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By: Pat B (offline) on Sunday, July 11 2010 @ 07:07 PM EDT  
Pat B

Quote by: Woodlands Bleu

Judy and PEB......

I posted a number of poems that I wrote, but they disappeared in the server change. I tried! If they reappear they will be here, if not, I guess they were not meant to be.

Thanks for all y'all do!

Do you have them saved somewhere?


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Plymouth, England

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By: jkr (offline) on Sunday, July 11 2010 @ 07:46 PM EDT  

Carolyn we'd love to have you repost them if it's possible. Nodding yes
We're so very sorry that the originals were lost during the upgrade. Sad



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Beautiful B.C.

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By: Woodlands Bleu (offline) on Sunday, July 11 2010 @ 08:49 PM EDT  
Woodlands Bleu

It's possible, I have them, but I sorted through a lot of poems to pick and if time permits might be able to do it again. For now you are getting the one I wrote about the Disappearance.

The Mystery of the Disappearing Posts

Not just here, but all over the Forum, a day's worth of posts is missing and lost.
They might be in cyberspace, they might be in Holland, and they might be
in the middle of the country between New York and Vancouver!

We surely don't know, we can't figure it out, but promise y'all that Earl had nothing to do with it.
Neither did we for we are just here, lost in the confusion of space, time and words.
Nothing here is real, it all is imagined, we see it for sure, but not sure we do?
And when it all clears, might be they reappear, but if not then, this is the way things will be.

A day gone in time, a day we can't see, but we remember it was there for you and me.
Trixie is still staring as she was before, a kitty knows all and will all restore?
Richard should know as he is the genius, but he might be perplexed in the same way as us.
So continue we will, wondering, and wandering, where did they go and why don't they show?

Choose joy.......
Since Sept 2009.


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The Woodlands, TX

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By: Woodlands Bleu (offline) on Sunday, July 11 2010 @ 11:28 PM EDT  
Woodlands Bleu

Posting a few here just as an idea of some of the poetry on the forum. Many good writers so go around and look at them all!

Wrote this one day when I said I would not be doing any poetry that day........

No poetry today, no way Jose!
I don't have it in me, I know I do not;
but if you all stand tall, we will not fall
flat on our faces like Solo when full.....

Too much in Solo's belly, to sit,
stand or even yell, well to Ma,
for more, sure, but from where dear,
for Pa has to go and get it for you;

Pa is off flying to find something spying
that looks good for Solo and Ma waiting below,
Hey, he's up higher than the nest, and is a flier
high on the thermals where we cannot go;

The thermals take the eaglets away when their time is ripe
and that is a thought not for today despite
knowing the outcome of such beauty before us
our eyes are filled with glory of the Forest!

Nope, no poetry in me today,
No way, Jose!"


The tune is "Blinded by the Light" - wrote while waiting for dark to lift.

Waiting for the light
Woke up this morning, waiting for the light
The nest is dark but we know a surprise is there
so we are hoping for the sight.

Now Ma was out there in the dark
we heard and we knew but we could not prove it true
We hoped, we prayed, we wanted it our way
we were waiting for the light.

We soon will see the sight,
the long anticipated eaglet in the nest
We love our Ma and Pa and know it will be
we will be Blinded By the Sight!

Enjoy what you will see,
It's a treat for only those like you and me
We watch, we wait, we talk, we hope, we laugh,
to see the one that one day will take Flight!

We have an expression going away for "a tad" so this is a poem about "tads".

A tiny tad, a long tad, a medium tad are here,
we plop in, plop out for go away for a tad.

You never know if you are of an inquiring mind
just how long a "tad" can be and we need to see,
to keep our tads in order, not wondering through the day
did they say a "long tad" or a "short tad" or did they go away?

Off into the horizon, driving on those hills, over the bumps and cracks
the car jumping and bumping around the lake.

When will them come back, was the tad distressingly long,
kind of like the end of a long long song that the fat lady sings
at the end of the opera hitting high C quite unbelievably!

So keep your tads in order and we will not fret
and you will know that we will not sweat and wonder
if and when all y'all be back from the bleu and round about through
just to come visit you here in the forum too!


Solo had a visit from a hummingbird one day.....

The Eagle and the Hummie

The Hummie went a visiting a way up in the sky;
and there below saw an eaglet by and by.
The Hummie said "what's this below me so cute,
If I knew I might be considered astute!

But this is something new and looking at me
it's beak looks kind of sharp, as sharp as can be;
maybe I should not get too near for fear of whatever,
but it sure looks innocent, maybe I should not have druthers!

I'll go a little closer and then take a peak,
at what is below me so furry and sweet,
I would like to pet it, but that might be daring
even though I might fly by and be truly caring!

