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 Eagleholics Anonymous 2011
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By: Iona (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 09:04 PM EST  


Morning Jean

Morning Scott

Morning Judy

Morning Sue David was excited when he first retires too, but itís not like he thought it would be. He thought he would be spending time with his dad, but his dad passed away just before that. His brother got the house but hasnít moved in yet, because he is renovating it. Things will probable slow down a little once he decides what he wants to do with his time. He might want to spend time on his car.

Linda Iím glad you were safe from the storms. I feel very bad for the people who lost their lives. Glad you & Stacy enjoyed the movie.

WOW Sue Awesome turkey pics. Most Iíve seen at one time is ten.

Hi Elle That is a great birth date. I hadnít thought of that. My cousiní s daughter was the first baby born in the new year, but it was about 35 years ago.

Lori That is a beautiful card for BJ. It breaks my heart to think they would do that, and she never hurt anyone. I could understand if she did, because they say if they get the taste of blood they want more. I think they should put up an electric fence with a big enough jolt to wake those idiots up. If animals learn those ******** should too.

Linda I agree with you.

Lori I can guarantee to you, I donít look like that. I was in bed before the ball dropped.

Naoma We have a new station called Antenna TV and it plays old tv shows on it. Today they played an episode of Father Knows Best. Itís a good station. The first day they had a Stooges marathon also. Oh by today I mean the 4th.

Elle Itís a good idea to make it nationally known, but I wouldnít know how to or who to get a hold of. Itís not right to destroy an animal that minds its own business. They need to find a better way to protect the animals form ignorant people.

Linda That fine on BOTD. You have a lot going on right now. Have a good day at work.

Lori I take a lot of breaks during k-up, so I donít think I will have ant problems. Thanks for caring.

Nanc Is there any way something can be posted about what happened to BJ. Maybe people will realize what their stupidity caused. Sometimes that helps.

Judi To make a degree sign press Alt842 ͊ Have fun with your camera

Lori Thanks for that info. I still donít like it though.

Hi Carolyn

Sorry about the fireworks Jean.

Hi Anna

Scott Nice visitors at the feeders.

Lori It took me a while to figure out why you posted the sky pics. I remember someone sent you to get them in the show chat. They are very pretty and the show was fantastic.

Sue I love the light shining through the trees. I think the pic is great. It would make a great puzzle.

Dede The shows are a lot of fun, but I sure canít keep up with the chat. By the time I type something Iím way behind.

Hi Doug Beautiful eagle pict.

Annie Doesnít matter what is said K-up still continues on.

Lori Now you did it. I want pork chops, but David doesnít care for pork. Iíll have to see if I can talk him into it this weekend. That was a get show you did for CK & SM. You do such a great job with things like that.

Dede I love that pict. Itís very dramatic.

Naoma Nice sunset pict

Nanc Love the whistling ducks, and all the rest of the pics too. Love the Little Green Heron. I didnít realize they had green legs & feet too.

Dede That is a beautiful sunset from your friend.

Ck & SM I am so happy for you. Iím glad the show was so great to celebrate your love for each other, and Kat Iím glad we got to meet your sisters. Thanks for the fireworks.

Nanc Glad you were able to help your neighborís dog, and sorry Abigail was so upset by the fireworks. My two donít like them either.

Lori I agree. I donít think I every kicked off a better New Year. I really enjoyed spending it with so many friends, with such a great celebration.

Judy Glad you hid the keys.

Nite Elle

Hi Scott I guess I am on a mission, but I need the typing experience. I want to make sure I comment on all the awesome pics too.

Rose Great Peggyís Grove sunset pics.

Well I just reached the 2nd . Iím done for today. One thing nice about k-up now is a lot of it is mine, so thereís not as much to do. Love & hugs to all my AWESOME friends. See you tomorrow. sleepy Good night hug

Chardon Ohio
35 miles south east of Cleveland


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By: yalitldevl (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 09:04 PM EST  

Sue are you watching Paula's new dance show?? I'm liking it and we're into hour two wooooohooooo!! I loved the wee girl with the big spikes in her hair Wub

you cornfused me my Tx, I had to go back and look and the roundtoit is still there??? not long after you asked Jean for it Puzzled

Yeah it is scary Nanc thinking about the mighty river being gone. Like I said though I wonder if it's a long term cycle. Like back before stuff like that tracked. I guess time will tell huh? I really liked watching the wee critters eyes darting around the den stealing bedding. Made me wonder if it's a symbiotic relationship like with our eagles and the basement dwellers that eat the bugs and stuff?

