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By: Woodlands Bleu (offline) on Thursday, August 19 2010 @ 11:07 AM EDT  
Woodlands Bleu

Fabulous Marg!

See you had it in you, our jas was correct,
and she will not be bereft.

Oh joy transparent, the words hit the keys
it flew out from Marg and right on to thee!

Oh Glee!


Choose joy.......
Since Sept 2009.


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The Woodlands, TX

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By: Marg (offline) on Thursday, August 19 2010 @ 11:10 AM EDT  

You are funny Carolyn so glad I "met" you.Grin

aka sunshinecoast member since Aug22/06

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Davis Bay, BC

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By: Anonymous: jas () on Thursday, August 19 2010 @ 04:36 PM EDT  
Anonymous: jas

Well Marg you did it
That was great
I love them all
There's not one I hate

As busy as we are
I love that we write
Out of mind, out of sight

Now I must run
to get on with my day
It's cooler today without the sun

It's good for the fires that are burning wild
I'm praying for rain
To calm the storm and the child

Be good to yourselves
A little chuckle and tea
Thanks for spending a little time with me

Thank you Carolyn for your kind words
You know just what to say
To perk up my day
So onwards and upwards as I say to the birds
I must carry on as addicting as this is
There is always tomorrow for poetry 'biz'
So see you later

By: Woodlands Bleu (offline) on Friday, August 20 2010 @ 09:12 PM EDT  
Woodlands Bleu

Dancing to the music, singing to the song,
the muse can hit you anytime you try to sing along.
Just put your words together clapping them with a gong
and you will have formed a long beautiful song.

Ding goes the bell, the clapper hits it softly,
and when it rings it fills the room with a sound so pure.
The sound resounds up to the sky, the birds hear it flying by,
and even the eagles wish they could join the music if they tried.

The woodpecker hits the tree with a hollow sound indeed,
and when it hits the tree will shake and birdies jump about.
They know it means the morning, for early birds they are,
and so they all jump in to sing the song that sprouts.

The chorus is triumphant, splendid and pure,
the chirps, the songs, the trills, all rise up to the sky.
From there they fly down softly to hit the listening ears,
and all join in the chorus before it goes on by.

What a treasure we have in their earth, the music of the flock,
so we need to know and cherish it, not overlooking any rock,
of the sound into the trees and the homes nearby,
which reminds us that there is a song leading us to the sky.

Listen before you miss it going by!


Choose joy.......
Since Sept 2009.


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Registered: 01/11/10
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The Woodlands, TX

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By: Anonymous: jas () on Saturday, August 21 2010 @ 12:12 AM EDT  
Anonymous: jas

Now that's real creative Carolyn
like poetry on canvass
Painting a scene with sounds so sweet
Woodpeckers knocking while songbirds tweet

Bleu, I throw, you go
And bring it back to me
Little do we know
Bleu counts more than three

So on it goes for a little while yet
Throwing and playing
with a beautiful pet

What would we do without you Bleu
We'd be a little lost
without a thing to do

So a virtual hug and scratch for Bleu
Sleep tight tonight to Carolyn and you

By: Anonymous: jas () on Saturday, August 21 2010 @ 12:36 AM EDT  
Anonymous: jas

I know that feeling well
For my long lost sasha and I used to be
One big soul as my picture can tell

The day she left
She took apart of me too
I've never been the same
To find something new

One day I may find another soul dog
Who loves to dance in the rain and walk in the fog
So cherish our pets as you all do
How lucky they are
And lucky for us too!

It's the look in their eyes
a gentle paw in your hand
A chin on your knee
And traces of sand

It doesn't take much
To pull at your heart
That's how love goes
That's where it does start

So each day we're glad to be
eachothers guardian friend
What an honor and treasure
God did send!

By: Woodlands Bleu (offline) on Saturday, August 21 2010 @ 09:26 AM EDT  
Woodlands Bleu

Such beautiful thoughts from my friend up in the North,
Bleu's gentle eyes absorbing it all.
I too had my Brandi, a golden like Bleu,
who one day left with the song and just flew.

It seemed there would never be another after that,
but Bleu's song called me through a friend whom I met.
She warmed up my heart, letting me learn anew
the love of a best friend gentle and true.

We knew from the first what her destiny would be
to bring the joy into circles bigger than three.
She chose to go into rest homes over reading with children
as she knew the need springing from the hearts of the seniors.

A picture of a glimpse, the brown eyes staring into the blue,
the hand on the head, the tongue on the hand,
the tail wagging gently, while leaning on me,
and our circle is then three

If the room includes two, she loves on them both
our circle has expanded to four and sometimes more.
Into the hallway, we greet with enthusiasm the shouts of the folks
waiting therein and it often is then eight.

The wheelchairs surround her, instead of the TV,
that has changed over time and she is the center of focus,
not time wasters, but time gainers, that she helps explore.
and the circle gets bigger till Bleu is the fore.

Now when we walk in, there is huge song,
BLEU IS HERE! They say, and the song will go on.
She's young and she loves this and so I do too.....
and I wish I could one time, just once, bring you!


Choose joy.......
Since Sept 2009.


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Registered: 01/11/10
Posts: 24990
The Woodlands, TX

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By: Karen Saunders (offline) on Saturday, August 21 2010 @ 01:35 PM EDT  
Karen Saunders

Carolyn & Jas ~ what a pleasure and a priviledge to read your poetry every morning Smile Keep up the muse :!:


Karen, Esquimalt, BC
member since April, 2009


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Esquimalt BC

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