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 Eagleholics Anonymous 2014
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By: txelements (offline) on Monday, January 06 2014 @ 11:19 PM EST  

Scoot.....On the national news tonight they spoke of Ely being the cold spot.
The update didn't mention Lucky obs......I hope our Lucky Bear is warm and well also. Nodding yes
Goldfinch in the sunflower seeds..........Wub

Nitey Nite Luvies..........see you on the east side. hug

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North Central Tx
June 2009


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By: mmud (offline) on Tuesday, January 07 2014 @ 03:00 AM EST  

Mug of coffee Good Morning Mug of coffee

Tuesday ~ January 07, 2014

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By: Woodlands Bleu (offline) on Tuesday, January 07 2014 @ 09:11 AM EST  
Woodlands Bleu

Good Morning Friends.....

Wow, that bear report is so cool, nope cold. Smile Holly is one smart little bear, buried deep in the straw. The goldfinch is preciou
Now our temps are more like yours should be.

TX, sweet comment. The best thing I have learned at the nursing home with Bleu on our visits is to always look for the surprise. There always
seems to be a meeting that brings great joy or happiness, or sometimes education. When it is the most fascinating is when I learn something else Bleu
can do that I did not know. They are so smart - our pets. The residents talk about how smart all the therapy dogs are with joy in their eyes.

Linda, smart to stay home out of the cold. 3 hours shoveling is a long time.

Doreen, sounds like you are doing well - keep it up! You are loved.

And....a huge Hi to everyone here on this thread - All of you! Have a great Tuesday.

Choose joy.......
Since Sept 2009.


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By: HikerBikerGram (offline) on Tuesday, January 07 2014 @ 10:09 AM EST  

Good Morning Friends,

I would like to share a HoHo story with you. Yesterday I had posted at facebook and here a photo of my neighbor the Mayor having his drive way cleaned off by a city tractor. My reaction was not so good, since I had spent 2 hours out in the sub 0 temps and snow shoveling my own drive way. This is where the HoHo comes in. My daughter and Jimmy's new home has a very long drive way. Jimmy had got part of it clear off, but not all of the snow. He had to fly out on business yesterday morning so he put out emails and texts to friends for help in finding someone to clear the drive way. Well, the man that cleaned the Mayor's driveway and works for the city, is the man that Jimmy and Stacy bought there house from and he has become a friend. Who do you think came to their rescue????
Yes Jeff with the city tractor!!!!! TitterWoohLOL I still felt that the Mayor should have cleaned his own drive, but I did decided to pull my facebook post and the post here. What a small strange world it is. Whistling

Judy, I hope your MIL improves, it does sound like she needs more assistance at home.

Jean, How I love that collage of our Nancy. Every barge and tugboat I see I think of her. Matter of fact I still think I have to take a photo or video for Nancy.Wub

Carolyn, It is so cool that you and Bleu visit the long term care centers and bring a smile to their faces. Thank You

Hello Anna and Naoma hug

Scott, That sounds mighty cold my friend in bear country. I hope Honey tolerates that cold well.

I'm going to try heading out to the rivers today. Still cold, but suppose to warm up to 20 F. That sounds warm after what we just have experienced. See you all later. hug

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By: Woodlands Bleu (offline) on Tuesday, January 07 2014 @ 10:15 AM EST  
Woodlands Bleu

Hey Linda.....I kinda think the Mayor should have as a courtesy cleaned out drives on either side of his house (including yours) so you could get out too.
Then he would get (a) no more snow in his drive and (b) happy neighbors. Smile

Bleu and I have been going to this nursing home for 4.5 years, watching people come and go, and always learning. It's joyous. Her training took another year. She is the calmest dog ever in that circumstance.
And a bounding golden outside - got to love it!

Choose joy.......
Since Sept 2009.


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The Woodlands, TX

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By: anna-holland (offline) on Tuesday, January 07 2014 @ 04:31 PM EST  

Haha Linda, small world eh...Titter

Click on image to download

TX Thanks hug

"what you send is what you get"


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the Netherlands

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By: deewerms (offline) on Tuesday, January 07 2014 @ 05:44 PM EST  

i slept last night from about 830pm to 8 am this morning Wooh i could not believe how tired i was, i couldn't keep my eyes open. had another busy day here today going through stuff and other little projects, feel like Mr Clean Clapping i went out for an errand this morning also, oh my word! could hardly stand the cold when out of the car, this weather is crazy and i hope we don't see much of this, go back to the north pole polar vortex! Rant: many brrrr's going around here for most of us

Jean, beautiful pic of Nancy. Red Heart ty for posting it

Linda, you sure got a pile of snow for your area! Oh My that is a funny story about the mayor, yep, small world we live in Roll eyes always gotta be on our toes

Carolyn, like your word choice also, we wish joy every day for all. Left thumb up and yes, feeling better every day. my place of work loved when people came by with dogs, you could see the change on their faces immediately. best therapy in the world love Good doggy

Annie, Whitey says hi, and keep talking, he loves your voice too, if you're talking to him Grin loves all who talk to him Nodding yes

Scott, the bear update for the 5th was one coldddd story, but so interesting. liked last nights pretty goldfinch, wonder why no mention of Lucky? most likely he's just buried in hay too.

Naoma, oh yes, we do all have our own 'baby talk pitch" i think, and yeah, bet it would be funny hearing ourselves, and others on a recording, talking to our babies. Grin nice Holly scaps, smart little bear staying covered

Anna, i think you are already an exciting person, in many ways too. you and Rudd together doing different things, projects etc. make an exciting couple with an exciting life Nodding yes

Judi, some great pics of Nessi on fb, but one there so funny, big goose on Nessi nest Grin

time for some supper, have a great evening everyone Byebye

Doreen Salem, NH
joined Sept.2 2008


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By: elle (offline) on Tuesday, January 07 2014 @ 09:34 PM EST  

wave everyone

Happy to hear you have so much energy Dee.

Compassion is the most powerful weapon against negative forces.

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