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 Eagleholics Anonymous 2014
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By: anna-holland (offline) on Tuesday, January 14 2014 @ 05:20 PM EST  

Annie, glad I have waterproof Titter , I did not work then, I restarted school again, THE school I did not do when I was young(er Titter).

TX, I have always tears in my eye when I hear that song, sometimes a big stone in my throat , I always think when I am dead Ruud play this song at my funeral, so sweet and heavy...and then I Cloud 9 smile Wink Byebye

Judy, great shots from the moon Left thumb up

Have a wonderful day all Byebye

"what you send is what you get"


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the Netherlands

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By: deewerms (offline) on Tuesday, January 14 2014 @ 07:22 PM EST  

hi friends, has been a long day and am going to keep this a little short as i am ready to just rest. went to my apt. today at Holy Family where they have their cancer center, was a long 4 hrs. but my Dr Caprario is super nice and talked to us for over an hour, explained everything I would be going through step by step practically, and so much more, it was very overwhelming to absorb so much at one time. then 2 more nurses talked with me and were super nice also explaining lot of other things. my first chemo apt. is for 1-28th, a five to 6hr treatment/day, next 2 days, 1-29th and 1- 30th, are 2hr each. I think she said I will have the chemo every 3 1/2 or 4 weeks for 4 months. also need radiation 5 days a week for about 7 weeks, but she doesn’t know yet til she speaks with oncologist if they will do both chemo and radiation together, or not. anyway, have a thick folder with many things to read, all about chemo etc., and other things, a lot for one day, am still feeling overwhelmed and tired, sorry this is so long too

Naoma, i love the pics, Z is so beautiful, i know i've said it many times but can't help myself, he just is Red Heart and Notti is a cutie also, and of course donkey donk too Left thumb up

Scott, the update was great last night, Holly had a busy day yesterday Grin

Judi, pretty moon pics, hope the family are all well now Big hugs

wave Annie, Carolyn, Jean, Iona, Elle, Anna and everyone, enjoy the evening Byebye

Doreen Salem, NH
joined Sept.2 2008


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Salem, NH

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By: AnniesKatz (offline) on Tuesday, January 14 2014 @ 07:50 PM EST  

'Afternoon NestieLuvs,

I'm thinking we're just going to skip winter this year. We continue upper 60s and a lot of
the 70s. I mean it's really nice but I would love to see a little rain, wind and cooling. We
are in a severe drought now and the prediction is for a very dry year. The farmers are
already feeling the impact. fingers crossed the predictions are wrong. I have to add that it
has been very enjoyable for outdoor activities and trips away from home.

NoNo, Don't go trying to pawn that name off on poor Nottie; you be the guilty partyGreen LOL.
Wow do I love the moon shot! I really like seeing the stars appear and the craters are nicely
defined. Beautiful job with Ze and Miss Nottie; would love to hug their necks. I somehow
missed what kind of camera you got....tell me please.
Btw, you're stuck in my forever memory.Nodding yes

Scott, That was a fun update. I loved seeing the antics of that little(big) squirt!
I think the romp out of the den was just pure exuberance.


Anna, Waterproof is so much better than it used to be.

Hey Jeanniebug, Lazy is in the eye of the beholder. Sounds like you might want a
piece of the pineapple upside down cake I took out of the oven a bit ago? Goes very nicely
with lazybones.

Waiting to hear from you ((((((((((Doreen)))))))))).

ADDED: There you are GF! Wow what a long day for you so it's no wonder you are tired.
I know you will relax now and rest. I'm sure a million things are flying through your mind but
when you're rested you'll have time to absorb it all. I'm so glad your "team" of doctors/nurses
are nice. That is so important. Prayers for your restful night GF.Big hugs

Annie ~ April 2009


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By: elle (offline) on Tuesday, January 14 2014 @ 09:24 PM EST  

Thanks for the update Dee. That is a daunting schedule, no doubt about it, but one step at a time and slow and easy wins the race my friend, with family and friends at your side. You are loved!!Nodding yesRed HeartBig hugs Please take the time to heal.

Compassion is the most powerful weapon against negative forces.

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Victoria, BC, Canada

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By: mmud (offline) on Wednesday, January 15 2014 @ 01:31 AM EST  

You did have a long day Doreen but at least you now know the action plan. Hoping everything goes extremely well. Smile

That was good to see Holly's little dash from her den Annie. She does seem to be adapting well to the new surroundings. Smile
I have cravings for pineapple upside down cake for some reason. Items already added to my shopping list.

wave Carolyn, Jean, Anna, & elle

Den Cam Progress – UPDATE January 14, 2014

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By: mmud (offline) on Wednesday, January 15 2014 @ 03:00 AM EST  

Mug of coffee Good Morning Mug of coffee

Wednesday ~ January 15, 2014

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Chilliwack, B.C.

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By: HikerBikerGram (offline) on Wednesday, January 15 2014 @ 09:04 AM EST  

Good Morning Friends,

Doreen, I'm so glad that you have medical assist that are so informing. I'm sure you are mentally and physically exhausted my friend. Take it step by step as Elle said and know each step brings you closer to wellness. You will have all of us with you all the way. hug

Naoma, Sounds and looks like a wonderful new camera, great photos of NONO, Z, and the donkey. Left thumb up

Scott, It is good to see Holly is doing well. Pineapple upside down cake does sound yummy. Titter

Annie, Your weather sounds like our springtime weather. Cold here again. Snow

Judy, beautiful moon photos. The moon is full tonight.Nodding yes

Hello Jean, Anna, Elle, Carolyn and all my dear friends here at EA and HWF. I have eagle outings planned with friends today, tomorrow, and Friday. Weather is very cold again and I'm sure the rivers are still frozen.

Thanks to all for you so kind comment on the eagles and Marinda. Marinda is going to Rome this summer with a University group for 5 weeks. She is on cloud 9. Cloud 9

I will worry everyday she is gone. Titter

Wildlife Photography, Nature Provides It And We Pass It On


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"Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost"


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By: nonniejean8 (offline) on Wednesday, January 15 2014 @ 09:10 AM EST  

wave Sitting eagle Luvies wave

SSAnniekins ~ Please. send me a piece 'O that yummy cake before it gets cold! Wooh Wooh Wooh

(((((((((( Red Heart Doree Red Heart )))))))))) ~ We'll all be right there beside you, GF!

Nice moon shots. Judy.

Sending a Big hugs for All...


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