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 Eagleholics Anonymous 2011
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By: grateful (offline) on Thursday, January 06 2011 @ 06:28 PM EST  

Lori, I just stopped in to see if Candy had posted and saw your snap of the bear den. I just went there and the same thing is still there and moving. I can hear the bears moving, scratching, etc.
Great pictures. I may have to turn on my heat to look at them again. Great eagles!!!!!!!! Beautiful shots.
One of the bears is snoring! LOL

Anna, we have large fish deaths when we have extremely cold weather in FL. At the reserve there is a sign up if you are walking down to the lake to expect a stench because of dead fish due to our freezing weather in Dec. We had record numbers of manatees Wub die last year in FL because of the record cold weather. Manatees (sea cows) are wonderful and soooooo sweet.

Jean, Good for you ! We are with you GF!!!!

Dede, Rolling on floor laughing That is hilarious!!!




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By: grateful (offline) on Thursday, January 06 2011 @ 06:43 PM EST  

Lily moved her head and that is her nose right behind the white thing. The white thing appears just to be something hanging there. The sound from the den is great now!

Click on image to download



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By: yalitldevl (offline) on Thursday, January 06 2011 @ 07:23 PM EST  

eeeek Linda! I still haven't come over for the Broad-winged yesterday so I'll do today's Rough-legged at the same time. I sure love hawks being BOTD since I love them so much. Thanks my friend, I'll be sure to watch the videos on both.

Mornin' PeaJay, I see you switched your avatar back to the pooch. I sure did love those wee penguins I gotta tell ya. Thanks so much for our COTD and I hope you have a few minutes soon just to tell us how you and the family (that includes Marley of course) are doing. Miss you

Hey Judy, yeah I know but man alive after a 3 - 0 lead! If they'd have just plain blew it from the start I wouldn't have minded so much but that?? gack! Yupper maybe next year my friend. I couldn't find the video and believe I tried! I don't see the words Polar Bear anywhere, can't you make a link right to it? Nice job on your red stuff!

hahaaa Dede, nestaholics is good! awww that would be cute taking the dog through the car wash. Did he like it or freak out? Great shot of the Pileated your friend got. I've only got one once here! You can hear them but good luck finding him. Yikers to how dry it is where you are, I'm sure that will change soon enough

aww man to what your MIL said the other day Elle but I'm glad she was good for the friends visit. I hope you get to see Ma and Pa, I've not been firing up the cam lately but nobody has posted 'scaps so I guess they've gone fishin'

Thanks for the words Judy, guilty as charged for using some of them but there's a lot on there that make my hair stand up too.

Mornin' Anna, oh ratzzz to the rain all day. No pics then I guess, I hope tomorrow is better. Man alive that's just getting downright insane with the birds and fish!

Mornin' Linda, that's way cool about the fox. I wish I could see one again and not have the windshield between me and it like that last time. Have a good night at work and see you tomorrow

hehe I like your closing sentence using all the forbidden words Dede. Sad to know your Mom went through the same thing. Very tough. Have fun at the Stock Show if you guys go.

hmmm....that's hard figure out what pressure Anna. I'll follow your lead and do some reading on it too. Thanks about the hockey game, that was a hard loss for sure. Ohhhh I've had the poop shot in the hair too! yuckers. I like your little notepads. Thanks for the link, I'll start there

{{{{Jean}}}} on one of my not serious attempts I used Step 1 of the patch and thought I'd have a heart attack. They made my heart race so if I ever tried them again I'd start on Step 2 just for the lower nicotine content. I know I don't need anything as I've quit other things as you know. All I need is to want to and that I don't have and can't buy. I sure hope you're successful but don't beat yourself up ok? It's a toughie

It was still very cold today Anna and colder tomorrow! I'd have loved a hot chocolate now that you say it but I was soooo thirsty I wanted something I could down the hatch with it...hehe. I love your shot of the Cormorant and Jackdaw. Have a good sleep my friend

I heard that on the news Judy! They said a couple of them were 'gacking' at the gate...ewwww I wouldn't want them on my plane either! I guess they made them sleep it off.

