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 Eagleholics Anonymous 2011
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By: elle (offline) on Friday, January 07 2011 @ 11:34 AM EST  

Good morning.

Glad you liked the penguin video. Isn't that just too cute. The penguin backpack and Laurie's kickoff of penguins and igloos.

Linda: I would have been renewing my soul out of doors yesterday but we have had heavy, steady rainfall for the last couple of days. And the rainfall warning continues today so I probably won't be seeking Ma and Pa today either.Sad That is where I usually go when I need renewal. They do it for me every time! Thank YouSitting eagleSitting eagle)
Also Thank Youfor your professional advice to Candy, too. In my family it was my mother who smoked and she died at the age of 65 from smoking related damage to her lungs. My father never smoked.
If you go see the movie The King's Speech, there is a scene where the King's personal physician tells him that cigarette smoking " relaxes the throat" and would help with his stuttering.That was in the the 1920's/1930's. King George VI was a heavy smoker and died at age 57.
So............. we are all behind you, Candy, Nonnie, Anna ( how are you doing?) The nicotine patches, if used properly, do work very well.
Cheers to everyone. Out

Compassion is the most powerful weapon against negative forces.

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By: yalitldevl (offline) on Friday, January 07 2011 @ 11:39 AM EST  

Mornin {{{{{{{{{{Nestlings}}}}}}}}}}} :hello:

I didn't sleep in I've been going non-stop since 9:30 this morning on some things I really, really wanted to get done and now they are!! woooooooooohooooooooo. Now BFF will be here soon for lunch but I wanted to stop in here with your hug.

I'll be back later for the red stuff. We're in yet another white-out today so I guess I won't be going anywhere, drat!

I would rather spend my life close to the birds than wishing I had wings

We are by nature observers, and thereby learners. That is our permanent state. ~ Emerson


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By: anna-holland (offline) on Friday, January 07 2011 @ 12:00 PM EST  

:hello: Good Morning all at th EA chat.

I was this afternoon in the elderly house, somebody was sick and if I want to do Rummicub with the elderly. Okay, it was nice again. A lady from almost 92, amazing clear mind and very very healthy, won from me Smile. She was guessing what kind of present she get when it is her birthday Monday. She was looking forward. Sometimes I was so surprised she talk or use words that kinds from 13/14 year say. I love the story`s.....she had 13 brothers and sisters, never wrangle/quarrel and do a lot of card playing. The afternoon was gone in a wink.

Nancy Thanks, I will remember that, the cold water. Sounds so logical....sea cows Red Heart do you have also seals/dog? In the North here they live, one day ( whenever) I go to that. Nodding yes Absolute and taking pictures.

Lori It was again a rainy day....Monday will be a dry day Roll eyes

Candy It is sure strange, I hope they write also what it was. Beautiful story to JeanRed Heart

mmud Lol You got points from me Titter Indeed a Coot and a Gull....a pity you didn`t get the on right , a cormorant feathers.

dinner time:hello:

"what you send is what you get"


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By: yalitldevl (offline) on Friday, January 07 2011 @ 01:15 PM EST  

quick red...have more stuff to do and I'm sore to boot

{{{{{Candy}}}}} I'm so glad you don't have to worry about that hose now! Ohhh I hope things stay as they are for you and be sure to keep us up on how you are ok?

thanks for the bears last night and the cute 'scap of wee Hope Scott. Me too for poor wee Rach, nothing worse than a sick wee one for ripping your heart out

Hey Iona yes I did have a the right frame for my sweetpea and she's all safe in it. I didn't need to go back to the recording again after that first time so it all worked out. You're welcome for my other 'stuff'

Thanks for the funny Elle

Hey my TX!!! there you is! ohhhh you're trying too? Wow Anna you really started something here, I hope it's contageous


thanks for the kick off {{{{Jean}}}}

thanks for our BOTD and the great memories about Bro's and Pea's Linda. My dad too he was also young, he was an alcoholic on top of the smoking. You're welcome for our sweetpea GF

sweet COTD PeaJay. You have a great day too

haha TGIFF Kat! thanks so much for our beautiful PFOTD

Mornin' Dede, gee lots of us with our fathers and smoking. Sad huh?