So......a matter of discretion it might be for me,
I will fly off and let it be as the eaglet looks busy
and I have things to do, like buzzing around
a flower or two!

Solo looked up, confused you might say
for the buzzing, pretty bird flew rapidly away;
Picked at the sticks, arranging them just so,
and Ma and Pa won't even know!

carolyn 5/5/10


Musing on looking at Solo's big feet!

"Solo has clown feet that are just so quick,
but they are often spread out beside Solo for.....
They get in the way and just don't stay where they belong
underneath the growing chick!

This eaglet likes to eat as you have seen and
will steal from Ma or Pa indiscriminately.......
Solo will eat anything that is brought into the nest
leaving little for the others to share the rest!

Growing is rapid, combustive, and inexhaustible
so we can't keep up with changes remarkable.......
We think Solo's a piglet as everything is chewed
down in the gullet to show Solo's renowned!

For Solo's Sidney's eaglet from morning till night
and often is sleeping even though it is light......
You would be too if you ate so much
that you felt you were rolling so contrite!

So, Goodnight sweet Eaglet, we wish you the best
of all the good things that eaglets put to the test,
for Tomorrow is a new day, for exploring and finding
what Ma and Pa bring you to make you resplendent!"

Carolyn 5/8/10


A quiet moment at home.....

Fuzzy long haired cat and sleek short haired cat,
sit by my side, one on my lap and the other astride.
They purr and settle down quietly to wait for a nice nap to happen
but that makes me late!

Late for pup's walk, late for the store, late for the housework,
but then what is more?
Important to do, to set with a kitty and feel its love or....
do all the work?

It depends if it is for a tad, a short tad, a long tad, an eternity,
yet here in this home love flows fortuitously,
always with a whisper, a kiss, a silent nuzzle
for kitties and sweet dog are wonderful to cuddle!


After a big storm at the W.Va. nest

The sticks are in disarray today for the storms came in last night,
the eaglet perches carefully not to have a fright.
I wonder will they fix the sticks, or is it now too late,
is that only for the little ones that the sticks must stick up straight?

Spring can fly up and over, but not out yet, thankfully,
for the Spring lovers can easily wait for that moment when
Spring learns to fly out and maybe back to visit the nest
as in the past!

Spring's wind span is quite phenomenal,
we see it and eyes open WIDE, for when they are curled up,
they look gently astride the eaglet and nothing much
yet their purpose becomes unfurled in a dash or a flash.

As with us, our purpose may lie hidden gently by our side
and until it is unfurled WIDE we cannot ride astride the winds of change,
as Spring will do in a flash, out on a dash, in a moment, Gone,
to be on a journey long.


This one was a reflection of a visit to W.Va nest......

It Started with a Shadow

It started with a shadow of an eagle or two above a nest. They came in restoring lovingly, stick by stick, patiently the proud architects that they are inherently. Sticks arranged just so, and then rearranged by the other eagle just so and then put back the first place by the other eagle just so.

An egg or two is laid. Patiently nurturing the egg, they wait. Sometimes things go wrong, and one is taken, or does not hatch, but in time an eaglet is born. A little fur ball carefully protected by Ma and Pa, with fish flying in (flying fish delivery beak), and sundry other goodies for a growing eaglet sweet. They grow and change from fluffy to feather like a pin, and then they are gorgeous in black as big as Ma and Pa. They eat like a horse, without any sense of remorse, no complaining unless the food is late and sometimes not even then.

And time goes on......then stretching and flapping those wings, until one day Liftoff! And back down, plop, try again, and again. One day up and away to where, who knows? But sometimes back again for food brought in with flying fish delivery service for the hungry active eaglet.

It started with a shadow, the shadow above the nest of the eaglet now flying free. Might plop in, might not, but will leave. Next year it will continue and differently and with luck and God's care we will be here.


Wrote while listening to clocks in the house......

Ding and ring and sing
the cuckoos join the fray,
the mantle clock is softly singing,
a song of joy of the morning.

The grandfather clocks pings,
a deeper tone indeed, a song of time,
a song of time long gone it sang the same song
in a different time and place.

You wonder what they saw in olden times before,
in homes you never visited but wish you could to see,
your family in their time, happily listening to the chime,
not knowing in the future the same song would sing.

In a home far away with family come long after,
who listen and know the story it told,
of morning, afternoon and evening spent
quietly by the fireside or the heather.

So the song will sing on and on, in my home
or the next and the clock will know and it will throw
its dings, rings and songs, long into the night
beyond my sight.


That's all folks! Enough from me.Nodding yes

Choose joy.......
Since Sept 2009.