hehe Nanc yupper you better crank the heat for those pics! brrrrr. awww I didn't have the cam on when I read your post but I'm finding the hiss pretty hard to take. I have to crank my volume wide open to hear the wee sounds out of Hope but the hiss is bugging me. I hope treatment went well today and I'm glad you liked the eagles even that far off. Oh man that's sad about the manatees last year. They are really something aren't they, cross between a walrus and a seal or something.

a very very small spirit bear Judy Green LOL

thanks for the 'scap Nanc Wub

I would rather spend my life close to the birds than wishing I had wings

We are by nature observers, and thereby learners. That is our permanent state. ~ Emerson


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By: cockatiel (offline) on Thursday, January 06 2011 @ 07:24 PM EST  

Scott, thanks for showing that adorable pic of Lily.

Dede, what a very very sad photo of the bear and of an idiot.

Thanks for starting the morning Jean.

Linda, so far excellent news. She doesn't want me on the oxygen but to control it with the medicine I'm on and the emergency inhaler. Would you believe that today my level was 96. Up, down, up, down. You think I was on a carnival ride. But, yes, even my 2 cigs have got to go. Just about. I'm giving myself to the weekend. Not to far away.

Kat, thanks for the beautiful Dahlia PFOTD.

Lori, Yuppers, just said to Linda that so far the news is tons better and I couldn't be happier. Who wouldn't right? I'm going to stay on the meds I'm on now and see her in a month. Fingers crossed big time. Tom and I stretched out the cord as good as we could, but as soon as I turn, I had to yank it back up.

OMG I have Lily and Hope on in the background and I hear all kinds of rumblings. Wow.

Jean, I'm thrilled to pieces that everything is on the upswing and I am dancing on air. Same meds, soon no oxy. and breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out. You would think I'm in labor. Roll eyes

Linda, what an excellent video of the Owl and the Hawk. Excellent photography job was done. Amazing and I loved the music too.

Laurie, thanks for the sweet Thursday card.

Judy, what a great video. Polar bears are so beautiful. Calling Dr. Judy, Calling Dr. Judy. Cute. Spiriva is what I have now. Now, I just have to clean out my lungs. Mmmm, maybe if I yell loud enough. Roll eyes

Dede, my cousin has the Pileated Woodpecker at her house. She has so many different birds than I do because she has more wooded area. If I lived by her, I would never take my nose out of the window. Rolling on floor laughing Your reply to Judy's post of the words.

Elle, they wanted to put those pics on cigarette packs here too, but I don't think they far anyway.

Akkkk, Judy, now I have to remove the OMG from my above post. Don't Panic Certain words certainly get overused and abused.

Anna, something wicked this way comes with all the strange things going on.

Lori, now your pics today are really making me cold. Snuggle and stay in kind of cold. Not so great day with cars, unless it would be with the Music Band..the Cars Lori, I'm wondering what that white thing in the den is too.

Aww, Jean, that's the stuff that I think about too. My Dad smoked about 2pk a day until his heart prob. Said he wouldn't live, but dropped the smokes just like that. He was 56 when he died. I'm 56. My Bday and the day he died always fall on the same day 1 wk apart. One of our numbers is the same too. When I turn 57 he will be gone 27 yr. Those numbers always match up too. I went to an angel seminar and when we meditated he showed up to be my Guardian Angel. I'm thinking things are a little too weird to play around with. Oh, yeah, just another coincidence. My license plates have his initials on it and the numbers 747(like a jet). They just came that way. So, now I pay to keep them that way. We're going to stick together with this dearest Jean.

Nancy, here I am, here I am. :hello: So far so good. Wants to take oxy. away and just stay on the medicine and a check up in a month. Couldn't believe my level was wonderful. I've breathed today the best I've had in a month. :dunno:

Here's the kicker. Now she pushed me to go for a colonoscopy. What does one have to do with the other. Puzzled I was in such a good mood that I said okay, I'll go already. LOL


Life Is What Happens While You're Busy Making Other Plans



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By: Iona (offline) on Thursday, January 06 2011 @ 07:33 PM EST  

Hi Guys Continuation of 1/2/11

Candy Thanks for the comment on school. As I mentioned to Sue, Iím nothing if I ainít stubborn. K-up is good practice for me, but Iíll be darned If I can type a cover letter for my resume. I just donít know what to write. Iím sorry to hear about your COPD. Please take care of yourself.