Mornin Elle

hey Anna and awww what a cute story about the lady at the elderly house. That's funny that she beat you! I hope she gets what she wants on Monday! Oh shoot to your rainy day again, at least you have light at the end of the tunnel for Monday. We're in a whiteout again and I have no idea where the light is, I missed the news at noon with BFF so I'll watch at 6 to see. Cute puppy

thanks for the link Judy...gotta say as soon as I see "fox" I'm skeptical but will give it a boo. On the flu front there was a piece about deaths in England and the H1N1 but the doctors were saying it's overinflated yet again and that there's been way less deaths than last year. We have to keep our eyes peeled for those alarmists, they're everywhere Green LOL I do get the shot though when it's here and accessible

I would rather spend my life close to the birds than wishing I had wings

We are by nature observers, and thereby learners. That is our permanent state. ~ Emerson


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By: AnniesKatz (offline) on Friday, January 07 2011 @ 01:33 PM EST  

Good Morning Dear Nestlets,Wub

I had a really busy day yesterday....Suzie is back!Clapping I still have to get her up to speed on some things but for the most part, my extra work is over.
I'm sorry I didn't get in know why. I've been housecleaning this morning and have three phone calls to make. Two of these people are very long-winded (brother and sil). After that, I will finish the reading and do ketchup later today I hope.

Before I go.......CandyRed Heart, I'm soooo relieved that you are doing better. I'm also happy that you don't have to have the oxygen. My BIL is tethered to his. I don't know when,or if, he will be able to get off it. I wish you all good luck in quitting smoking. So many of us seem to have lost a parent due to smoking. My Dad passed when he was only 53 from pancreatic cancer due to smoking. The fact that he also drank complicated everything. Take good care GF; you are in my prayers.

I feel myself getting caught up in the reading and so much I want to say but I better get with it or I won't get anything else done.

Till later Red Heart 'n hugs (((((((((((EVERYONE)))))))))))

Annie ~ April 2009


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By: txelements (offline) on Friday, January 07 2011 @ 02:14 PM EST  

:hello: .....To Friday Afternoon....... bookkeeper hasn't been out, but i'm in the same boat as you with the "reading" but not "posting"; except i've been even worse. I've been trying to get caught up around here, then Mike's had a day off a couple of times this week. Smile

Candy.......your update sounds even better.......Very Happy

Hugs to All

~ I Believe ~

North Central Tx
June 2009


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By: mmud (offline) on Friday, January 07 2011 @ 03:45 PM EST  

Good afternoon :hello:

Thanks for the info, pics, and vids of the Gray Jay for BOTD Linda. Smile

Cute party greeting for Friday Laurie. Smile

Pretty Fuschia for PFOTD Kat. Smile

Sounds like you had a great afternoon with the lady you played cards with at the Elderly House Anna. Smile
She must have some wonderful stories.

Thanks for the link to the bird death vids Judy. Smile

Hi Jean, Dede, elle, Lori, Annie, Naoma, & any I've inadvertently missed.

Hope everyone's enjoying the day. Nodding yes

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By: HikerBikerGram (offline) on Friday, January 07 2011 @ 04:55 PM EST  

Hello Friends, I'm just getting home, I'm very happy, I saw the Mute Swan family today. I thought it has been a little warmer and maybe some of the pond is defrosted. As I pulled in I could see them in the back area.Clapping I bet you that they never did leave, but was in the far back area. The juvenile has grown to be so big and I have a feeling it is a male, by its size. I had not been by the wetland area for a few weeks, I should have checked sooner. Nodding yes

It snowed/sleeted all morning down on the rivers. I caught some photos, but with little light. I'm going to downlaod them onto the computer and see what I got. A friend from work gave me a camera sleeve. It is a plastic sleeve like bag with both ends open. You put your camera in it with the hood out one end and your hand and arm in the other end. It is great for wet weather like today. I was able to get out and take photos using this plastic camera sleeve and by camera stayed dry.Left thumb up

I hope everyone has had a good day in what ever came your way. See you all a little later.:hello:

Wildlife Photography, Nature Provides It And We Pass It On


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"Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost"


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