holy schmoly Anna! first off that's a lot of fish but look at that clear view! Man we watched so many hours through algae and stuff huh? Thanks for that

awwww very cute Bev and great to see you as always. I'm glad we tickle your funny bone on your visits

Hey Linda! that's great about your day and your welcome for OTB. hehe to the two finger typing. I think a lot of people type that way and hey whatever works right? I remember watching Ruthie struggle with her two finger typing when the fingers pointed the wrong way. Man she was one determined girl I'll tell ya! The casserole turned out pretty yummy. One of these days I'll actually write down what I do so I can make things the same way twice Green LOL

Hey Iona! still at it huh? you must be getting close though right? You're welcome again for the goodies I posted and the sad things as well. Oh I'm glad you take breaks, I try to too. Not very successfully for the most part though. hehe sorry for making you want pork chops, I'm ready again too it's my fav. Ohhh man and with BFF it's chicken he don't like what a pain those apes can be Wooh I'm glad you liked the slideshow of Kat and Lance and yupper that was an awesome kickoff to 2011 for sure! Niters GF rest up and be sure to let us know how things are going at work/training

Have a good sleep loved ones, sweet dreams Wub sleepy

I would rather spend my life close to the birds than wishing I had wings

We are by nature observers, and thereby learners. That is our permanent state. ~ Emerson


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By: AnniesKatz (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 10:03 PM EST  

Good Evening Dear NestiesWub

Faint Exhausted but here. The sixth can't come soon enough for me although I think it'll be Friday before I get the break. I always have things I do for our store but the extra this time has been a lot due to year-end things and brisk business (a good thing). I wasn't going to do ketchup till tomorrow but y'all just can't be still so I don't want to get too far behind.

Yesterday and Today

Scott ~ Very intersting update on Lily and Hope...I can hear sounds from there but have to turn my volume way up. Yesterday I heard little Hope SNORING. I really am hoping they find that Lily is "with cub(s)". Actually I hope she only has one again since Hope is there. Beautiful eagle photo. I did go over and see your wonderful photos and have notes which I will post sap. Thanks for the Estonian White-tailed Eagle link; I was able to get it up a bit ago though it was still dark there.
Awwwwww, poor little Chase. Click on image to download I think it's harder on the adults though. I know it sure was with me and my son.

Thanks Jeannie for starting our day. Cute Tuit for Tx.
Oh, how very cute the chuppup copter and the 'help' cartoon is funny.

Thanks Nanc, They finally got the grapevine (south I-5 open...never did get the newspaper, but we did this morning ....peace at the breakfast table.
I'm so, so happy all is going well with the radiation and your numbers are good!hug
Nice s'cap of Lily and Hope.

Susie ~ You and me both! The weather has gotten a lot better; a few days ago she would not have been able to get here easily from Az. I worry for them now because there is going to be dense fog.
Love the s'cap of Lily and Hope. Like I told Scott, I heard Hope snoring yesterday...so sweet sound.

Hi Linda ~ That's a beautiful photo of the eagle with the fish.

Lori ~ Thank you for the OTB Mara River. The wildebeest are being challenged from all sides. Did you see the news about the highway they are going to build right smack through the Serengeti?! I am very, very disturbed by this; it will be right in their migration path.
I've had a convection oven for a long time and I love it for some things. It's great to use since it only takes 110 instead of the 220 the oven takes.

Moi? Elle? You first, you first!
Read the article from the link you posted.....another disturbing story.
Have to check out the Bee link later. I have read a lot of articles published locally about bees as they are so very important to our agricultural areas here.

Kat ~ Love the Lily PFOTD.

Aw Lori,hug I sure hope you aren't coming down with another bad bout. The last doesn't seem that long ago and it just wouldn't let you go.
I haven't made tuna casserole in like forever. Hubby does not like hot tuna. I like the receipe with the cream of celery soup with potato chips(?) on top. See, it's been so long I don't remember the whole thing.
Great s'caps of the little vermin varmit at the den. Susie isn't off the mark about it maybe being pregnant too. I don't think that's such a good thing.

Laurie ~ Thanks for the pretty cotd. Hope your migraine is better.hug

Anna ~ Very cool about the White-tailed eagles. I will love seeing eagles in your neck of the woods. I put the cam up but of course knew it would be dark there.
Thanks for the great s'cap of the fish. When I checked there a day or so ago, I saw nothing!

Hi Iona ~ Have I told you how much I admire your tenacity. Your idea to hone your typing skills with ketchup is a good one. Are you still liking it at the dialysis center?

Judy ~ Love the s'cap from WR. Cute post for Iona.
You're making me want turkey! It's one of my favorite meats!