Scott I was on the Bear Cam earlier, and I was sure there was some kind of small animal right by Lilyís nose. It looked white in the infra-red light. Maybe it was a mouse or vole.

Dede I lost a lot of posted doing k-up that way. I only use that if I am making a small post.

Hi Scott Iíd wave back, but I keep forgetting to add icons after cut & paste.

Yeah I just hit Jeanís 1/3/10 greeting. BBL Love to all.

Chardon Ohio
35 miles south east of Cleveland


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By: grateful (offline) on Thursday, January 06 2011 @ 07:51 PM EST  

Evening Everyone! :hello:

Candy, I hope all is going okay and the doctor is starting you on the proper meds. We are all with you while you fight back. Hope we hear from you soon. Praying for you.Wub

Dede, now there is a real sportsman. I bet he wishes he never even saw a bear. Can you imagine the fallout he is getting Ė and he SHOULD!!!!! Hope they ban this in Colorado.

Linda, love your advice to Candy to keep the faith and think positive. Amen to that.
Isnít funny how we think of each other when we take pictures? If I see coots, I think of Anna, and the first thing I thought of when I saw the swans heading for us was how much you love swans. You also get trumpeter swans, we just have mute swans and they were introduced not native.

Lori and Linda, hawks have to be the toughest large birds to tell apart. Thought it was easy until I started really looking at them when I got my camera! You started all of us on the cams Linda.

Kat, what a dahlia!! I couldnít get that one saved fast enough. I double clicked and just lost myself in the beauty. Wub

Jean, double posting is quite easy while watching hockey. Titter

Linda, I will be looking at the Rough-legged hawk in a minute. Thank you for putting him up for us. Wow, on seeing the Red Fox. Good for you.

Judy, we only have white pelicans when they migrate here. They are not year round. Funny word list.

Pens and Canadiens tonight in Montreal!!! Sid cannot play. Probably from that rotten hit last night in the Tampa Bay game.

Dede, the books are always better than the movies. That is what the author wrote and what they do to it later is sometimes pathetic. We should exchange favorite book titles. I love the cozies for fun reading, but my favorite all time books would be totally different.
Beautiful pileated.

Elle, that is so great that the visit with your MIL went so well. Good for all of you.

Candy, Woooohoooooo! Great news. Do what the doctor says for sure! A colonoscopy is not so hard anymore. It is a great idea to have one. If you were down to 2/day you will be able to quit. Jean is quitting too, so you can team up!

1-0 Pens!!



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By: grateful (offline) on Thursday, January 06 2011 @ 07:55 PM EST  

Gord, where are you?? I miss you. Didn't Adam get the puter fixed Tuesday? You are probably watching hockey now.



Scott, the mike in the bear den is much better. I love hearing them, esp. Hope's sweet sounds.



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By: mmud (offline) on Thursday, January 06 2011 @ 08:11 PM EST  

Good evening :hello:

Pretty dahlia for PFOTD Kat. Smile

Thanks for the info, pics, and vids of the Rough-legged Hawk for BOTD Linda. Smile
Cool vid with the Snowy Owl.

Lovely greeting for Thursday Laurie. Smile

Pretty pic of the Pileated Woodpecker that your friend sent Dede. Smile
Click on image to download Love the response to Judy's forbidden list.

wave elle

Interesting "forbidden word" list Judy. I'm still gonna use the couple of em on occassion tho. Titter

There have been all sorts of strange die-offs lately Anna, but most have been explained, (to my satisfaction at least). Whistling
Cool shot of the Cormorant and Jackdaw. Coot and gull in the background?

It does look a little chilly there Lori.
Pretty pics of the icy lake, Adult & juvie eagles, and the gull relaxing on the water. Smile
Nice s'cap from the den cam.

Good luck with quitting smoking Jean. You can do it! Smile

Nice s'cap from the den Nanc. Smile
I think it's just a leaf hanging there.
(Not likin' the hockey game so far.) Titter

Thorough testing is the way to go Candy.
Hope these steps make your breathing easier. Smile

wave Iona

Hope everyone has a lovely evening. Nodding yes

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