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 So How Do I? (Or Can I?)
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By: Anonymous: Skipper () on Wednesday, April 20 2011 @ 10:25 AM EDT  
Anonymous: Skipper

This is just a post for me to keep track of things I've noticed and things that need fixing IMHO as I try to figure out these archives (which is not easy Wooh).

I only have an hour or two a day to play around with this (it will be in lieu of watching the cam Sad), so if anyone else notices things/has suggestions, please post and I'll include them in my "suggestions" to Pete.

1. MUST HAVES The url of the video mark must come up in the task bar and/or a url posted with the video mark (similar to YouTube) so that can be copied to post on the forum.

2. When you bring up the Archives by clicking on the Archives tab, the archives are not is reverse order like they used to be. The first segments of the day show first and you have to scroll down to see the latest segment to be archived.

Note: suggest to Pete that this is counter-intuitive and that the last segment to be archived should come up first and scroll down to look at earlier segments.

3. When you click on the second last segment that was archived, it doesn't play. Is that because it needs time to "process"? Test this out.

4. When you go back to the Live Stream, the date/time at the top is the date/time of the archive that you were just looking at. You have to "refresh" to change it to current date/time.

Note: point this out to Pete. Is this a bug?

5. I can't find a way to edit/delete the video mark once you add it. Yikes!!!!!

Note: Note to Pete: very important to be able to edit title/description after adding video mark. Secondary thing that woud be nice is delete -- or is that a good thing?

6. To go from the Archives to the Live Stream, you have to click on "Close" Dumb!!

Note to Pete: is there a reason you have to click on close to get out of the Archives? Would be much better to just click on the tab.

7. The sound from the Live Stream continues to play when you click on the Archives tab.

Suggestion to Pete: mute the sound from the live stream when you click on Archives

OK--that's it for now folks. Will be back later tonight or tomorrow to play some more :-) Feel free to comment on above or add you own complaints/suggestions.

By: Pat B (offline) on Wednesday, April 20 2011 @ 10:49 AM EDT  
Pat B

I have been following the instructions - right up to the point where we have to click on 'Mark'

Mark isn't there Oh My

I also feel that it ought to be in reverse order - the latest recording at the top - like it was last year!
And I can't find any url yet - we post the Url to guide the members to come and watch the recording!


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Plymouth, England

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By: Anonymous: Skipper () on Wednesday, April 20 2011 @ 11:11 AM EDT  
Anonymous: Skipper

Hi, Pat!

I was over on the WildEarth Facebook sites and cam player, etc. to see if there is any "discussion" about the archives. Nada!!!

Anyway --

I'll look at my instructions but "Mark" doesn't come up until you click on an archived segment (or at least that's when it comes up for me).

Some additional things I've noticed:

1. I checked some video marks on the WildEarth site and the date/time under the video mark seems to be the date/time that the video mark was "coded" -- not the date/time of the footage that was video marked -- yikes!!!

Note to Pete: point this out and tell him that the date/time under the thumbnail for the video mark must be the date/time of the segment

2. On the WildEarth player, it nicely gives you the title of the video mark in the top left corner. But because we have "Hancock Wildlife" there currently, you can't see the title of the video mark like you can on the WildEarth player.

Note to Pete: Can we move Hancock Wildlife down to to bottom left corner? We've been wanting to do this anyway because currently it covers up an important part of the screen (i.e. when the eagles are on the balcony). In the bottom left corner (or right), it will only cover up the branches of the nest.

Comparison of the WildEarth player to the Sidney Eagles one Sad

Click on image to download

Now I'm really out of here for the day :hello:

By: Anonymous: Skipper () on Thursday, April 21 2011 @ 08:58 AM EDT  
Anonymous: Skipper


A few times now, for me also the "video mark" has not been there but I didn't keep track of the steps I took -- and can't seem to recreate it. Could you post what steps you take when the "video mark" link isn't there? Thanks!

By: Pat B (offline) on Thursday, April 21 2011 @ 09:15 AM EDT  
Pat B

Trying it on Delta Owl

I click on 'Archives'

Have to select the date - or I have a list of 2010 segments -
Got 4 segments - for today - but they are for just after midnight!!

Change the time to 6am - doesn't go for it till I click in the 23 square

Click on 'Watch movie' for the 6.00.06 am segment

Just in case it waitsto see you looking for something - I slid the slider up and down.

I have nomark!
Click on image to download

Clicking on 'Live Stream' gets me back to the cam - usually.

I only had time to do this with our cams - will go to WE and try from there later.


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Registered: 04/13/07
Posts: 7965
Plymouth, England

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By: Anonymous: Skipper () on Thursday, April 21 2011 @ 02:54 PM EDT  
Anonymous: Skipper

Geez--can't even find the Delta Nest that you're referring to. Bad move on David's part to have so many nests with Delta in the title Evil

Delta Bald Eagle Nest 02 doesn't even have an Archive button Don't Panic

http://www.wildearth.tv/hancock-wildlif ... am-live-01

Click on image to download

The "header" on this one doesn't look like the one you posted. So I'm very confused!

Could you post the link to the cam you were referring to, Pat.


By: Anonymous: Skipper () on Thursday, April 21 2011 @ 03:07 PM EDT  
Anonymous: Skipper

Hi again, Pat :hello:

I think maybe it's Delta O.W.L. that you were referring to Puzzled In the list of cams on the WildEarth site, it's called O.W.L. Eagle nest (i.e. no Delta in the title which I guess is a good thing except people might think it's an owl's nest Nodding yes).

The "header" on the player shows as "Delta O.W.L. Bald Eagles" -- talk about confusion Don't Panic


Anyway--I'll follow your instructions for the Delta O.W.L. cam.

Edited to add:

OK--followed your instructions above and "video mark" shows but you can barely see it Wooh

Click on image to download

If you squint you can just see to the left of the word "Archives".

I was using the WildEarth site -- maybe it makes a difference if you use the Hancock Wildlife one Puzzled I'll try that.

By: Anonymous: Skipper () on Thursday, April 21 2011 @ 03:22 PM EDT  
Anonymous: Skipper


When I followed your instructions using the cam on the Hancock site, "video mark" did not come up! Mystery solved I guess. I think I'll try the other cams as well.

Edited to add:

That's it!!!! The Hancock "version" of the cams do not let you do a "video mark". I will post this on the "Cams Down" thread Grin


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