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By: Anonymous: Jean Dagenais () on Saturday, November 20 2010 @ 08:51 PM EST  
Anonymous: Jean Dagenais

Click on image to download May there be Peace,

Not feeling the best folks Stella enjoy your husbands birthday,and many Happies ..sounds great. Velma the snow is coming dang it. Good Nite for now.The Old Hen

By: Ayla (offline) on Sunday, November 21 2010 @ 07:40 PM EST  

Hi Jean hug I've been keeping busy, just puttering, nothing serious. It is beautiful here, sun shining bright!
We have nice green frozen grass, everything looks so nice outside. BUT, then when we step out, we about freeze our noses off, Phew is it cold!! Temp reads 9 below but windchill is almost 24 below!! yikes !! It is going to drop even colder tonight.Wooh

Hey, Velma :hello: , we have been on highway99 (Duffy Lake road), that is some road to drive at night. Ended up dark before we could get across to Lillooet, then couldn't find a motel so had to keep driving, not soon going to forget that trip,
lol!! Oh My

Stella, how are you? Hope your Jim had a good Bday! I guess you must be getting impatient to get going south...still some months to wait though Sad

Gee, Vancouver Island and Vancouver got snow and we didn't Shh, hahaha! Now, that's different!


DW, (if you are reading this) wave

From Northwestern BC

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Nov.19, 2007

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By: Anonymous: Jean Dagenais () on Sunday, November 21 2010 @ 08:15 PM EST  
Anonymous: Jean Dagenais

Click on image to download Ayla did you read where I had been talking to Cee. If not go back and you will see it. Have missed you gal? Always like to know everyone is ok , thats the grandma in me I guess.Still an old time grandma .... Never mean to be nosy though. Not in me for that. I do love to hear from all of you,.
them ..Dan works a lot of hr's and a lot,of overtime so does Jennifer, (she is getting her BA).. two girls to send to school. and tuition in Toronto is not cheap. Rebecca is there then it will be Stephanie.
. Well there is all my news from us, and I hope winter is easy on everyone. Snow oh my. and we used to hike her to Florida every end of Sept. loved it there. It did snow once there and we saw how they iced the orange trees with water to save them. We actually had a Canadian owned park where we stayed and they had an orange grove but had an ice storm and lost a lot of the trees.too so they went into renting land. .We stayed there every year for 5 yrs, had a cute little home.Fun galore. We enjoyed Florida.

By: Velma Flann (offline) on Monday, November 22 2010 @ 01:11 PM EST  
Velma Flann

Good chilly morning!!!!! -11C or 12F this morning with the wind blowing. Might cold!!!!!

Ayla - we are going down to Vancouver over the Duffy in about 2 weeks. True - there is nothing between Pemberton and Lillooet. WE do have quite a few Motel/Hotels though if you'd come up the hill into town!!! We've done the trip at night, but are used to the road. My grand daughter comes that way every week on her days off from school.

Made Christmas cakes yesterday - a first attempt for us - I found a recipe on the internet, so I hope they will be okay. I know now that it is sure a lot easier to go buy a good brand - ready made cake!!!!Rolling on floor laughing I'm glad Gord was home to do the stirring for me - I could not have stirred that heavy batter myself. They are wrapped in brandy cheesecloth now and sealed in foil, stored downstairs to age a bit. Sure hope they will be good!

Doing laundry today, as I'm going to Kamloops with Wendy tomorrow to finish off Christmas shopping etc. I'm looking forward to the day away with her.

Off to tend to the dryer. have a good day everyone wave


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Lillooet, B.C.

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By: Anonymous: Jean Dagenais () on Monday, November 22 2010 @ 02:21 PM EST  
Anonymous: Jean Dagenais

Velma you will love the cake you made, so different from the boughten ones. The stirring is very difficult, I know we used to make them on the farm I should have given you Grandmas recipe and Moms plum pudding was a bit of heaven haha.I still have the pans that we used but they are to old now,there was a large, a med and a small and and grandma use to decorate the cake using all 3 cakes, it was so pretty and good to eat.The icing was really great. Iam the only one here that likes it grin ) all the more for me but I just get a cut piece even that is expensive.
Christmas here is undecided because of Daniels work , he is so thoughtful about other people and there is one he works with who have younger children so ,he is giving up his Christmas and we will have it Boxing Day, BUT Gabe and I will go out for a Christmas meal on Christmas evening.I wonder how many old people don;t get the chance to go out and have a real Christmas dinner let alone make one. There are meals on wheels but often we found when we used to deliver them that people were not that interested which I of course found rather funny , now that I am an oldie maybe they were right haha.nevertheless I don't want to know either it makes me sad to think about a situation like that. As long as we keep saying " Merry Christmas "

By: Anonymous: Jean Dagenais () on Tuesday, November 23 2010 @ 03:36 PM EST  
Anonymous: Jean Dagenais

Click on image to download Snow out west coast to the hilt, sunny here after rain. 10C,or 41F.
Hope your all enjoying good heath and sure would love to see you here soon. Jean

By: IrishEyes (offline) on Tuesday, November 23 2010 @ 07:29 PM EST  

Hi Jean.. I saw your post at Nesters... sorry to hear you are not feeling well... just thought i would drop over and leave this for you..

Click on image to download

Hope you have a good night Jean and rest well.

Hugs Bev.

Helpful Hints Be respectful ..Bev !


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Nova Scotia,Canada.

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By: Anonymous: Jean Dagenais () on Tuesday, November 23 2010 @ 08:03 PM EST  
Anonymous: Jean Dagenais

Thank you so much Bev. for thinking of my heath. It is a painful back and hip pain I am kind of sick of taking Tylenole gell pill's for it but they do help some. Have an appt in Dec. with my Dr. , but ist a long trip Nov. 29th to see several eye specalists in Kingston to see why there is a scratch on the left eye. It was never there before I started having the eyes done for cataracts so the Dr. I know here wants to know too.I( was alergic to everything that Dr. did and I certainly didn' t do it.) Our son will drive me there and be with me. Appt is at 2 0'clock Takes about 4 hrs I understand from all these specialist who are there. , which mean the day will be dark by the time I am finished but that is why my son is taking me he can see better at night ( smile)than either of us. Hubby and me. many thanks Bev. and I will drop in again sometime. You too .. here I hope. I also have my own thread called "Singing Bird Lane" pop in there some day ok I would be so happy ... Jean


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