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By: Anonymous: 4voyage () on Sunday, July 11 2010 @ 11:44 PM EDT  
Anonymous: 4voyage

A Short While, Solo

We only knew you for a short while but
our memories will watch you forever,
lasting much longer than our journey
to see you for a time which compresses
rich experiences into our hearts.
to be taken away and burst into bloom
where we no longer see you in reality,
for we did come to that one spot, that one day,
to be closer so our eyes could see you,
not just an image in our minds, but where every
movement was visible, not obscured so
only our imagination gave us a clue to
your true appearance, which in a crowd
would make you be lost from our sight.
That moment came and went. We shared
together, the wonders before us, elated
at what we could see, filled with the bright
light of a beautiful sky, warmed by not just
the sun but the joy of being together, if only
for that short while
Now we have parted. Flight makes the distance
grow larger as we each rise to separate lives,
that will always contain you and we can, at our
will, be with you still, in our minds eye,
because of that short while which brought you
into view. Be as great as our wishes for you.

By: Anonymous: 4voyage () on Wednesday, July 14 2010 @ 08:59 PM EDT  
Anonymous: 4voyage

After she's gone

What ya' Thinking, Ma
That she soon, too soon, will be gone.
How sweet she looks, sitting there so proud and tall
She is a beauty, but has a lot of growing to do.
You don't mean growing, you mean learning.
That's right, and she really pays attention now,
not like earlier, before she fledged. And learning to fly
I had to laugh yesterday, she came to the nest too low,
like she was going to land below it and then climb up.
I saw that also but did you see the next one, high and then, boom,
dropped like a log from three feet high, but in the nest.
Yeah, she is learning. She knows it's up to her to feed herself now
Well, she may know it but I see she is still ready for the fish we bring.
But that for only a little while longer, will not be long now.
Yeah, we got her started alright and just any time now,
she'll be leaving us. The nest will be so empty.
Just like last year and we lived over those three leaving.
But that doesn't make it any easier, each time it hurts
to see the little ones outgrow home and go hunting
for all the things to come. when that white head bursts forth
she have a sky full of guys after her. And she can pick and choose.
I know she will, but she will never find one like you.
You have rally been a great father for our kids.
Only because I was trying to be as good as you.
You set the parent bar real high.
Vacation is just ahead, then we can
start in to straightening up this mess here.
And would you quit moving the sticks after place one.
Yes, dear, let's wait 'til next year to do the big work
After she is gone.

By: Anonymous: 4voyage () on Thursday, July 15 2010 @ 07:04 PM EDT  
Anonymous: 4voyage


You left, before knowing the world.
Such a short stay, a helpless struggle,
lost to invisible foes, from whom your
parents were unable to protect your youth.
A lonely battle, observed from afar, where
you fought while we cried tears that only
helped us and not you. We tried to ease
a hurting heart as you, as we witnessed,
slid deeper and deeper into a losing contest.
Never will be known what might have been,
or what you would have hoped for, cut out
before beginning, gone by fainter and fainter
breaths drawing not to life but to a close.
We say good-bye to you, while sorrow for
your parents who set out to make you an eagle,
fills our hours and your absence fills their life.
They will not forget, but in the stream of being
next year will be their new endeavors for new birth,
while in their hearts you lift in flight, leaving the earth
As Phoenix does, new from old, to soar in majesty,
will thus be yours in memory.

By: Woodlands Bleu (offline) on Saturday, July 17 2010 @ 10:21 AM EDT  
Woodlands Bleu

Waiting Patiently

Ma and Pa Hornby wait patiently on their perch for the answer,
Ma on the babysitting tree, Pa on the Peters tree,

They know, yet they wait and keep vigil. Theirs is a patient spirit, yet
they know what others will find out in time.

They wait, watching, lifting a foot now and then, for waiting is hard.
Nothing changes, but they wait.

Binoculars appear from the house below, Ma looks acknowledging.
They wait, all three know, yet the waiting is the gift.

Sunrise comes and they wait. Almost midday a tree climber comes,
patiently, carefully climbing so not to disturb the silence.
Each step is a walk upward toward the stars.

He arrives seeing the eyes looking below at Ma, Pa and the home.
All four know, yet they wait.
Patiently climbing down with his precious cargo he speaks to the spirits within.

Arrival below where two also are patiently waiting. One waited all night,
answering a call heard clearly to her - there to wait.
They know yet look to the love hidden within and now all six know,
and they wait.

Here is where it abruptly changes - first a motorboat ride, flying and soaring.
Then a visit followed by a helicopter ride, wings unfurled, waiting for
answers to be revealed.

This was someone important - all are wanting to know, all care, all grieve.
Ma and Pa still wait in their places. In time they will resume, but not forget.
We must too, yet for now we wait patiently, watching the eagles soar.


Choose joy.......
Since Sept 2009.


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