animals! I feel for Bleu in every story about her feelings being hurt or confused -- what a dear doggie. Our son's blk lab Kona was such a sensitive female and we kept her for two years when they lived in Oxford England and couldn't take her. I loved that dog and she had the same feelings and emotions you describe in Bleu.
So nice of you to share the pics of your new kitty Pebbles. She is pretty. Dear cat Can't believe you speak Japanese!!! What a great thing to know. I travelled there in '84 with a grad school study group... stayed with families and got to experience the indigenous culture - - hope you can go back once in a while. Marvelous, fascinating country and people!
Elle, I will think of you watching Downton tomorrow -- and Linda too! Wink I think you have mentioned that you and Ian are planning adventurous travels in the near future, but not sure where you are off to next. (I need to read more often!) Hope all's well in your part of the world.....see my Downton comments above Titter Does anyone like Lord Grantham these days? I wish they would let him "evolve" a bit.... NO

wave sleepy and Best to All the Rest!hug

"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin."
William Shakespeare

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By: mmud (offline) on Sunday, January 26 2014 @ 03:00 AM EST  

Mug of coffee Good Morning Mug of coffee

Sunday ~ January 26, 2014

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By: nonniejean8 (offline) on Sunday, January 26 2014 @ 04:13 AM EST  

Howdy NestiePals...yep, up toooo early again...

((((( Red Heart Doree Red Heart )))))
~ Thinking of you and hope you are getting a good nights rest after your busy, and productive, Friday & Saturday.
Sounds as though you are feeling stronger with each new day.
Praying all goes well for your chemo come Tuesday.
That's the same way I felt about the 9 volt batteries info...why I wanted to share.
I no longer have any gadgets requiring that size...but realized I hadn't called the city for hazzardous objects pick-up in some time...
So went on a search of all places I remember stashing used ones...none found. Smile

Hello Carolyn ~ Do you read Japanese too?
I went to Google Translate...wrote and copied a note for you in Japanese...
When I pasted it showed only numbers 'n signs...blast it all. Whistling

Anniekins ~ Behind is the norm here, GF. LOL
I agree that all animals do experience and show emotion...have seen it with our pets many times.

Texie ~ Too bad someone didn't have a camera on me when I got my rubber boot stuck in the mud & ended up with muddy hands, a muddy sock foot & dog leashes.
Chin Why you NO use your camera...would love to have seen that. Grin
I checked Holly's den cam several times through the day...she was snoozing well...that 'straw art' changed very little the entire day.

Scootie ~ Talk about paws full...sweet Juliet is in for another busy den time. Nodding yes

wave elle elle

Linda ~ Amazing Eagle captures from your hike to the 'deep freeze' river, GF.

Dede ~ Read 'somewhere'...maybe FB...the Decorah nest was on cam again.
Thanks for the reminder...will be checking on that one for sure.

Sending Big hugs to all...along with have a good day wishes...


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By: nonniejean8 (offline) on Sunday, January 26 2014 @ 05:57 AM EST  


Snowing and no one at home on the Decorah nest right now...

Click on image to download

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By: anna-holland (offline) on Sunday, January 26 2014 @ 09:25 AM EST  

Still nobody home...
Click on image to download
I think I missed a part here...I always clicked on the star and that was the last post , it won`t work anymore....Chin Help emo

Dede Nodding yes Byebye (love your ananas cake)

Linda, what a amazing picture off the eagles Red Heart

Annie, " I lost the string off my finger" Chin do you know what I see when I write "string" in google and look at the pictures Wooh Whaaaaa lol

TX, your pictures off the clouds are so amazing, I really had a little shock, so absolute amazing beautiful.Nodding yes
A smile back from happy Ruud

Carolyn , thanks, the show was good, now we need to grow with listeners, but that take time, we had at least a good time and feeling.

Doreen, wish you good luck with your (third) the car is floating to Scott now..

Judy. glad you like the music, I did too and after a hour I sleep well Nodding yes Jayden learn fast eh, I remember he started on scates.

Jean, glad you liked it too, La Vida is spanish means The Live..Cheers

Scott, yeah we have a empty room, kids are out Left thumb up so all space for us. Glad you like the duck carTitter eagles too eh.

Have a wonderfull day everybodyWub wave

"what you send is what you get"


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By: Woodlands Bleu (offline) on Sunday, January 26 2014 @ 09:52 AM EST  
Woodlands Bleu

Good Morning EA Friends.....What incredible posts here......Y'all are the best!

Yes, Jean, I read Japanese, yet Kanji (Japanese characters) is where I am more "rusty". I studied after living in Japan for 4 years through part of Grad School, then worked as a translator for a short while.
I probably could read what you put in, but only after "releasing my mind" as it is stored in the back somewhere. It takes me about 5 days upon going to Japan to speak fluently again.

Anna, I am sure the program will pick up listenership.....It is delightful with wonderful talent. FYI....Your pictures also are incredible!

Dede, I am not going bac to Japan, I don't believe.. I have been back 3 times and it was wonderful. That being said the last time in Kyoto, I knew it was the last time. My Japanese "mom" was in 80's and I knew we were parting. We met when I was 16. For my 17th birthday she got me a hotdog from Kobe, Japan, with spaghetti as I was homesick. I went back two weeks later and finished my HS senior year. She was a phenomenal lady and recently I have lost contact. She told me that would happen. Things happen for a reason and there is a season.

I love the straw pile of Holly. I love Linda's pictures and come in here eagerly waiting to see what magic she captures. What I love best is you do not photoshop to enhance, it is all natural,
true and beautiful.

Thanks for the comments about Bleu.....she is quite something, except yesterday when I had the kitty out of the room it seems she ate the food! I did not check the room before I put her in last night, bad me.
Or she ate it all????? Anyway she is running around free upstairs - the one holdout kitty is "interested" which is good and we will see.

eta.....Just gave Pebbles the run of the house - yeah!

Have a beautiful Sunday......

Choose joy.......
Since Sept 2009.


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By: nonniejean8 (offline) on Sunday, January 26 2014 @ 10:20 AM EST  

wave Again, AnnaAnna-BoBanna & All...

Thinking about the cute duckies car...reminded me of my good friend John from Houston, TX.
He participates in the Peep Car Parade there each year...
The parade autos are decorated with the little different colored marshmallow Peep Chicks we see in the stores around Easter time.

His entry last year was titled the Peep won 2nd place.

Click on image to download

Click on image to download

He enjoys doing many goofy type fun things...acting that way too. Grin

During a hiking trip he says he and friend Nancy are, "Obeying the Road Sign".

Click on image to download

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By: nonniejean8 (offline) on Sunday, January 26 2014 @ 10:26 AM EST  


His entry in last year's Corpus Christi, TX, BRAvo charity auction brought top dollar:

Click on image to download

One of he and friend Gary decorating the Peep Jeep entery...looks like they used a glue gun to add the peeps:

Click on image to download

And one of he and parade day helper friends at the back of the Peep Jeep:

Click on image to download

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