Candy ~Click on image to download You are on my mind GF. hug

I'm going to eat a late dinner now and probably won't be back so I'm sending Red Heart 'n hug to ((((((((((EVERYONE))))))))))

Annie ~ April 2009


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By: cockatiel (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 10:07 PM EST  


Scott, funny about the mice and little critters with the bears. At least they are nice and furry. It's the other creepy crawlers that give me the creepy crawlies. I read that if you sleep with your mouth open, you get all kinds of critters in your mouth and even swallow them. Oh My Beautiful pic of the eagle.

Dede, sorry, I'm here a bit late from your comment. Well I won't know what goes on from here. I was at the ER on Monday, which is why I'm late. Had to bring home oxygen for sleeping and an emergency little canister if I think I'm going to need it during the day. I go to my family doc for a follow up on Thursday.


Jean thanks for the start and Laurie for the card.

Anna, very nice pics of the Goosander and interesting fact about their teeth. Funny what you wrote about the water plants with the Moorhen. Yup, I squinted and saw even flowers coming up too. Titter The Heron and Teal are very pretty, and a fantastic rainbow.

Judy, strange happening with those birds and fish and now more birds as I have read about, today, Tuesday.

Lori, excellent finish job on Kat and Lance's piece. A work of heart, er, art. Smile Nodding yes Crow raises kitten, Babies and Animals always give love to us.

Kat, pretty PFOTD

Elle, it is going to be quite interesting when they come back with the findings on all those poor birds and the others that followed and then fish too, yikes. Your meal sounds fantastic. I couldn't get the picture of the food out of my mind.

Lori, thanks for providing the scaps of Ma and Pa. What a boss she is. I love the clear pic of the WR eagles. The way Rachel is going, she is going to fly right past our knowledge of computers. How sweet.

Judy, love the pic of the fly in at WR.

Annie, after the birds, the fish was a shocker also. Don't slave to hard over the office work.

Starr, hilarious animal video. Left thumb up Very nice Monday show collage.

Gord, pretty New Year video and words.

Anna, I love the Coot says I Love You pic.

Nancy, Pierogis on their way, just tell me which kind you would like. Nodding yes I live through your and everyone's pics. I wish I was so talented.

Scott, thanks for the info about the sound at the den. Funny photo of Lily and another fantastic eagle shot.


Jean, thanks for the heads up for today. :hello: Love, love, love your helicopters. Grin

Nancy, thanks for your thoughts. I received a new addition to my arsenal...oxygen. I've got my boxing gloves on for the fight. You keep taking care of yourself too. If you give me your address, I'll FedEx some pierogis hot and fresh. LOL

Linda, sharp looking photo of the eagle and his lunch with pure enjoyment.

Lori, OTB....what a herd of animals. Hope things get turned around over there ecologically. Does that oven come with food included? If not, I'd ask for a discount. No code in the node allowed.

Iona, all I can say is "Holy Mackeral You sure are in it for the long run. Oh My

Kat, thanks for the pretty PFOTD.

Elle, yuppers another problem with those bees. I try and plant what I can so the bees are welcome in my garden.

Nancy & Sue love the pics of Lily and Hope. What a yawn and sleepy eyes.

Laurie, sweet Tuesday card......I giggle every time I look at your avatar.

Sue, mean to tell you how much i'm liking Lucky and Mom avatar. That's my baby(notice I stake a claim?)

Lori, funny with the vole/mouse glowing eyes.

Jean, funny captions and pics for Iona.

Judy and Lori, I'm going to have to build myself and extra room and monitors so I can see all that you both see.

Scott, I hope Chase handles those shots well. Ouch

Bev, :hello: and thanks for the caring words and sweet card. Nodding yes

Naoma, Tom pamper me? Oh, boy, do I wish. He just tells me to take it easy and not do too much and then walks away. Uhhhhh, that means..."I'm being concerned but not stretching my hand out with the dust rag". Rolling on floor laughing

So, here's the latest but not the last. I went to ER yesterday morning because my head felt full of pressure. They did a cat scan of my head and sinuses and found nothing. Well I could have told them ahead of time that I was a little empty up there. So, they did the oxygen level and it was 88. Gave me meds and air and it went up to 98. Went for a walk and went back down to 88. So, the air tank gets attached to me nose. Then yadda, yadda, yadda...phone call to fam doc and head doc and junk like that. They send me home with a personal, carryall, handy dandy oxygen tank and I have a humongous one delivered to use at bedtime. "Not too loud they say, sound is similar to a dehumidifier." Holy crapola, I have a dehumidifier in the basement and I'm happy it's down there so I DON'T have to listen to it. They bring that big honker at 8pm. I was not in the mood for that thing that late. So, today I had my yearly appt with my neurologist.....told ya all I was missing a few and blood draw and now I'll see my fam doc on Thursday for follow up. What a way to spend the last few days. Time for me to don my jammies, listen to my machine huffing and puffing and then lulling me to sleep. Geez. Ain't life grand? Forever Smile and always Wink onward ho.

