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 Eagleholics Anonymous 2011
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By: anna-holland (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 05:30 PM EST  

I can`t believe it is already 22.00 hour...

Annie and Starr Thanks for the card/collageWub

Nancy Glad you also like the Merganser. The feathers on their head in the wind look like hair Grin and their bills is the same as the Cormorant.

Sue Your welcome for the pictures :hello:

mmudYou have eagle eyes... I saw the double rainbow a bit but did not mention it because it was not clear enough...
I read that today in Louisiana 500 birds died and that in US the last half year, had 90 cases like this. 5 of them about more 1000 animals. Hit by the lightning they thinkPuzzled
Sunshine on Monday for you.....great pict. again. What is the juvie little compare to the eagle..The big house with the eagles in the garden sounds like a perfect house for you Nodding yes
" Is the reserve you go to Oostvaardersplassen, and if so, do the White-tailed Eagles still have a nest there? Because of your question the hours the place, never been there.....but I thought about it a lot to visit someday...It is a big area but now I found out about some bird watch houses....
It is about 60 - 70 km away from my house. I read the White-tailed Eagles started a nest in 2006 and next year the build another nest close by the old nest. A pity the camera was on the old nest. ( I did not found more info about the cam)Every year they have young ones. Last year , 2010, they had 1 young. In May the nest fall down because of the bad weather, the little one did make it well. Now they saw them at the old nest again. In 2010 2 other pair of White-tailed Eagles making nest in the Netherlands.
Thanks for the question, I had a great time.
Click on image to download

JEANieBean You are amazing Green LOL what a great Chuppup Clapping

Linda Have a super time, great pict. , see the fish in his billSmile

LoriStrange view a river without water.....

Iona " I am still doing it to practice my typing." Ooohhhh, thats can write about everything here...tell about your hobby or holiday or ...what you like Smile

elle Thanks for the newspaper link, nice to see David`s name and mention the Mississipi Smile " Hancock predicts that thousands of eagles will begin showing in the inter-mountain waterways of the American Midwest, particularly the Mississippi River."
O O now I see the bee story.....weird world....Puzzled

"what you send is what you get"


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the Netherlands

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By: Iona (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 05:36 PM EST  


Hi Jean

Hey Scott I love that movie, Airplane. Itís a lot better than the movie it spoofed. I commented on your thread on the pics.

Hi Bev Thanks for the New Years Card

Hi Sue Pretty New Years card.

PJ Thanks for kitty in the sandal COTD

Linda Enjoy your day, and thanks for word that you will try to call Gord.

Anna That is some walk you & Brigitte went on. Glad you Mom like you Apple dough. Anna I think the people know the rope was there to keep them safe, they just didnít care and BJ paid the price for their stupidity. I think I will pass on the shop Anna, thanks anyway.

Lori Thanks for the New Years fireworks.

Linda Thanks for the Bufflehead BOTD

Lori Sure hope the eagles enjoyed the dinner you left them. Iím sure there was more than enough to go around by the looks of the pile you left.

Hi Diana Thanks for the New Years card. Stop in again

Candy Sorry to hear about the bronchitis. I used to get that a couple times a year, until I changed jobs. Turned out mine was from working with liquid nitrogen. Hope all is well soon. Thanks for the New Years wishes.

PJ Thanks for the beautiful New Years card, and friendship card. Hope you enjoy your 3 day weekend.

Awe Starr That card for Candy is too cute.

Elle Thanks for the New Years card.

Jean Pretty card for Candy.

Doreen Thanks for the New Years card

Judy What a pretty card for Candy.

Sue Love that teddy card for Candy

Jean Thanks for the Lily Cam info.

Lori What a great pic of your little water fall. Love the bears for Candy.

Annie Love you message to Candy. Nice card to PJ too.

Sue Love the pics of Scooter, Misty, & Lucky. Scooter must make a great heater. Hehe

Linda Thanks for the info on Gord. You were pretty easy on the hunters, but thatís probably for the best. They can be jerks at timer.

Donna Thanks for the New Years fireworks.

Awe Rose such a cute card for Candy. Thanks for the New Years card.

Anna Thanks for the video of Ma & Pa nestorating

Starr Thanks for the wonderful & meaningful toast. Awesome card & Music

Karen Love the New Years cards

Awesome card for Ruud & Anna Jeen

Starr Thanks for the link to the party, but I was sleeping.

Nanc Iím so sorry about BJ. We will all miss her. Sending lots of love & Hugs GF

Jean Looks the Rooster is ready to Party

Carolyn Thanks for the poem, and so sorry you have been sick. Please get well soon.

Nanc Great fireworks card and I agree thanks Lori for bringing us all together.

Thanks for the video Jean. They do that line dance in Ohio too.

Anna Awesome fireworks

Lori I remember that video. The side step is so cute.

Nanc & Lori I love the bear cam too

Gord Great to hear form you. Love the card, and glad you enjoyed your time a the bird count.

Lori That sure is a cute card you gave Gord after spanking him.

Scott I see your back. That must mean this day is about done.

Barbara Thanks for the New Years card.

Awe Lori Thanks for Baxter & Finn They are so cute.

