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 White Rock 2012 - Bald Eagle Cam
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By: AnniesKatz (offline) on Friday, September 21 2012 @ 04:18 PM EDT  

So sorry about your binocs and camera Karen.Sad I was going on what you had told me earlier.

Annie ~ April 2009


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By: Woodlands Bleu (offline) on Friday, September 21 2012 @ 05:14 PM EDT  
Woodlands Bleu

2:12 pm

I am so sorry about all of this Karen. I hope Ken heals quickly. I am truly sorry about your fall, camera and binoculars.

The work y'all do is highly appreciated by all of us. Thank you for that detailed report on what is happening.

Choose joy.......
Since Sept 2009.


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By: MaryF (offline) on Friday, September 21 2012 @ 05:53 PM EDT  

Hi Karen---Thanks for the report and your comments. You know that I am completely behind you, Ken, and Mike and especially our beloved David. Without y'all we wouldn't exist!! Sorry to hear about Ken and am glad that he would be OK. And all of your equipment!!! Oh the shame

I think perhaps that those newly signed up members making a complaining first post, who say they have been watching for years, really might not have any idea how far our wonderful HWF team must travel to do this repair and renovation work or about the large expense and difficulty involved in keeping our cams running. They just need to be patient like the rest of us have learned to be over the years. I'm sure that we will see this beautiful family again--- hopfully sooner than later! Wub

Thanks for all that you and David and your team do for us!!!! hug


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By: jkr (offline) on Friday, September 21 2012 @ 06:22 PM EDT  

I had no idea early this morning when I posted about the cameras that Ken had been hurt. I have since called him and he assures me he will be fine "once the seven stitches come out and following doctors orders to rest for a few days." I am so glad he is okay........ and Karen, binoculars and cameras can be replaced BUT YOU CAN'T BE !! It's a relief that you're all okay.
Accidents do happen more frequently when there is rush work to be done so please all of you be careful out there. hug



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Beautiful B.C.

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By: Anonymous: mholmes () on Friday, September 21 2012 @ 06:36 PM EDT  
Anonymous: mholmes

wave Good Afternoon everyone and especially Karen...well said my friend!!! If I could give you a standing "O" I would. I have enjoyed this forum for years as well without much as I'd love to have the cams on everyday, I understand that things happen and I'm with most of our viewers, Ken does us all a great service, both for the stars, the Sitting eagle of course, but all of us as well and if it takes 3 months or what ever, then it does.
Hope Ken is feels better asap.

a smile is like a day of sunshine...

By: IrishEyes (offline) on Friday, September 21 2012 @ 06:40 PM EDT  

Boston....I am sorry to hear that you are having serious medical problems.. what ever they are i pray that you find comfort /relief soon.... hug

Sorry.. i meant to mention that in my previous post...

Helpful Hints Be respectful ..Bev !


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Nova Scotia,Canada.

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By: karenbills (offline) on Friday, September 21 2012 @ 06:40 PM EDT  

Thanks, Mary, for your support. Yes, I guess many of the newer members do not realize that to get to or from the Chehalis/Harrison cams involves an hour and a half of driving from David's place each way!! It's also a good hour for Ken to get out there and he is paid by the hour!!

While I have not personally had the time to check the financial records to see if any of these "new" members have previously purchased anything from us or made a donation, they often have not done so. You're right about that, Mary.

Thanks for your comments also, Judy. I'm just so thankful that my fall into the cold river happened on our way back to the boat, which had gotten stuck in the too shallow water. On the way out to the tower, the five strong men were carrying lots of heavy equipment through the water and David had handed me his expensive cam with the long heavy lens. I was really afraid of falling with that in my hands while my own cam and binocs were hanging from my neck. My equipment is a lot less expensive to have to replace than David's.

The river has many drop offs but there are also many shallow places that caused the boat to get stuck. The guys kept getting out of the boat to push or pull the boat closer to the tower. Poor Larry/urban eagle even had to dive down under the boat at one point to unplug the motor that had gotten filled with gravel. It was quite an ordeal that we are glad is over.

Member since 2006.


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By: SandyinIN (offline) on Friday, September 21 2012 @ 07:00 PM EDT  

wave Hi everyone. I've had the privilege of watching Hornby Island Mom and Dad for two seasons and fell in love with them. When Doug stopped streaming the cams I found White Rock and fell in love all over again. I have ordered Christian's new book and sincerely hope the orders are enough for printing. I thank HWF for the privilege of watching the cams and will patiently wait for them to come online again.

Karen, I'm so glad you are ok, and I'm sorry for your camera and binocular loss. I would be lost without my camera!! I take it everywhere. Ken, get well and be careful! Stitches are not any fun especially working with wildlife. Thanks for everything all the staff does at HWF. Watching these wonderful cams is a privilege, not a right! I also have health issues as a lot do and the cams take my mind off everything and to places I will never be able to go in person. I am getting things done that I wouldn't be able to if they would be on anyway. giggle Thanks again for everything!


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