Nitey niters. Sleepy


Life Is What Happens While You're Busy Making Other Plans



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By: grateful (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 10:21 PM EST  

Candy, I meant bring the pierogies and come here and rest. Do what the doctors say and get yourself strong! Way to keep your spirits up! Hang in there GF. hug

Scott, I forgot to ask you how Chase is doing now after all those shots. Poor thing.




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By: Woodlands Bleu (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 10:26 PM EST  
Woodlands Bleu

Candy, friend....there is no way I can get into the loop, however, I wish to wish you better health, happy days and much joy. You are a delightful friend!

Nancy, Yes I love Hamish Macbeth, Even Evans, most of the British shows (the new Sherlock Holmes is incredible) and Rhy Bowen's books, along with others. We sure did not know we had that in common. I also love Georgette Heyer, Josephine Tey and Dorothy Sayer books! Barbara has a common love for the same things. I do not watch TV much but read a ton. the Hamish Macbeth DVD has 3 series in it. It does not follow the books but goes off differently, which actually pleases me as you can never have anything live up to what you envision in a book! One movie I adored was "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day".....have you seen it?

We need to talk sometime!

Hi my EA buddies - Love to you!

Choose joy.......
Since Sept 2009.


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By: yalitldevl (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 10:30 PM EST  

{{{{{{{Candy}}}}}}} Wub I was still online monkeying around and just had to come back. Man alive GF that's a lot for you to take in so fast. Gee I'm so sorry about all this and I hope you can adjust well to meds and that they can get a grip on this so your life doesn't change too much too fast. I know you mentioned your brother coming over a lot, I hope he's more helpful than Tom and I sure wish he'd step up more to ease your load. I wish I was closer...I wish a lot of things I guess. Just wanted to drop you a note is all and tell you we all love you and are here for you in any way we can be ok?

might as well get caught back up while I'm here

you're welcome Annie for OTB and noooo I didn't see that! geee huh? Oh there you go so you have the convection. I know my sisters got used every single day pretty much. If it wasn't it, it was the BBQ so their oven rarely got used. I just took a Tylenol flu pill and I'm hoping by morning I wake up better. That's happened before and yes you're right! That last one was a whopper and a half! I used celery soup in mine but no chips though, that's a new one on me. Ohhh I still haven't gotten a cornbread recipe! man alive. Isn't that funny about hubby, seems all of us have a male that won't eat something we like. No I don't think a bunch of baby voles/moles/mice running around would be good either. I'm glad I got to see you tonight GF, good thing I came back for our Candy

hehe Candy, a work of heart for sure! I'm glad you liked it and the crow/kitten vid. Right we can never get too much of those sweet animal relationships. You're welcome for the 'scaps, OTB and our sweetpea. I'm sure you're right kids are amazing on computers. haha I wish the oven did come with maybe a chef? Yes Ma'am, no code in node! Got it! That's what you need, one full wall of monitors. oh man dread the thought! Now listen while I think about this, my sister had that machine also and here's what we did but you need to be careful. We ran air hoses clean out to the diningroom and put the machine there. You just have to watch the hose doesn't get kinked but it doesn't need to be right in the bedroom is all I'm saying. I hope you can get some sleep and be sure to tell us what the neuro says ok?

mmmm perogies Nanc! now I want some

awww Hi Carolyn, so sweet of you to stop in again! It's always so great for me cause I get to see Miss Bleu taking her dive of joy! Thanks so much my friend and love back to you also

our for real...exit stage left Green LOL

I would rather spend my life close to the birds than wishing I had wings

We are by nature observers, and thereby learners. That is our permanent state. ~ Emerson


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By: grateful (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 10:37 PM EST  

Carolyn, Are you kidding me? You are naming my favorite authors. One of the funnniest things that M.C. Beaton was talking about was how she didn't like the guy who was playing Hamish. I hope we get others to try his series (Beaton) starting at the beginning. I love him. She also has a series writing as Marion Chesney which are good also.
I am planning on visiting my son this spring and will let you know when we get it planned. Can't wait to see you.

Wonder how close Jean and Naoma are to north of Houston?

Lori, that is really beautiful!



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