Annie WoooooHooooo to Pooh & friends.

Hi CK & SM Have a great time doing your remodel job.

Thanks PJ I will remember that. Have a good nights sleep.

Beautiful sky shots Naoma. Hard to believe you have dandelions already, but it is Tx.

Great cards Linda & Lil

This day is over. I see Jeans greeting up next. BBL

Chardon Ohio
35 miles south east of Cleveland


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By: Anonymous: naturelady () on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 06:05 PM EST  
Anonymous: naturelady

Jean and Lori. lol After I did that early morning ketchup this morning when I was done I fell back to sleep for an hour or so so that was a good thing. But if anyone really wants to see what me and Jean and Scott are up to in those wee hours they'll just have to come join us and see.Wink

Lori, your tuna casserole sounds yummy. I was lazy and cheap and decided we haven't had Sloppy Joes in a very long time so I just fixed that, some baked beans and had some potato chips too and that was it. Quick and easy to fix and no mess in the kitchen too. Hey I got a glimpse of Lucky and Scooter just a few moments ago and took some pics. All of them turned out black.Evil Then hubby showed me the setting for night time. Duh....:oops: Now they are gone. Oh well..... maybe next time. Lucky was acting like he got into some cat nip somewhere. I could barely follow him with the cam he was running to fast. Running in circles chasing leaves! Jumping on the deck and immediately jumping off. I guess it doesn't take much for Lucky to have fun out there.Smile Oh, Lori you did great on that typing test. On all my previous jobs over the years that was always part of my job....typing like crazy all day. So I think you did great. And be careful too because you don't want any more pain than you already have,

Hope everyone has a good evening.:hello:

By: nonniejean8 (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 06:15 PM EST  

:hello: Iona

You've got the "condensed version" down pat, GF!

Joined ~ Friday 10/2/2009


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North Texas, USA

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By: yalitldevl (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 06:30 PM EST  

the vole or mouse in the den was going crazy! It seems to have burrowed on the side now cause it looked like it jumped up and down. You can see his eyes light up, he's pretty fat I wonder what he's eating?

Click on image to download

Click on image to download

Click on image to download

That was some great info Scott Anna, I really enjoyed it. Yes it's not good for the river to be dried up for sure! Guess that means all the wildebeast and other animals will get across and the alligators would die. Maybe it's a long term cycle.

Hey Iona, there was a lot of fish! I was shocked that every scale was gone sheesh. I'm glad you enjoyed the vids and pics and stuff GF. I love that side-step too, so cute. Ripped at my heart seeing them again, I can't wait till spring wooohoooo babies!!

hehe Sue, I think your secret will be safe from me cause I'm usually still sawing logs. The casserole was pretty good and BFF went and ate round two which was planned as his lunch tomorrow. Oh well, back to the drawing board I guess. awwwwwwwwww shoot to the pics of our sweet Lucky! That's a scream, he must have found some catnip or something. Wub heheee well means he's healthy and happy that's for sure.

Thanks Judy for the WR alert and me too, I watch the 4 cams and the bears now.

cute for Iona Jean Titter

I would rather spend my life close to the birds than wishing I had wings

We are by nature observers, and thereby learners. That is our permanent state. ~ Emerson


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By: Anonymous: naturelady () on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 06:37 PM EST  
Anonymous: naturelady

Lori, maybe its big because she will be having little ones soon too.Wooh

Click on image to download

By: mmud (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 06:42 PM EST  


Lovely greet for Tuesday Laurie. Smile

Shhhhhhhhhh Jean & Sue. Titter

Chase had to go for a couple of shots this morning so I got an earlier start to my day Lori. Smile
That link to the White-tailed eagles is working for me now. It's the middle of the night there so is just black.
There's another link to a nest on HWF's site too. I'll have to check that one later tonight as well.

Thanks for the answers about the reserve Anna. Smile
You found out more information that I did last night. I couldn't find out anything about last year.
Maybe the fact that I can't read Dutch gave you a little advantage. Titter
I think that's pretty cool the way they were being re-introduced to parts of Europe, but the first pair in The Netherlands came on their own and built their nest.

wave Iona

Nice s'cap from White Rock Judy. Smile
That link isn't a problem. Norton just wants to make sure you want to go there. If it was malware it would have just blocked it and not given you the choice.
Glad you're enjoying the pics.

Nice s'caps from the den cam Lori & Sue. Smile

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Chilliwack, B.C.

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By: yalitldevl (offline) on Tuesday, January 04 2011 @ 06:50 PM EST  

nothing wrong with patting your own back about the yummy turkey Judy! I'm glad it turned out so well

Ohhh man Sue, won't that be wild but you're likely right cause they're like rabbits I think

hahaaa shhhhh indeed Scott! ouchie to the shots for wee Chase. Poor wee Rach couldn't get the one cause she's allergic to eggs so they have to wait for more allergy tests. Ok thanks about the link, I'll check it out. As if I need another cam to get hooked on but what the heck right hehe.

awww thanks {{{{Judy}}}} hug

I would rather spend my life close to the birds than wishing I had wings

We are by nature observers, and thereby learners. That is our permanent state. ~ Emerson


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On Lake Huron,

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