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 White Rock 2012 - Bald Eagle Cam
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By: aktom (offline) on Thursday, September 20 2012 @ 04:36 PM EDT  

It would be very nice if we had a real update as what is happening with the White Rock Cameras. not just it the cable co, or its this and that. It has been from about Aug 3rd that the Cameras have not worked right. Thanks


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By: nightowl (offline) on Friday, September 21 2012 @ 03:00 AM EDT  


Hey mini!

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By: mini (offline) on Friday, September 21 2012 @ 04:11 AM EDT  

Smile Nightowl


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By: jkr (offline) on Friday, September 21 2012 @ 08:20 AM EDT  

Quote by: aktom

It would be very nice if we had a real update as what is happening with the White Rock Cameras. not just it the cable co, or its this and that. It has been from about Aug 3rd that the Cameras have not worked right. Thanks

Hi aktom and welcome to HWF. :hello:
This time of year all of the eagles are away from their nesting territories and the camera crew is busy doing installs and upgrades. During this time there are bound to be glitches until everything is set up and running smoothly.
With so many locations and cameras to install it is taking awhile because there are few people available to do an excess amount of work.
Ken has been in contact with the cable company and all he can do at this point is wait until they are done so he can get things running again. Sorry that it is taking so long but he's doing all he can. Thankfully the eagles give us a few weeks to do the work before their return.



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Beautiful B.C.

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By: Boston (offline) on Friday, September 21 2012 @ 01:27 PM EDT  

I have read the answer to Aktom's post. I still feel I need to post my feelings about the camera situation.

Regarding the White Rock Eagle Cams:

This is a forum message, a letter and a Plea to David Hancock , Ken , Mike and all the moderators of the
HWF WR forum. I am writing this from my own point of view with the knowledge that I am not alone in my thinking. I am a 2 year viewer of the beautiful WR eagle family. I, like many others as well am suffering through some serious medical issues. When I am having a bad day or night with pain or problems sleeping the Wide Angle camera at WR has been my prescription to make me feel better.The last date I was able to use the full screen Wide Angle camera was Friday August 3rd, since then the cams have been down or working very poorly. Since the cams went down we have been told that (the modem has had it) (the IP address has been changed) (the streaming rate is too slow) and most recently (it's a Shaw's cable issue) The eagles could be back any day
now , but eagles or not someone should make it a priority to get the cameras operating. Since the loss of Richard Pitt it seems communication has become very spotty between HWF , the technicians and Shaw's cable. (This is the way i see the facts.)

Thank you to Russ and Ellen for allowing us this wonderful view of the eagles and the surrounding area.

It was an amazing 2011 - 2012 season with 2 strong healthy new eagles to an eagle toy and a late season
adoption of a 3rd eaglet.

I continue my fight to be here for the 2013 season from nestorations to fledge.

Peace Love Eagles

Boston (Kathy)



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By: amyklai (offline) on Friday, September 21 2012 @ 01:56 PM EDT  

Hello, E1:

Regarding whiterock nest cameras -

Like Boston and AKtom said, most of us watching the WR cameras do it for the eagles and the view. So much has happened this season, yet it takes days to get an honest response to issues. Sure, we know people are busy, but it looks to me that the community, and our feelings, do not really matter. The cameras serve lots of people in different ways. My way? I enjoy the lovely sunsets. Come on; you owe us a better response than that "Ken is busy."

Thank you,

Sofia, AKA Amyklai


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By: karenbills (offline) on Friday, September 21 2012 @ 02:24 PM EDT  

I'm sorry but Ken is only one person. Richard died and we have to deal with that. To make matters worse, Ken just had an accident on Tuesday out at the Chehalis tower cam site as he was trying to do some pre-installation work with the wiring. He had to be taken to hospital but will be okay, thank God.

On Wednesday David and I, along with a work crew waded out in the cold water to install the cams so that you all can watch the eagles this winter feasting on the salmon carcasses when there is nothing else to watch. This is the world's largest concentration of raptors in only a 2 sq. mile area. I fell in a deep hole that I didn't see in the river and there went my camera and binocs which are not waterproof!! So to see these comments accusing us of lying to you is reprehensible.

Please be patient. The eagle cams can only be done at this time of year while the birds are up north where the carcasses are plentiful. When the rivers freeze up there they can't get to the dead fish under the ice. They will come to the Chehalis/Harrison river estuary where our 2 PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cams will show the eagles interacting with each other as they fight over the same carcass.

Once all the cams are installed, then and only then can Ken do the necessary work to get them connected to the Internet. The problem at White Rock is very complex and has gotten worse over the last couple of months. The tech at Shaw has been on holidays. I think he was due back this week but probably has lots of other problems to deal with as well as those of HWF.

I guess some of our newer viewers and members do not realize that a lot of other organizations with eagle cams turn off their cams during the non-nesting season. We do not. As long as we can keep the cams working, we run them year round. This is the first time that the White Rock cam has been out of commission for such a long time. We did not have this problem with it last year.

It's nice that you enjoy the view and sounds even when the birds are not here. I do too but it's just not possible right now. Please give us a break. Better yet, our donations don't begin to cover the extreme costs and David Hancock has continued to make up the difference!! We get absolutely no government grants and have no major sponsors. Other places have had to turn off their cams or discontinue them altogether due to the high costs. So, if you really enjoy these cams, please put your money where your mouth is and send HWF a donation. See five easy ways to donate:


Thanks for your understanding and continued support of HWF and our bald eagles.

Member since 2006.


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By: Debs (offline) on Friday, September 21 2012 @ 02:42 PM EDT  

Karen wave So sorry to hear that Ken had an accident while on duty no less (talk about dedication~thank you Ken) ~~ so glad to hear he will make a full recovery Left thumb up

What bad luck you had loosing your camera and binocs so very glad you never got injured! Appreciate the update and warmest thanks to you to David and the entire team Wub for all that you do

to keep us connected to these beautiful families Red Heart 24/7 we appreciate it so much hug

David, Karen, Ken and the entire HWF Team including all of our Volunteers here Wub warmest thanks to each and everyone of you.... from all of us here hug

Thank You Thank You Thank You


I think we often forget the time, effort and money that is needed behind the scenes to keep us connected to these beautiful birds...we are so passionate about the birds that we all tend to get a bit impatient when the cams go down so hang tight everyone WR will be back soon hug

May you enjoy all of the simple "pleasures or gifts" that surround you.
Let your spirit soar!

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