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 White Rock 2012 - Bald Eagle Cam
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By: mini (offline) on Friday, September 21 2012 @ 07:24 PM EDT  

Hi WR Friends Very shocked shall I say to have read all that. All I can say is Thank you to Karenb, Debs, Ken, Mike & every other tech support (any support of these great cams) You all do an amazing job and should be patted on the back or a big hug

Hope Ken is well and that you get your equipment dried out or new ones Karen..sorry to here of both accidents.

David...you are one in a million. Thank you

An oldie but...why not
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:hello: Hi Annie


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By: Julie Powell (offline) on Friday, September 21 2012 @ 08:18 PM EDT  
Julie Powell

I am appalled that anyone would have the audacity to complain about the cameras and information given for their off line condition on this site! As I understand it,the site it is not a therapy and or counseling site for those who have health problems! It is also free and although they do their VERY BEST, and it works perfectly 99% of the time when the birds are home, we have complainers who DEMAND service and answers,not because they are missing the Eagles but because they are personally inconvenienced! That takes nerve and a few other words I could use but will let you fill them in. How dare they complain about the Principles and volunteers. It is a privilege to be able to watch this site and there is no inherent right to anything! We are all here for the love and conservation of Eagles, not for the entertainment of people who don't have enough to do! I am constantly reminded that the eagles are much more civilized and reasonable than some of the humans that watch them!!
My sincere apologies to the staff and volunteers at HWF, that in the midst of serious conservation and educational work, at great personal and financial expense they would have to justify their actions and schedule to people sitting at home! Unbelievable and really bad manners! JulieSitting eagle


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By: IrishEyes (offline) on Friday, September 21 2012 @ 08:59 PM EDT  

I really think some of the comments about health was just a way some have of expressing them selves and how grateful they are to have this cam that helps them.... i have seen the same comments before on other nest threads.... we all gave Karen, Ken , David and the whole team our full support and thanked them for all they do to keep the cams streaming.. they have my total admiration for what they do and they know that..... it is indeed a PRIVILEGE....

Helpful Hints Be respectful ..Bev !


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By: sassyk (offline) on Friday, September 21 2012 @ 09:06 PM EDT  

I am sorry there are some members who are unhappy about the problems with the cam. Things do not always work out the way we hope they will and this seems to be one of those times. However, this is the time of year when the eagles are off feasting on the spawned out salmon in the northern regions and it is better to get the problems fixed now so that we can enjoy watching our beloved eagles when they lay their eggs and tend to their chicks in the spring. While waiting for the eagles to return to their nests we can watch some of the other birds and animals on the live cams; some of them are very entertaining and quite fun to watch.

I applaud David, Karen, Ken and everyone else involved with setting up and maintaining the cams; they all do a marvellous job. I have had the privilege of personally witnessing the cam cleaning and maintenance at the Sidney nest site a few years ago and I know how much time and effort they all put into making sure the equipment is working properly so we the members and the public can enjoy watching and learning about the eagles. It costs a lot of money to purchase and maintain the equipment each and every year. Please consider donating or purchased items such as calendars, Christian's prints or book to help keep the cams running so we will have the pleasure of watching our beloved eagles for another season.

Karen, thanks so much for all of your updates and I am so sorry your binocs and camera were damaged. Thank heavans you weren't!! Sorry to hear Ken was injured and needed to be stitched up but happy to hear he is OK. Please give him my best wishes for a speedy recovery and thanks so much for all you do for HWF hug

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By: Jean (offline) on Friday, September 21 2012 @ 10:48 PM EDT  

I have not checked WR for a few days, as I know the cams are down and our lovely feathered friends are not here anyway. I was shocked to see what a ruckus has happened here! Karen, I really hope you are okay. Losing a camera and binocs is not fun but they can be replaced. I know how scary that must have been for you just to go down in the water! We are fortunate to have you and I hope you can take some time for yourself so you feel better. I also want to express my apprecitation for every single person who contributes in any positive way to this site! I think that things behind the scenes can get very complicated and I don't feel that everyone needs to know every little detail. I'm sure if it were possible to have things running smoothly it would be done! So people need to show more patience with the whole process. The benefits we get from this site far outweigh the minor problems that occur and we all need to show appreciation for the work of so many volunteers who willingly give their time. Ken, hope you are feeling better soon........your work is very much appreciated.

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time;............they have the heart..........Elizabeth Andrew


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By: Debs (offline) on Saturday, September 22 2012 @ 12:39 AM EDT  

Evening WR wave

Just poppin in to wish all our new and existing members a very Good Night hug

I wanted to share one of my favorite sunsets at the nest .... as you see I could not just pick one Green LOL ... enjoy.

Click on image to download

Click on image to download

Click on image to download

SED (Sweet Eagle Dreams) to each and everyone of you Sleepy hug


May you enjoy all of the simple "pleasures or gifts" that surround you.
Let your spirit soar!

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By: enchantedeagles (offline) on Saturday, September 22 2012 @ 02:01 AM EDT  

As one who has only watched this cam for the last 2 years and enjoyed tremendously, I have never posted. As one who cannot donate due to limited funds, I am amazed to be able to witness such beauty and tenderness of these eagles. I just checked in to see how things were going with the nest. As usual I start several days back and was upset about some of the negative remarks made. I do watch other sites and am aware of the hard work, expense and difficulty to keep any cam going. So, I hope the team for the White Rock eagles know there are many of us who do appreciate all of the efforts to bring us this insight to nature's wonders. The fact that they are trying to even bring us more views to watch is terrific. But, if I understand correctly, their efforts is not for us, but for the eagles. The old nest is in danger of falling, if I understand correctly. The TEAMS hard work is to give the parents a choice for a possible more secure nesting site for their future eaglets. That is the main purpose and in my humble opinion, should be the priority, the eagles should come first, not us. I hope we can watch another successful year but if not, I at least hope our parents will successfully raise another pair of beautiful eaglets. Now back to lurking. Thank everyone for the efforts, their knowledge and the beautiful pictures posted for us to enjoy. Bravo



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By: mini (offline) on Saturday, September 22 2012 @ 02:04 AM EDT  

:hello: Oh so many of you WR Friends Have a great night everyone

Smile Nightowl


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